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Children's Literature - Judy Crowder
What aquatic mammals are known as gentle giants, eat mainly sea grass, and are in danger from boat propellers? Manatees! They are remarkable creatures. According to this book, manatees, which are popularly called sea cows, can grow to ten feet in length. They are slow moving; since they feed on sea grass, these herbivores are not compelled to swim fast to catch their prey. Since these creatures breathe air, they spend much of their time bobbing between the sea floors and the surface, so they prefer slow-moving waters. Despite their chubby builds, manatees have less body fat than other aquatic animals so they stay in shallow, tropical water. Where can we spot manatees in the wild? Since they favor warm habitats, manatees migrate with the seasons. Three kinds of manatees exist: the West Indian, West African and Amazonian manatees. The book contains a handy map that shows where manatees live. This book is packed with information presented in clear, rather dry text with photo illustrations that are spectacular. Young readers can count on the book for information about habitat, feeding behavior, physiology, mating, manatee senses, well-adapted teeth, life cycles, what a typical manatee day is like, and so on. The author also discusses ancient relatives and fossils, how manatees differ from their aquatic cousins, the dugongs, as well as the already extinct relative, the Stellar Sea Cow. Marisco explains how these endangered animals are threatened by boat crashes, pollution, and coastal development. The book includes an extensive "Words to Know" list, an index, and a list of books and website that enable young readers to learn more. Part of Scholastic's "Nature's Children" series. Reviewer: Judy Crowder

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Children's Press Nature's Children Series
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8 - 11 Years

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