The Manchus / Edition 1

The Manchus / Edition 1

by Pamela Kyle Crossley

ISBN-10: 1557865604

ISBN-13: 9781557865601

Pub. Date: 04/11/1997

Publisher: Wiley

This book relates the history of the Manchus, the rise and fall of their vast empire and their legacy today.  See more details below


This book relates the history of the Manchus, the rise and fall of their vast empire and their legacy today.

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Publication date:
Peoples of Asia Series, #13
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6.40(w) x 9.17(h) x 0.78(d)

Table of Contents

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1The Paradox of the Manchus1
Ethnicity and Causation in the "Manchu" Dynasty4
The Qing Empire as a Historical Idea8
New Windows on Qing History10
2Shamans and "Clans": The Origins of the Manchus14
Prelude to the Manchus15
Distinctive Manchu Institutions24
The Manchu Language and the Altaic Idea33
The Ethnographer from Seoul: Sin Chung-il among the Jurchens39
3The Enigma of Nurgaci47
The Myth of the Avenger48
The Myth of Individual Supremacy53
The Myth of the Great Enterprise65
The Nurgaci State71
4The Qing Expansion75
The Birth of the Empire78
The Conquest Elite81
Consolidation under the Kangxi Emperor87
New Conquerors and Old: The Manchus and the Mongols95
Titanic Competitors: The Qing and the Romanov Empires101
World Trade and the Qing Court104
5The Gilded Age of Qianlong109
The New Imperial Style112
Tibet and Mongolia under Qing Dominion117
The Formalization of the Manchu Heritage122
Glory and Decay in the Universal Empire130
The Fall of the Philosopher-King137
6The Lingering Death of the Empire150
The Princes of Disorder151
Opium and Foreign Privilege154
The Taiping War and the End of the Qing Empire157
Qing Territory and Hungry Empires165
Illusions of Revival169
The Pregnant Carcasses of the Eurasian Land Empires177
7Epilogue: The Manchus in the Twentieth Century189
App. IReign Periods of the Aisin Gioro Rulers202
App. IICherished Soldiers203
App. IIIA Glossary of Names and Terms206

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