Mansfield Park [Audio Book]

Mansfield Park [Audio Book]

by Jane Austen

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Disc 1

  1. Sir Thomas Bertram of Mansfield Park
  2. Fanny Price Comes to Mansfield Park
  3. The Death of Mr Norris
  4. Mr and Miss Crawford Arrive
  5. Mr Rushworth Aims His Attention at Miss Bertram
  6. Edmund Bertram Offers His Mare to Miss Crawford
  7. The Party Arrives at Sotherton
  8. Fanny Is Left on Her Own
  9. Fanny's First Ball
  10. The Play (Lower's Vows)

Disc 2

  1. Fanny - An Actress?
  2. Preparations for the Play Progress
  3. "You Will Find Fanny Everything You Could Wish"
  4. Fanny - The Only Young Woman in the Drawing-Room
  5. Crawford's Barouche
  6. Henry Crawford Plots a Diversion
  7. Crawford Presses His Attentions
  8. Jewellery for a Ball
  9. The Day of the Ball
  10. Tranquillity and Vexation After the Ball
  11. Henry Crawford Returns to Mansfield Park
  12. Sir Thomas Intervenes

Disc 3

  1. Fanny Stands Her Ground
  2. Edmund Returns to Many Surprises
  3. Miss Crawford Presses Her Brother's Suit
  4. The Crawfords Depart
  5. Fanny Returns Home
  6. A Review of the Two Houses
  7. A Surprise Visitor
  8. Another Appearance
  9. A Letter from Edmund
  10. Edmund Comes
  11. A Happy Conclusion

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