Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials / Edition 5

Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials / Edition 5

by Serope Kalpakjian, Steven Schmid

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ISBN-10: 0132272717

ISBN-13: 9780132272711

Pub. Date: 07/31/2007

Publisher: Pearson

Well organized and clearly written, this book uses a sound analytical approach to explain manufacturing processes; it enables the reader to understand and appreciate the complex interrelationships between the diverse topics in this field. The book carefully presents the fundamentals of materials processing along with their relevant applications, so that the


Well organized and clearly written, this book uses a sound analytical approach to explain manufacturing processes; it enables the reader to understand and appreciate the complex interrelationships between the diverse topics in this field. The book carefully presents the fundamentals of materials processing along with their relevant applications, so that the reader can clearly assess the capabilities, limitations, and potentials of manufacturing processes and their competitive aspects. Using real-world examples and well-wrought graphics, this book covers a multitude of topics, including the mechanical behavior of materials; the structure and manufacturing properties of metals; surfaces, dimensional characteristics, inspection, and quality assurance; metal-casting processes including heat treatment; bulk deformation processes; sheet-metal forming processes; material removal processes; polymers, reinforced plastics, rapid prototyping and rapid tooling; metal powders, ceramics, glasses, composites, and superconductors; joining and fastening processes; microelectronic and micromechanical devices; automation; computer-integrated systems; and product design. For manufacturing engineers, metallurgists, industrial designers, material handlers, product designers, and quality assurance managers.

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Pearson Custom Library: Engineering Series
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New Edition
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8.30(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.70(d)

Table of Contents

1.1What Is Manufacturing?1
1.2Product Design and Concurrent Engineering6
1.3Design for Manufacture, Assembly, Disassembly, and Service8
1.4Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing10
1.5Selecting Materials11
1.6Selecting Manufacturing Processes14
1.7Computer-Integrated Manufacturing17
1.8Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management20
1.9Product Liability21
1.10Manufacturing Costs, Lean Production, and Agile Manufacturing22
1.11General Trends in Manufacturing23
1.12Responsibilities of Manufacturing Engineers24
2Fundamentals of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials26
2.10Residual Stresses57
2.11Triaxial Stresses and Yield Criteria60
2.12Work of Deformation68
3Structure and Manufacturing Properties of Metals81
3.2The Crystal Structure of Metals82
3.3Deformation and Strength of Single Crystals83
3.4Grains and Grain Boundaries89
3.5Plastic Deformation of Polycrystalline Metals92
3.6Recovery, Recrystallization, and Grain Growth93
3.7Cold, Warm, and Hot Working95
3.8Failure and Fracture96
3.9Physical Properties103
3.10Properties and Applications of Ferrous Alloys108
3.11Properties and Applications of Nonferrous Metals and Alloys112
4Surfaces, Tribology, Dimensional Characteristics, Inspection, and Product Quality Assurance128
4.2Surface Structure and Properties129
4.3Surface Texture130
4.4Tribology: Friction, Wear, and Lubrication134
4.5Surface Treatments, Coatings, and Cleaning151
4.6Engineering Metrology and Instrumentation160
4.7Dimensional Tolerances165
4.8Testing and Inspection167
4.9Quality Assurance170
5Metal-Casting Processes and Equipment; Heat Treatment186
5.2Solidification of Metals187
5.3Cast Structures195
5.4Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer199
5.5Melting Practice and Furnaces207
5.6Casting Alloys209
5.7Ingot Casting and Continuous Casting215
5.8Casting Processes: Expendable Mold, Permanent Pattern218
5.9Casting Processes: Expendable Mold, Expendable Pattern224
5.10Casting Processes: Permanent Mold227
5.11Heat Treatment235
5.12Design Considerations245
5.13Economics of Casting249
6Bulk Deformation Processes260
6.5Rod, Wire, and Tube Drawing312
6.7Die Manufacturing Methods322
6.8Die Failures324
7Sheet-Metal Forming Processes336
7.2Sheet-Metal Characteristics336
7.4Bending of Flat Sheet and Plate349
7.5Stretch Forming360
7.7Rubber Forming and Hydroforming363
7.9High-Energy-Rate Forming368
7.10Superplastic Forming371
7.11Various Forming Methods372
7.12Deep Drawing374
7.13Formability of Sheet Metals385
7.14Equipment for Sheet-Metal Forming391
7.15Design Considerations392
7.16Economics of Sheet-Metal Forming394
8Material-Removal Processes: Cutting404
8.2Mechanics of Chip Formation405
8.3Tool Wear and Failure426
8.4Surface Finish and Integrity434
8.6Cutting-Tool Materials440
8.7Cutting Fluids451
8.8Cutting Processes and Machine Tools for Producing Round Shapes454
8.9Cutting Processes and Machine Tools for Producing Various Shapes468
8.10Machining and Turning Centers482
8.11Vibration and Chatter486
8.12Machine-Tool Structures488
8.13Design Considerations489
8.14Economics of Machining490
9Material Removal Processes: Abrasive, Chemical, Electrical, and High-Energy Beams504
9.3Bonded Abrasives506
9.4Mechanics of Grinding510
9.5Grinding-Wheel Wear517
9.6Grinding Operations and Machines521
9.7Ultrasonic Machining527
9.8Finishing Operations528
9.10Chemical Machining533
9.11Electrochemical Machining537
9.12Electrochemical Grinding539
9.13Electrical-Discharge Machining540
9.14High-Energy-Beam Machining544
9.15Water-Jet, Abrasive Water-Jet, and Abrasive-Jet Machining547
9.16Design Considerations549
9.17Process Economics549
10Properties and Processing of Polymers and Reinforced Plastics; Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling559
10.2The Structure of Polymers560
10.3Thermoplastics: Behavior and Properties568
10.4Thermosets: Behavior and Properties575
10.5Thermoplastics: General Characteristics and Applications576
10.6Thermosets: General Characteristics and Applications578
10.7High-Temperature Polymers, Electrically Conducting Polymers, and Biodegradable Plastics579
10.8Elastomers (Rubbers): General Characteristics and Applications581
10.9Reinforced Plastics582
10.10Processing of Plastics590
10.11Processing of Polymer-Matrix-Reinforced Plastics605
10.12Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling610
10.13Design Considerations619
10.14Economics of Processing Plastics621
11Properties and Processing of Metal Powders, Ceramics, Glasses, Composites, and Superconductors630
11.2Production of Metal Powders631
11.3Compaction of Metal Powders636
11.5Secondary and Finishing Operations649
11.6Design Considerations for Powder Metallurgy651
11.7Economics of Powder Metallurgy653
11.8Ceramics: Structure, Properties, and Applications655
11.9Shaping Ceramics663
11.10Glasses: Structure, Properties, and Applications668
11.11Forming and Shaping Glass671
11.12Design Considerations for Ceramics and Glasses675
11.13Graphite and Diamond675
11.14Processing Metal-Matrix and Ceramic-Matrix Composites676
11.15Processing Superconductors679
12Joining and Fastening Processes688
12.2Arc-Welding Processes: Consumable Electrode690
12.3Arc-Welding Processes: Nonconsumable Electrode697
12.4High-Energy-Beam Welding699
12.5The Fusion-Welded Joint701
12.6Cold Welding712
12.7Ultrasonic Welding713
12.8Friction Welding714
12.9Resistance Welding716
12.10Explosion Welding721
12.11Diffusion Bonding722
12.12Brazing and Soldering723
12.13Adhesive Bonding730
12.14Mechanical Fastening734
12.15Joining Plastics, Ceramics, and Glasses737
12.16Design Considerations in Joining740
12.17Economic Considerations743
13Fabrication of Microelectronic and Micromechanical Devices753
13.2Semiconductors and Silicon756
13.3Crystal Growing and Wafer Preparation757
13.4Films and Film Deposition759
13.7Diffusion and Ion Implantation765
13.9Metallization and Testing776
13.10Wire Bonding and Packaging778
13.11Yield and Reliability of Chips781
13.12Printed Circuit Boards782
13.13Micromachining of MEMS Devices785
13.14The LIGA Microfabrication Process794
13.15Solid Free-Form Fabrication of Devices799
14Automation of Manufacturing Processes and Systems808
14.3Numerical Control815
14.4Programming for Numerical Control821
14.5Adaptive Control822
14.6Material Handling and Movement825
14.7Industrial Robots827
14.8Sensor Technology833
14.9Flexible Fixturing837
14.10Assembly, Disassembly, and Service839
14.11Design Considerations842
14.12Economic Considerations845
15Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems852
15.2Manufacturing Systems853
15.3Computer-Integrated Manufacturing854
15.4Computer-Aided Design and Engineering856
15.5Computer-Aided Manufacturing861
15.6Computer-Aided Process Planning861
15.7Computer Simulation of Manufacturing Processes and Systems864
15.8Group Technology866
15.9Cellular Manufacturing872
15.10Flexible Manufacturing Systems874
15.11Just-in-Time Production876
15.12Communications Networks in Manufacturing878
15.13Artificial Intelligence880
15.14The Factory of the Future883
15.15Economic Considerations885
16Product Design and Competitive Aspects of Manufacturing893
16.2Product Design and Robust Design894
16.3Product Quality and Life Expectancy898
16.4Life-Cycle Assessment, Life-Cycle Engineering, and Sustainable Manufacturing899
16.5Selection of Materials for Products901
16.6Substitution of Materials in Products905
16.7Capabilities of Manufacturing Processes907
16.8Selection of Manufacturing Processes911
16.9Manufacturing Costs and Cost Reduction915
16.10Value Analysis919

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