Many-Body Theory of Atomic Structure and Photoionization

Many-Body Theory of Atomic Structure and Photoionization

by T. N. Chang

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Ch. 1Recent Many-Body Perturbation Calculations of Photoionization Cross Sections1
Ch. 2Relativistic Many-Body Theory Applied to Highly-Charged Ions19
Ch. 3R-Matrix Theory of Atomic and Molecular Processes47
Ch. 4Precision Configuration-Interaction Calculation for Atomic Systems with a Is[superscript 2]-Core83
Ch. 5Hyperspherical Coordinate Description of Single- and Multiphoton Processes in Two-Electron Systems107
Ch. 6Non-variational Multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock Calculations for Continuum Wave Functions143
Ch. 7L[superscript 2] Basis Function Methods for the Electronic Continuum. Photoionization and Some Related Processes175
Ch. 8B-Spline Based Configuration-Interaction Approach for Photoionization of Two-Electron and Divalent Atoms213
Ch. 9Many-Electron Effects on Auger Transitions249
Ch. 10Multiple Excitation Processes in Photoionization271
Ch. 11Atomic Structure Effects in Multiphoton Processes: An Experimental Perspective297
Ch. 12Many-Body Interactions in Photoionization of Excited Atoms and Ions349

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