The Many Faces of the Superworld: Yuri Golf Memorial Volume

The Many Faces of the Superworld: Yuri Golf Memorial Volume

by M. A. Shifman

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Table of Contents

My Husband, My Love15
Notes of an Old Graduate Student25
Revealing the Path to the Superworld32
Comment on Chronology and Numerology of Research on Supersymmetry41
On Extensions of the Algebra of Generators of the Poincare Group by Bispinor Generators45
On N = 1 Symmetry Algebra and Simple Models54
List of publications of Yu. A. Golfand80
From Symmetry to Supersymmetry85
Duality Invariant Born-Infeld Theory103
Backlund Transformations in 10D SUSY Yang-Mills Theories111
Representations of Extended Supersymmetries in Two Dimensions126
Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics from Light Cone Quantization142
Supersymmetric Index of Three-Dimensional Gauge Theory156
Vacuum Structure in Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theories with any Gauge Group185
The Superworld235
Brane Dynamics and Gauge Theory248
Confining Phase of Three Dimensional Supersymmetric Quantum Electrodynamics262
Z-D Brane Box Models and Non-Chiral Dihedral Quivers280
Threebranes and Conformal Gauge Theories307
Extremal Correlators in the AdS/CFT Correspondence332
Two Outcomes for Two Old (Super-)Problems361
Anomalies in Supersymmetric Theories370
Some Properties of Type I' String Theory388
Dirac Equations, Light Cone Supersymmetry, and Superconformal Algebras398
Born-Infeld Action, Supersymmetry, and String Theory417
The Freckled Instantons453
About R-Parity and the Supersymmetric Standard Model476
M-Theory and Hypercharge498
Constraints on Extra Time Dimensions525
Higher Spin Gauge Theories: Star-Product and AdS Space533
Some Thermodynamical Aspects of String Theory611
Logarithmic Unification from Symmetries Enhanced in the Sub-Millimeter Infrared627
A Toy Model for Supergravity and Superspace649

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