Mapping the Sky: Past Heritage and Future Directions Proceedings of the 133rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Paris, France, June 1-5, 1987 / Edition 1

Mapping the Sky: Past Heritage and Future Directions Proceedings of the 133rd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union Held in Paris, France, June 1-5, 1987 / Edition 1

by S. Debarbat

ISBN-10: 9027728100

ISBN-13: 9789027728104

Pub. Date: 11/30/1988

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
International Astronomical Union Symposia Series, #133
Edition description:
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988
Product dimensions:
9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Allocution De Bienvenue.- L’Astronomie Au College De France.- Oriental Star Maps.- A New Approach To Traditional Chinese Astronomy.- Naissance Et Developpement De La Carte Du Ciel En France.- The Greenwich And Oxford Astrographic Telescopes 1958–1987.- Past, Present, And Future Of Photographic Surveys.- The Carte Du Ciel — The Australian Connection.- Protohistoire De La Machine A. Mesurer Les Cliches Astronmiques.- T.N. Thiele And The Carte Du Ciel.- The “Carte Du Ciel” Instrument Of San Fernando: A Century of Activity.- The Third Reduction Of Giuseppe Piazzi’s Star Catalogue.- Refraction In Tycho Brahe’s Small Universe.- Fundamental Catalogues.- Documents Pour Une Exposition : La Carte Du Ciel.- Preserving The Past: Archival Preservation Of Observatory Publications Via An Optical Disk Project.- The First Successful Attempts To Determine Stellar Parallaxes In The Light Of The Bessel/Struve Correspondence.- Astrometry With The Yale Heliometer, 1882–1910.- “Petite histoire” du Congres astrophotographique de 1887.- Astrographic Catalogues Of British Observatories.- The Grubb Astrographic Telescopes, 1887–1896.- David Gill And Celestial Photography.- Construction Of The System of Positions And Proper Motions In The FK5.- Mapping Coordinate System Irregularities On The Celestial Sphere.- Compilation Of The Nirs Using The Eichhorn Method.- Recovery Of The Astrographic Catalogue.- The Development Of The Overlapping-Plate Method.- Rigorous Block-Adjustment Of The CPC2 Cape Zone.- Match Criteria for Automatic Alignment of Normal Astrograph and Schmidt Plate.- Status Of Photographic Catalogs: Available Material And Future Developments.- The Guide Star Catalog.I. Overview, History And Prospective.- The Guide Star Catalog.II. Astrometric And Photometric Algorithms And Precision.- The Guide Star Catalog. III. Structure And Publication, Status and Plans.- A Very Special Catalogue : The Hipparcos Input Catalogue.- Hipparcos : An Example of Astrophysical Uses Of Astrometric Data.- The Tycho Survey Of Stars Brighter than Eleventh.- The Yale Parallax Catalogue.- The Lick Northern Proper Motion Program.- 275 The Tarija-Pulkovo Astrographic Catalogue Of The Southern Sky: First Results And Perspectives.- A Catalog Of Reference Stars For New Reductions Of The Astrographic Catalog Plates.- Precise Proper Motions And Positions Of Stars From A Combination Of Fundamental Catalogues With The Hipparcos Catalogue.- Proper Motions From Carte Du Ciel Plates.- Linking Hipparcos To Extragalactic Reference Frame (Task Of Input Catalogue Subgroup 2130).- Radio Mapping.- Radio Continuum Surveys Of The Sky.- The Second Palomar Sky Survey.- The Naval Observatory “Short” Plate Being Taken As Part Of The Palomar Sky Survey II.- The Infrared Astronomical Satellite Survey Of The Sky.- Mapping The Sky — Surveys With Schmidt Telescopes.- The Contribution Of The Danjon Astrolabe To The Improvement Of The Fundamental Reference System at The Southern Hemisphere.- Mapping The Sky With The Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle.- Astrometry And Data Centers.- Proper Motion Of Determination Of The X-Ray Object 3A2254-033 Using the Astrographic Catalogue Of The San Fernando Zone.- The Compared Efficiency Of Centering Algorithms.- Presentation Technique De L’Astrolabe Photoelectrique Du Cerga.- Paris Full Pupil Astrolabe And Danjon’s Prism Astrolabe A Statistical Comparison In Terms Of Time-Magnitude-Colour Equation.- Astrometry With Carte Du Ciel Plates.- Vers Un Nouveau Catalogue General Astrolabes.- The Carte Du Ciel And The Catalogue Photographic Plates Of The Bordeaux Observatory.- Current Status Of The Second Cape Photographic Cctalogue.- A Prototype Detector for The Astrometric Telescope Facility.- The Mama Machine: Proper Motions From Digitization Of Centenary Plates.- Solar Motion And Galactic Rotation: Results From The Lick Northern Proper Motion Program.- Towards The Definition Of A Unified Celestial Optical/Radio Reference Frame.- The Minnesota Automated Plate Scanner: A New User Facility.- A Program for A New Reduction Of Plates Of The Astrographic Catalogue.- NASA’s Astrometric Telescope Facility.- The Tautenburg Part Of The Programme Studying The Main Meridional Section Of The Galaxy.- Optical Positions And Proper Motions Of Selected Radio Stars.- The JPL 1986–3 Extragalactic Reference Frame.- Proper Motions Of 47 TUC and NGC 362 Relative To The Smallo Magellanic Cloud.- Precision of Parallaxes From Automatic And Manual Measures From New Parallaxes Of The Hyades Cluster Region.- The Space Luminosity And Velocity Distribution Of Faint Stars.- The Parallax And Proper Motion Program Of The Shanghai Observatory 1.56-M Astrometric Reflector.- A Proposal for Mapping The Sky At Deka–Hectometer Wavelengths: The LFSA.- Mapping The Radio Sky: Compact Radio Quasars From The Parkes 2.7 GHz Survey.- Double Stars In The Astrographic Catalogue.- Optical Determination In The Positions Of Radio Stars.- Comparison Of The Effect Of Various Solar System Ephemerides On Equator And Equinox Solutions From Six-inch Transit Circle Observations Of The Sun.

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