Mardi Gras Parade: Music from New Orleans, Vol. 2

Mardi Gras Parade: Music from New Orleans, Vol. 2


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  1. Bourbon Street Parade  -  Edegrean Orchestra
  2. Sweethearts on Parade  -  New Orleans Roof Jazzmen
  3. King Bolden on Parade  -  Doc Evans' Band
  4. New Orleans Parade  -  George Girard's Band
  5. Darktown Strutter's Ball  - Ella Fitzgerald
  6. After the Ball Is Over  -  Don Alberts Band
  7. King of the Zulu  -  Len Barnard's Jazz Band
  8. One Night Of Sin  - Raymond Burke
  9. Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight  -  Original Salty Dogs
  10. Chocko Mee Feendo Hey  -  Danny Barker & His Carnival Busters
  11. South Rampart Street Parade  -  Bob Crosby & His Orchestra
  12. Come to the Mardi Gras  -  Capt. John Handy & His New Orleans Stompers
  13. How We Danced at the Mardi Gras  -  Spirit Of New Orleans Brass Band
  14. My Indian Red  -  Danny Barker & His Carnival Busters
  15. If I Ever Cease to Love  -  Sayles Silverleaf Ragtimers
  16. Let's All Go to New Orleans  - Lillian Boutte
  17. When the Saints go Marching In  -  Woody Herman Band
  18. That's Why I Like New Orleans  -  Don Souchon and His Milneberg Boys

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

George Lewis   Clarinet
Paul Barbarin   Drums
Danny Barker   Guitar
John "Captain John" Handy   Alto Saxophone
Lillian Boutte   Vocals
Emile Christian   String Bass
Louis Cottrell   Clarinet,Snare Drums
Barrett Deems   Drums
Jack Delaney   Trombone
Doc Evans   Cornet
Edmond Hall   Clarinet
Monk Hazel   Drums
Kid Howard   Trumpet
Armand Hug   Piano
Chink Martin   String Bass
Knocky Parker   Piano
Jim Robinson   Trombone
Kid Thomas   Trumpet
Raymond Burke   Clarinet
George Girard   Trumpet,Vocals
John Letman   Trumpet,Vocals
Trummy Young   Trombone
Placide Adams   String Bass
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet
Tom Bartlett   Trombone
Jerry Boquet   Clarinet
Harold Cooper   Clarinet
Kim Cusack   Clarinet
Lars Edegran   Banjo,Guitar,Piano
Dick Griffith   Banjo
George Guesnon   Banjo
Haywood Henry   Bass
Joe James   Piano
Billy Kyle   Piano
Freddie Lonzo   Trombone
Dick McCarthy   Bass
Velma Middleton   Vocals
Louis Nelson   Trombone
Richard Payne   Bass
Sammy Penn   Drums
Sammy Rimington   Clarinet
Joe Rotis   Trombone
Emanuel Sayles   Banjo
Arvell Shaw   Bass
Bill Sinclair   Piano
Edmond Souchon   Banjo,Guitar
John Thomas   Cornet
Mike Walbridge   Tuba
Joe Watkins   Drums
Scott Black   Cornet
Jeanette Kimball   Piano
Paul Edwards   Drums
Bob Barnard   Cornet
Topsy Chapman   Vocals
Don Albert   Trumpet
Duke Heitger   Cornet
Frog Joseph   Trombone
Red Maddock   Drums
Lazy Ade Monsborough   Clarinet,Saxophone
Frank Oxley   Bass Drums
Slow Drag Pavageau   String Bass
Kid Thomas Valentine   Trumpet
John Cooper   Piano
Thais Clark   Vocals
Ernest Elly   Drums
Bill Greenow   Clarinet,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Big Al Carson   Sousaphone
Len Barnard   Drums
Carol Leigh   Vocals
Jack Kuncl   Banjo
Benny Daniels   String Bass
Lew Green   Cornet
Papa John Joseph   Bass
Fred Moore   Drums
Bob Discon   Piano
Jan Wouters   Trumpet
Mike Lala   Trumpet
George Tupper   Tuba
Bill Peer   Banjo
Hal Runyon   Trombone
Philippe De Smet   Drums
Emanel Paul   Tenor Saxophone
Earl Bray   Clarinet
Don Kirpatrick   Piano
Dolf Robertus   Clarinet
Doggy Hund   Trombone
Dick Blons   Clarinet
Dag Benend   Banjo
Bruno Van Acoleyen   Trumpet
Albert Pud Brown   Tenor Saxophone
Hans-Martin Schoening   Banjo,Guitar
Graham Coyle   Piano
George Schroeder Derks   Piano
Louis Morgan   Alto Saxophone
Ron Williamson   Tuba
Reinhard Kupper   Drums
Pierre Claessens   Clarinet
Peter Cleaver   Banjo
Paul Brandes   String Bass
E.C. Martens   Bass Drums
Vincent Van Elferen   Trombone

Technical Credits

George H. Buck   Executive Producer
Steve Steinberg   Liner Notes
Houcine Harrabi   Producer

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