Mariani's Coast-to-Coast Dining Guide

Mariani's Coast-to-Coast Dining Guide

by John F. Mariani

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Purporting to identify ``1500 of the best meals you can get in 50 cities,'' this book reports on restaurants varying in type and price. Categorizing by cuisine, the contributors briefly critique the menu, wine list, specialties, and atmos phere. Mariani, the author of two other recent food/dining books, provides col orful, concise information and general ly sound advice. While the information appears to be accurate, such guides are naturally opinionated. The lack of po tential audience identification is also something of a drawback. Patterned af ter, but not so well organized as, Wil liam Rice and Burton Wolf's Where To Eat in America (Random, 1979. rev. ed.) , this will still be popular with trav elers for whom dining is an important experience. Recommended for larger public libraries. Carolyn I. Alexan der, USACDEC Technical Information Ctr., Fort Ord, Cal.

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