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by The Easy Riders
Leave it to the Bear Family label to release a six-CD set by a folk act that isn't mentioned in any reference book in the field -- and, what's more, it's all good stuff (make that great if you like the Kingston Trio). And, since there isn't a single track by the Easy Riders available anywhere apart from this box set, anyone curious about their work is going to have to


Leave it to the Bear Family label to release a six-CD set by a folk act that isn't mentioned in any reference book in the field -- and, what's more, it's all good stuff (make that great if you like the Kingston Trio). And, since there isn't a single track by the Easy Riders available anywhere apart from this box set, anyone curious about their work is going to have to buy it (or dig up the original albums and singles -- good luck). Not only is the trio's complete recorded output here, but so is all of the earlier Decca Records work of the Miller/Dehr version of the Easy Riders, and all of Gilkyson's solo stuff for Decca as well. Disc One opens with the Easy Rider trio's first sessions from May 1956, revealing the group with its sound already fully formed, moving in an alternately gentle and lively manner through folk songs and traditional-sounding numbers, including the versions of "South Coast" (two versions) and "Everybody Loves Saturday Night," as well as numerous unreleased numbers, including their original "The Sweet Sugar Cane" and a cover of the Felice and Boudleaux Bryant song "Tina." Disc Two is highlighted by various folk-blues-style numbers, as well as the trio's first approach to cowboy songs ("I Ride an Old Paint," etc.) and "I'm Gonna Leave You Now," awhich they cut with Guy Mitchell. Disc Three finishes the original trio's history and features the recordings by Gilkyson and Dehr following the split with Miller. Gilkyson's solo demos and the 12 songs cut by Frank Miller's Easy Riders, including their versions of "Marianne" and "Greenfields," anot to mention "Wabash Cannon Ball." Disc Five features all of Gilkyson's solo recordings for Decca from 1949 through 1951 (including "Cry of the Wild Goose" and an early version of "Fast Freight," awhich later entered the Kingston Trio's repertory), as well as his two collaborations with the Weavers in 1951 -- these include half a dozen songs that were unreleased until 1995, with the issue of this box. Finally, Disc Six has the complete work of the Miller/Dehr two-man Easy Riders, Dehr's solo demos, and Gilkyson's solo recordings from 1952 and 1953. The quality of the music is all very high, although Gilkyson's baritone singing has a more trained, dramatic, at times almost operatic approach than one is accustomed to in "folk" music, reminiscent more of Richard Dyer-Bennett (or even Paul Robeson) than to Woody Guthrie or Cisco Houston. The most extraordinary aspect of any of this is that the group has slipped entirely through the cracks of every music reference book in existence.

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Bear Family

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Disc 1

  1. What'cha Gonna Do?
  2. So True Blues
  3. Marianne
  4. U.S. Adam
  5. Rollin' Home
  6. Everybody Loves Saturday Night
  7. Lonesome Rider
  8. Goodbye Chiquita
  9. Champagne (& Wine)
  10. South Coast
  11. Hot Crawfish
  12. Red Sundown
  13. Yermo's Nightmare and Yermo Red
  14. The Sky Is High
  15. Send for the Captain
  16. Don't Hurry Worry Me
  17. True Love and Tender Care
  18. Tina
  19. The Sweet Sugar Cane
  20. I Won't Tell
  21. Strollin' Blues
  22. Tina
  23. South Coast
  24. Fare the Well
  25. The Weary Travelin' Blues
  26. The Blues Ain't Nothin'
  27. Times
  28. Man About Town
  29. Shorty Joe

Disc 2

  1. Strollin' Blues
  2. Weary Travelin' Blues
  3. The Blues Ain't Nothin'
  4. Times
  5. Lonesome Rider
  6. Greenfields
  7. Easy Rider Blues
  8. Blue Mountain
  9. So True Blues
  10. Fare the Well Oh Babe
  11. Windjammer
  12. Kari Waits for Me
  13. Delia
  14. Lonesome Whistle
  15. Wanderin' Blues
  16. Eddystone Light
  17. Drill, Ye Tarriers
  18. East Virginia
  19. I Ride an Old Paint
  20. Sweet Sugar Cane
  21. Mayfield Mountain
  22. Roving Gambler
  23. Gambler's Blues
  24. Wanderin' Blues
  25. John Henry
  26. Lonesome Whistle
  27. Six Wheel Driver
  28. I'm Gonna Leave You Now
  29. Sweet Sugar Cane

Disc 3

  1. Saturday's Child
  2. Love Is a Golden Ring
  3. Ride Away Vaquero
  4. Take off Your Old Coat
  5. Il Fait Si Beau
  6. Glory, Glory
  7. My Pretty Quadroon
  8. Quit Kickin' My Dog Around
  9. Forever New
  10. Poor Boy
  11. The Lights of Town
  12. The Cry of the Wild Goose
  13. Young in Love
  14. Ballad of the Alamo
  15. The Green Leaves of Summer
  16. Remember the Alamo
  17. Laredo
  18. Green Grow the Lilacs
  19. Long Lean Delilah
  20. Leina
  21. Plain Old Plainsmen
  22. The Girl I Left Behind
  23. Here's to the Ladies
  24. Tennessee Babe
  25. Mi Amor, Mi Corazon
  26. Haven't We Met Before?
  27. Silver and Gold
  28. Go Tell Her for Me

Disc 4

  1. Brother Simon and Sister Mary (& Eliza)
  2. Brother Simon and Sister Mary
  3. Eliza's World
  4. Standing in the Garden
  5. The Wind Is a Lover
  6. Point the Way to My Home
  7. Sip the Morning Dew
  8. How Many Yesterdays
  9. Charlie's Inn
  10. Coney Island
  11. Brother Simon and Sister Mary
  12. Ten Men from Tennessee
  13. Deerfoot Dan
  14. Sam Hall/Nellie
  15. Maggie Gonzales
  16. Along Comes Me
  17. 900 Miles
  18. Bachelor's Boy
  19. Jeb Jones' Daughter
  20. See All the People
  21. Billy Goat Hill
  22. Man About Town
  23. Ta Pedia Tou Pirea (Never on Sunday)
  24. Marianne
  25. Pajarillo Barranqueño
  26. Toro
  27. Greenfields
  28. Wabash Cannonball
  29. Run, Come See Jerusalem
  30. Adieu Cherie
  31. Dead Eye Sam
  32. Devil Cat

Disc 5

  1. Speak a Word of Love, I Wish
  2. The Cry of the Wild Goose
  3. Lady from Laramie
  4. Little King
  5. Oh Brandy Leave Me Alone
  6. Boll Weevil
  7. Black Eyed Susie
  8. The Story of the Creation
  9. Cotton Eyed Joe
  10. Billy Boy
  11. Roving Gambler
  12. Jennie Jenkins
  13. Black Is the Color
  14. I Know Where I'm Going
  15. Ev'ryone's Crazy 'Ceptin' Me
  16. Runnin' Away
  17. The Secret
  18. Nellie Lou
  19. Fast Freight
  20. The Solitary Singer
  21. Mr. Buzzard
  22. The Tick Tock Song
  23. Across the Wide Missouri
  24. On Top of Old Smokey
  25. The Girl in the Wood
  26. Mr. Buzzard
  27. Fast Freight
  28. Hoofbeat Serenade
  29. Stay a While
  30. Rollin' Stone
  31. The World Belongs to Me

Disc 6

  1. Three Jolly Rogues of Lynne
  2. Charmin' Bells
  3. Nine Hundred Miles
  4. Greensleeves
  5. John Hardy
  6. Green Grow the Lilacs
  7. Fond Affection
  8. Box of Rosewood
  9. Fond Affection
  10. The Man You Don't Meet Ev'ry Day
  11. Lonesome Rider
  12. Tom Jack
  13. Wait by the Willow
  14. Golden Minute
  15. Mackerel Fleet
  16. Sparrow Grass and Brown Bread
  17. Man About Town
  18. Gypsy Davey
  19. Wait by the Willow
  20. Tall Timber
  21. Come Home Zelda
  22. Ride Away Vaquero
  23. Quit Kicking My Dog Around
  24. The Man of the Sky
  25. Christopher Columbus

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Easy Riders   Primary Artist
Merle Travis   Guitar,Leader
Eliza Gilkyson   Track Performer
Will Bradley   Trombone
Mundell Lowe   Guitar
Shelly Manne   Percussion
Paul Smith   Piano
Bernie Leighton   Piano
Dominic Frontiere   Accordion
Tony Rizzi   Guitar
Guy Mitchell   Track Performer
Frank deVol   Leader
Bob Bain   Guitar,Leader
Tommy Edwards   Harmonica
Terry Gilkyson   Track Performer
Katie Lee   Vocals
Felix Slatkin   Violin
Si Zentner   Trombone
George Wald   Guitar,Leader
Sue Allen   Vocals
Victor Arno   Violin
Harry Bluestone   Violin
Perry Botkin   Banjo,Flute,Guitar,Mandolin,Leader,Lute,Zither
Ralph Brewster   Vocals
Bill Brown   Vocals
Red Callender   Bass
Frank Carroll   Bass
Joe Comfort   Bass
Morty Corb   Bass
Irving Cottler   Drums
Nick Fatool   Drums
Harold Feldman   Saxophone
Jacques Gasselin   Violin
Milt Holland   Drums
Armand Karpoff   Cello
Phil Kraus   Drums
Norman Leyden   Leader
Joe Mondragon   Bass
Joe Marianie   French Horn
Ann Mason   Harp
Lynn Murray   Leader
Earl Palmer   Drums
Richard Parissi   French Horn
Bernie Parke   Vocals
John Pizzarelli   Guitar
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Paul Robyn   Viola
Mike Rubin   Bass
Mischa Russell   Violin
Jesse Sailes   Drums
Ray Sherman   Piano
Gene Sherry   French Horn
Terry Snyder   Drums
Phil Stephens   Bass
Bill Thompson   Vocals
Vic Schoen   Leader
Jerry Yester   Guitar
Walter Yoder   Bass
Joseph DiFiore   Viola
Alton Hendrickson   Guitar
Eleanor Slatkin   Cello
Sam Weiss   Drums
Victor Bay   Violin
Joseph Eger   French Horn
Gene Garf   Accordion
Vito Mumolo   Guitar
Larry Alpeter   Trombone
Mac McLean   Vocals
Bert Dodson   Bass
Roy Lanham   Guitar
Roberta Lee   Vocals
Andrew Ackers   Piano
Ethmer Roten   Flute
Eddie Rosa   Flute
Lee Gotch   Vocals
William Edward "Billy" Liebert   Leader
Franklyn Marks   Conductor
Gil Mershon   Vocals
George Russell   Guitar
James Maxwell   Trumpet
Richard Dehr   Guitar,Vocals
Frank Miller   Guitar,Vocals
William H. "Billy" Hill   Fiddle
Clifford Hils   Bass
Charlie Morgan   Guitar
Ray L. Jr. Linn   Vocals
Gene Lanham   Vocals
Elizabeth Mullner   Vocals
Edwin Lamar "Buddy" Cole   Organ,Piano
Michael Apruzzese   Guitar
Bernie Armstrong   Guitar,Vocals
Don Arone   Guitar
Don Arton   Guitar
Sam Cheifitz   Bass
Dolores Dahl   Vocals
Leo Dukehorn   Vocals
Harry Freistadt   Trumpet
Hamilton Terry Gilkyson   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Ludwig Gonkowski   Guitar
Marie Greene   Vocals
Gordon "Chris" Griffin   Trumpet
Julie Kinsler   Saxophone
Robert (Lou) McGarity   Trombone
Mark W. McIntyre   Piano
Elvin Douglas Myres   Guitar
Carson Parks   Guitar,Vocals
Gilbert Rodin   Saxophone
Vince de Rose   French Horn
Ernest William Seckler   Vocals
Phil Shuken   Tenor Saxophone
Keith Mitchell   Bass
Jack Lewis   Bass
Hymie Shertzer   Saxophone

Technical Credits

John Pizzarelli   Co-Leader
Lincolns   Vocal Group
R.A. Andreas   Photo Illustration
Richard Weize   Liner Notes,Tape Research
Sylke Holtrop   Artwork
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
Larry Zwisohn   Liner Notes
Frank Miller   Composer,Photo Illustration
Traditional   Composer
Mohns Mohnssen   Tape Comparison
Don Arone   Co-Leader
Hamilton Terry Gilkyson   Photo Illustration
Mellowmen   Vocal Group
Hofmann Nienburg   Photo Restoration

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