Marilyn Scandal

Marilyn Scandal

by Sandra Shevey

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This biography, purportedly the 34th book on Marilyn Monroe to be published since her death in 1962, claims (yet again) to tell the real story of the star's ``true life.'' Freelance journalist Shevey's account, however, offers little new information or fresh insight. The author relies heavily on previously published material and all too often interjects her own, frequently mystifying, judgments: for example, discounting a psychiatric opinion that Monroe's instability stemmed from frequent childhood shuttling among foster homes, Shevey writes, ``Since I neither accept the suicide theory nor the idea that Monroe's psychological profile was self-destructive, I find no relevancy in presuming that twelve sets of foster parents contributed towards anything more than a variety of emotional experiences.'' The book's structure is disjointed and unfocused; the ``scandal'' referred to in the title is never identified. This account, though, is not without its revelations: Shevey maintains that ``John Kennedy . . . loved to sit around naked . . . ,'' and that Clark Gable's death was caused by ``an oversized `virility complex.' '' Photos. (August)
Library Journal
Any forthcoming work on the life and fate of Monroe must be subject to this question: Is there any important new information offered? In the case of Shevey's biography, the answer is no. It unfortunately is a repeat of the Marilyn-as-murdered-martyr story. Shevey persuaded a few people to speak who had heretofore kept silent, but they have nothing of great import to impart. Also detracting from the book's value are some grammatical and factual errors as well as dubious assertions. A much better biography is Goddess by Anthony Summers ( LJ 9/15/85). John Smothers, Monmouth Cty. Lib., Manalapan, N.J.

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