Marine Clastic Sedimentology: Concepts and Case Studies / Edition 1

Marine Clastic Sedimentology: Concepts and Case Studies / Edition 1

by Jeremy K. Leggett

ISBN-10: 0860108643

ISBN-13: 9780860108641

Pub. Date: 11/30/1987

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
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Table of Contents

1 Comparing examples of modern and ancient turbidite systems: problems and concepts.- 2 Unravelling hinterland and offshore palaeogeography from deep-water arenites.- 3 An example of the use of detrital episodes in elucidating complex basin histories: the Caloveto and Longobucco Groups of North East Calabria, Southern Italy.- 4 Isolated olistoliths from the Longobucco Basin, Calabria, Southern Italy.- 5 The griestoniensis zone turbidite system, Welsh Basin.- 6 Mineralogical consequences of organic matter degradation in sediments: inorganic/organic diagenesis.- 7 Evolution of Silurian depositional systems in the Southern Uplands, Scotland.- 8 Paleo-oceanography and depositional environment of the Scandinavian alum shales: sedimentological and geochemical evidence.- 9 Understanding Jurassic organic-rich mudrocks: new concepts using gamma-ray spectrometry and palaeo-ecology: examples from the Kimmeridge Clay of Dorset and the Jet Rock of Yorkshire.- 10 Deep-marine foreland basin and forearc sedimentation: a comparative study from the lower palaeozoic Northern Appalachians, Quebec and Newfoundland.

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