by Norah McClintock

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Is graffiti the key to solving this mystery?See more details below

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Is graffiti the key to solving this mystery?

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Amalia Selle
When Colin Watson accepts a summer job cleaning graffiti off utility poles, he simply wants to make some money, stay out of trouble, and keep his beloved mother happy. But it is when Colin is scrubbing away at graffiti that he meets a beautiful dog walker named Alyssa and begins to notice some suspicious activities going on. Colin finds himself implicated in a string of robberies and must figure out how to bring the guilty to justice. In this Orca "Currents" book, the author skillfully weaves an intriguing, story that will keep the reader engrossed until the end. However, the plot is somewhat predictable and the promised climax never happens. The built-up tension goes nowhere as Colin solves his problems without confrontation or danger. The moral seems to be that because Colin did "the right thing" everything ended happily. As there never seemed any real danger of the story ending unhappily, the conclusion fails to satisfy. Despite this weakness, younger readers will find this an attention-grabbing read. Reviewer: Amalia Selle
CM Magazine
"Its realism and simplicity make this an excellent choice for high school and public libraries."
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"McClintock uses realistic and descriptive language to accentuate the simple plot. Excellent."
The Horn Book Guide
"Though the characters get involved in some bad situations, they are good kids at heart. Realistic situations and contemporary content will appeal to reluctant readers."
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Orca Book Publishers
Publication date:
Orca Currents Series
Product dimensions:
4.40(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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"One more thing," Stike called as I mounted up. "Keep your eyes open."

"Huh?" Keep them open for what? What did he mean?

"We had a kid last year who ran into some trouble. Some crew didn't appreciate his cleanup. They waited for him one morning and jumpted him. Kid ended up in the hospital." He grinned at me as if he were telling me about some fond memory. "Watch the watchers," he said. "If you think you're attracting some of the wrong attention, you let me know. Crews don't scare Stike."

I had the feeling that not much scared Stike. But the thought of getting jumped by a gang sure scared me. I began to wonder if Dave Marsh had done me a favor after all.

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