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Market Liberalism: A Paradigm for the 21st Century

Market Liberalism: A Paradigm for the 21st Century

by David Boaz

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David Rouse
The Cato Institute and the names Boaz and Crane will be familiar only to viewers of Sunday morning televised panel discussions and C-SPAN junkies. Members of the institute are often in demand to provide counterpoint arguments and views often described as conservative. In fact, though, the institute's philosophy is one that is in search of a label--and a political party. Simplified, its guiding principle is less government, which makes it, to use contemporary labels, economically conservative but liberal on social matters affecting individual rights. These beliefs are most closely aligned with the Libertarian Party, but Boaz and Crane left that party in the early 1980s, frustrated with its political inviability and lack of pragmatism, and founded the Cato Institute. They now choose to call their philosophy "market liberalism," a term which emphasizes free-market economic doctrine and the classical roots of liberalism that stress individual and social liberty. Here Boaz and Crane have compiled nearly two dozen essays to spell out their beliefs and offer controversial arguments in the areas of economic, domestic, international, and ecological policy. For example, the U.S. international war against drugs is doomed to failure because it makes no economic sense. Or, global warming could actually accelerate plant growth and mitigate insignificant rises in sea level. Boaz and Crane stand ready to help shape the opposition to what they see as an oncoming wave of government spending and regulation.

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