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ISBN-10: 0444889574

ISBN-13: 9780444889577

Pub. Date: 01/28/1993

Publisher: Elsevier Science

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Elsevier Science
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Handbook in Operations Research and Management Science Series , #5
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Introduction. Mathematical marketing models: Some historical perspectives and future projections (J. Eliashberg, G.L. Lilien). Models of Market Phenomena. Explanatory and predictive models of consumer behavior (J. Roberts, G.L. Lilien). Mathematical models of group choice and negotiations (K.P. Corfman, S. Gupta). Competitive marketing strategies: Game-theoretic models (K.S. Moorthy). Tools and Methods for Market Analysis. Non-spatial tree models for the assessment of comparative market structure: An integrated review of the marketing and psychometric literature (W.S. DeSarbo, A.K. Manrai, L.A. Manrai). Market-share models (L.G. Cooper). Pretest market forecasting (G.L. Urban). New product diffusion models (V. Mahajan, E. Muller, F.M. Bass). Econometric and time-series market response models (D.M. Hanssens, L.J. Parsons). Elements of the Marketing Mix. Conjoint analysis with product-positioning applications (P.E. Green, A.M. Krieger). Pricing models in marketing (V.R. Rao). Sales promotion models (R.C. Blattberg, S.A. Neslin). Salesforce compensation: A review of MS/OR advances (A.T. Coughlan). Salesforce operations (M.B. Vandenbosch, C.B. Weinberg). Interaction, Strategy and Synergy. Marketing-mix models (H. Gatignon). Marketing decision models: From linear programs to knowledge-based systems (A. Rangaswamy). Marketing strategy models (Y.J. Wind, G.L. Lilien). Marketing-production joint decision-making (J. Eliashberg, R. Steinberg).

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