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Marketing Classics: A Selection of Influential Articles / Edition 7

Marketing Classics: A Selection of Influential Articles / Edition 7

by Ben M. Enis, Keith Kohn Cox

ISBN-10: 0205129242

ISBN-13: 9780205129249

Pub. Date: 11/28/1990

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition
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7.09(w) x 9.45(h) x (d)

Table of Contents


1. Marketing Myopia, Theodore Levitt.
2. The Analytical Framework for Marketing, Wroe Alderson.
3. Marketing as Exchange, Richard P. Bagozzi.
4. Broadening the Concept of Marketing, Philip Kotler and Sidney J. Levy.
5. The Globalization of Markets, (HBR), Theodore Levitt.
6. Frameworks for Analyzing Marketing Ethics, Gene R. Laczniak.
7. Marketing, Strategic Planning and the Theory of the Firm, Paul F. Anderson.
8. The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation, Frederick E. Webster, Jr.


9. Rational Behavior and Economic Behavior, George Katona.
10. A Theory of Buyer Behavior, John A. Howard and Jagdish N. Sheth.
11. A General Model for Understanding Organizational Buying Behavior, Frederick E. Webster, Jr. and Yoram Wind.
12. Situational Variables and Consumer Behavior, Russell W. Belk.
13. The Experiential Aspects of Consumption: Consumer Fantasies, Feelings and Fun, Morris B. Holbrook and Elizabeth C. Hirschman.
14. New Product Adoption and Diffusion, Everett M. Rodgers.
15. Competitive Effects on Technology Diffusion, Thomas S. Robertson and Hubert Gatignon.
16. Benefit Segmentation: A Decision Oriented Tool, Russell I. Haley.
17. Positioning Cuts Through Chaos in the Marketplace, Jack Trout and AlRies.


18. Market Orientation: The Construct, Research Propositions and Managerial Implications, Ajay K. Kohli and Bernard J. Jaworski.
19. Strategic Windows, Derek F. Abell.
20. How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy, Michael E. Porter.
21. Toward Strategic Intelligence Systems, David B. Montgomery and Charles B. Weinberg.
22. Customer-Oriented Approaches to ldentifying Product- Markets, George S. Day, Allan D. Shocker and Rajendra K. Srivastava.
23. Market Share — A Key to Profitability, Robert D. Buzzell, Bradley T. Gale and Ralph G.M. Sultan.
24. A Strategic Perspective on Product Planning, George S. Day.
25. Evolution of Global Marketing Strategy: Scale, Scope and Synergy, Susan P. Douglas and C. Samuel Craig.
26. A Model of Strategy Mix for Planned Social Change, Jagdish N. Sheth and Gary L. Frazier.
27. A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications for Future Research, A. Parasuraman, Valarie A. Zeithaml and Leonard L. Berry.


28. The Concept of the Marketing Mix, Neil H. Borden.
29. Retail Strategy and the Classification of Consumer Goods, Louis P. Bucklin.
30. The Product Life Cycle: A Key to Strategic Marketing Planning, John E. Smallwood.
31. Evolutionary Processes in Competitive Markets: Beyond the Product Life Cycle, Mary Lambkin and George S. Day.
32. Consumer Perceptions of Price, Quality and Value: A Means- End Model and Synthesis of Evidence, Valarie A. Zeithaml.
33. Beyond the Many Faces of Price: An Integration of Pricing Strategies, Gerard J. Tellis.
34. A Model for Predictive Measurements of Advertising Effectiveness, Robert J. Lavidge and Gary A. Steiner.
35. Sales Force Management: Integrating Research Advances, Adrian B. Ryans and Charles B. Wienberg.
36. Distribution Channels as Political Economies: A Framework for Comparative Analysis, Louis W. Stern and Torger Reve.
37. Just-in-Time Exchange Relationships in Industrial Markets, Gary L. Frazier, Robert E. Spekman and Charles R. O'Neal.
38. The Marketing Audit Comes of Age, Philip Kotler, William Gregor and William Rogers.

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