Marlfox (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Marlfox (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

4.6 83
by Brian Jacques

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When three young residents of Redwall Abbey go on a quest to recover the tapestry stolen by the Marlfoxes, their bravery removes the curse of these evil animals from a lost island. Illustrations.  See more details below


FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When three young residents of Redwall Abbey go on a quest to recover the tapestry stolen by the Marlfoxes, their bravery removes the curse of these evil animals from a lost island. Illustrations.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
"Once again a band of evil `vermin'-this time mysterious Marlfoxes, aided by water rats and ferrets-seeks to capture the Abbey of Redwall, in the 11th in the Redwall series," noted PW. Ages 10-up. (Jan.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature - Sharon Salluzzo
The peace at Redwall is about to be broken with the appearance of the sly marlfoxes. Their Queen Silth has sent them from their remote island to locate a treasure for her. Her son Mokkan captures the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. When he returns home he discovers that his sister has replaced his mother as queen, and he sets out immediately to depose her. Meanwhile, Dann and Song, the young squirrels that had been on guard when Mokkan stole the tapestry believe they are destined to retrieve it. They set out on the journey and locate the island with help from some other forest creatures. Jacques continues his popular series with the elements that have been successful in past volumes: young protagonists on a swashbuckling quest, encouraging elders, delicious feasts, and poems that foretell the future and record the events. This can be read independently of the others in the series but devoted fans will not be disappointed. Jacques creates an inviting environment with the inhabitants of Redwall Abbey who display such respect and care for one another. His descriptions of the forest draw the reader into this little world.
VOYA - Bill Mollineaux
This eleventh book in the Redwall epic is a swashbuckling and spellbinding tale of adventure filled with all the ingredients: bravery, duplicity, friendship, suspense, murder, betrayal, revenge, and loyalty. When all this is mixed with unforgettable characters and scrumptious feasts, the result is mesmerizing. Without Abbot or Abbess and populated by the elders and the very young, Redwall Abbey is vulnerable to the six Marlfoxes, who are considered magic and supposedly can make themselves and their water rat allies invisible. The Marlfoxes are sent by their mother, Queen Silth, to plunder things of beauty for the Queen to surround herself with. Reinforced by hearty defenders, Redwallers repel numerous attacks, but during one of these attacks the great Redwall tapestry is stolen. While unconscious, one of the young defenders is spoken to by Redwall's founder, Martin the Warrior, and instructed that he and his two friends are to leave the Abbey to recover the tapestry. This mission-which takes them to Queen Silth's mysterious island-and the successful defense of Redwall are accomplished, of course, but not before a series of riveting adventures. The magic turns out to be Jacques's writing, which is crisp, detailed, well paced, and sprinkled with humor. Deftly switching back and forth among defenders, besiegers, the machinations on the island, and the quest of the three youthful heroes, Jacques has woven a real page-turner that will satisfy Redwall enthusiasts as well as recruit devoted newcomers. VOYA Codes: 5Q 5P M J (Hard to imagine it being better written, Every YA (who reads) was dying to read it yesterday, Middle School-defined as grades 6 to 8 and Junior High-defined as grades 7 to 9).
School Library Journal
Gr 5-8-Marlfox! The name brings a chill to all of the good woodland creatures who hear it. From their silver white coats mottled with patches of black and bluish gray, to the axes they carry on their cloaked backs and their inexplicable ability to vanish into thin air, the Marlfoxes are creatures of superstition and legend. On a mission to procure treasure for their dangerously addled queen and mother, these crafty creatures lay siege to Redwall Abbey. Defended by a hodgepodge of creatures from old friends and proven fighters like Badgermum Cregga, to a traveling troupe of performers led by a flamboyant hare with delusions of grandeur, the abbey creatures hold their own-until the greatest treasure of all is stolen: the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. It is up to the next generation of warriors to "win their spurs" on an epic quest to recover the heart of the abbey. Guided by visions of the legendary Martin, the young squirrel Dann, hoping to live up to his brave father's expectations, leads his friends toward the castle fortress of the Marlfox queen. The four young heroes fight the good fight, and among the happy results are a new abbess, and a new champion for Redwall. Marlfox is a rollicking tale of bravery and honor and derring-do; much laughter, a few tears, lots of love, feasting, reunions, and self-discovery, all brought vividly to life with colorful detail and lively characterizations. "Redwall" fans and newcomers to the series alike will welcome this installment with a cheer.-Jennifer A. Fakolt, Denver Public Library
Andrew LeCount
A New Redwall!

Brian Jacques is a joy to read. A onetime longshoreman from Liverpool, England, Jacques never intended for his adventures to be published. According to an article that recently ran in The Wall Street Journal (April 9, 1998), Jacques would read his unpublished Redwall stories to a group of children at a local school for the blind. Never in a million years did he dream that his stories would reach an audience of millions. Writing these frothy adventures is something that Jacques simply enjoys doing, and it shows. The language is vibrant, the characters are extremely well developed, and the action is brisk and exciting. Marlfox, the 11th delightful volume in the Redwall series, is certainly no exception.

Before continuing, let me make something perfectly clear. Even though Marlfox is the 11th Redwall volume, don't shy away from Jacques's latest simply because you haven't read him before. Each Redwall is a freestanding adventure. This reviewer had never read Jacques prior to Marlfox and enjoyed it wholeheartedly.

Now on to the story. Marlfox begins when the Swifteyes, a family of traveling squirrels, stop to take a break. When Janglur, the father of the family and an ace with the woodpipe, coaxes his lovely daughter Songbreeze to sing with him a tune, two savage beasts are -- without the Swifteyes' knowledge -- an attentive audience. The visitors are Marlfoxes, vicious ax-wielding vermin who many believe possess magical powers, while others discount them as only the stuff of legend. The Marlfoxes, brothers and sisters named Ascrod and Vannan, hear the melodious wonder wafting through the air and decide that they must retrieve this talent for their wicked Queen Silth, a tyrannical ruler who constantly nags her underlings that she must constantly be "surrounded by beauty."

In addition to being a deft musician, Janglur is also a cunning warrior. So after Ascrod and Vannan fail to intimidate Janglur into giving them what they want through speech, Janglur is far too prepared for the inevitable Marlfox strike. After both intruders are injured and disappear almost magically into the forest, Janglur alters his family's plans: It is on to Redwall to warn the others of the Marlfox presence.

Around the same time, in another part of the forest, a lighthearted group of stage performers known as the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe endure a similar experience and luckily escape their Marlfox foe. Florian Dugglewoof (don't ever call him a rabbit -- he's a hare) Wilffachop, the troupe's leader, decides that it's off to Redwall as well. Only if the good critters of Redwall stand together will they defeat their present and most evil threat.

Protected by the solid walls of Redwall Abbey, the Redwallers appear to be safe from any Marlfox invasion. But when Dwopple, a pesky little mousebabe who specializes in making trouble and driving Florian up the wall, is kidnapped by the Marlfoxes, war is unavoidable. As a fierce battle rages in which many are brutally slain, a sly force of Marlfoxes infiltrates Redwall Abbey and lifts the prized Redwall tapestry right from under the Redwallers' noses. Song, a Guosim shrew named Dippler, and a young squirrel named Dann feel responsible for the lost treasure, and after Dann sees a vision from the great Martin the Warrior, the three decide to go out on their own to retrieve their lost treasure.

Along the way Song, Dippler, and Dann make many new friends, are introduced to many new enemies, and face many challenging and deadly tasks. It's truly a wonderful and memorable ride. For preteens who enjoyed Lloyd Alexander's The Book of Three and Mrs. Frisby And the Rats of Nimh, and for adults who adore Tolkien and entertaining fantasy in general, Brian Jacques's Marlfox is a must-read. Dramatic and sincere, generally light but at times dark and serious, the Redwall series is a modern-day classic, and I'll say it again, an utter joy to read. Like the Redwallers with their scones with honey on top, this is fantasy adventure that both preteens and adults will gobble up. Highly recommended.
— Andrew LeCount,

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Demco Media
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Redwall Series, #11
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4.25(w) x 7.00(h) x 1.25(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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Marlfox (Redwall Series #11) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 81 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The review area is not for chatting. Its getting sooooo agravating. On the other hand I love this book ! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why doesnt the store have the first redwall on ebook??????
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Hi!" She mews.-Winter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What website did yiu use?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome. It is one of my favorite books and so is the taggerung. I highly recommend this book and other books by brian jaques
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cougar_H More than 1 year ago
I would recommend that someone read this book because it is funny, adventurous, heart warming, and there is evil lurking around every corner. The characters of this book were great, their was Dann, Dipp, Burble, Song, Cregga, and Florian. These are just a few of the good creatures, and there is the evil one named Mokkan the Marlfox. In this story about four young creatures that go on a quest to find the heart and soul of Redwall Abbey, you will find this story as exiting as I did. 89 This book is laugh out loud funny. For example, when the hare, Florian, got a bee sting on his nose and a splinter in his rear end, everyone made fun of him. I laughed out loud during these hilarious parts. Another funny part was when the young ones were being mischievous and tried to steal food from the kitchen by dressing up like Marlfoxes. I also thought it was funny when the young quest creatures (Dann, Dipp, Burble, and Song) made fun of how loud they snore. They would compete to see who is the loudest snorer. You too will laugh out loud at all of the funny characters in this book. If you like action packed stories then you should definitely read this amazing book. The adventure takes place in both the Abbey and on the Quest. The Abbey is attacked by water rats trying to get to the treasure inside the Abbey. The four young creatures have a difficult time on their journey, like when Song gets separated from her friends, and the other three get chased by hungry reptiles. Fortunately, they find each other again and they reach the evil one's fortress where they are outnumbered. I would suggest you read this book to find out the surprising, twisting ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is my favorite of the 19 redwall books! Brian Jaques is one of my favorite writers!