Marriage and Love in England: Modes of Reproduction, 1300-1840

Marriage and Love in England: Modes of Reproduction, 1300-1840

by Alan MacFarlane

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The latest book by a well-known English social historian contributes importantly to the raging scholarly debate over the nature and historic role of traditional marriage practices in England. Macfarlane sees what he calls ``the Malthusian marriage system'' (fluctuating age at marriage, free choice of partner for love, independent nuclear household, and goal of individual satisfaction) as the homeostatic mechanism linking English fertility rates to economic conditions. In opposition to Marx and to much recent scholarship, he finds this a constant in English society from at least the 14th century. Hence, traditional marriage practices cannot be an effect of capitalist economic development and, he posits, may be a cause or a correlate of them. This potentially controversial work belongs in major libraries, college or public. Richard C. Hoffmann, History Dept., York Univ., Downsview, Ontario

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