Married Men Make the Best Lovers [NOOK Book]


If you?re going to adopt a philosophy to live by, make it one that gets your heart pumping and unleashes your spirit of adventure!

E-Reads re-releases a classic, smart and sassy advice book from the 1960's, the heyday of the sexual revolution. As one of the most outspoken leaders of the movement, Ruth Dickson unleashes a wicked mind, a razor-edged wit and the freewheeling ...
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Married Men Make the Best Lovers

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If you’re going to adopt a philosophy to live by, make it one that gets your heart pumping and unleashes your spirit of adventure!

E-Reads re-releases a classic, smart and sassy advice book from the 1960's, the heyday of the sexual revolution. As one of the most outspoken leaders of the movement, Ruth Dickson unleashes a wicked mind, a razor-edged wit and the freewheeling attitude that made her one of the most popular writers of the day.

After years of personal research, she offers pointed advice on becoming a happy and successful Other Woman, covering everything from the selection, capture and care of a married lover to his ultimate release. She leaves no stone unturned, discussing every aspect of the affair, up to and including the problematic Wife. Wrapping things up with an informative Q&A,MARRIED MEN MAKE THE BEST LOVERS is must reading for any woman who treasures both her single status and the enjoyment of a rich, fulfilling sex life. And for those ladies (and gentlemen) who seek further enrichment, Dickson went on to author the definitive non-marriage manual, NOW THAT YOU'VE GOT ME HERE, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?, also recently released by E-Reads.

Sexier than Helen Gurley Brown, wittier than Xaviera Hollander, Ruth Dickson tells the truth, makes you laugh, gives you innovative ideas and thoughtful advice on how to navigate the tricky waters of true freedom of choice. Other Woman status may not be for everybody but it’s difficult to disregard Dickson's cleverly persuasive argument in defense of this provocative lifestyle. 
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781497607132
  • Publisher: Open Road Media
  • Publication date: 4/1/2014
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 96
  • File size: 533 KB

Meet the Author

Ruth Dickson was a bestselling lightning rod for controversy and a reliable source of entertainingly contrarian opinions about marriage, love, sex, adultery and how much any of these subjects had in common when she burst onto the publishing scene in the late 1960s. Among Dickson's titles are MARRIED MEN MAKE THE BEST LOVERS, a survival manual for mistresses, MARRIAGE IS A BAD HABIT, an impassioned argument for un-wedded bliss and NOW THAT YOU'VE GOT ME HERE, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?, which has been referred to as a Non-Marriage Manual.

She long ago lost count but Dickson has lived in more than 200 places on three continents but now calls Florida her (possibly temporary) home. Still going strong well into her 80's, Dickson recently published a new book, LIFE, DEATH AND OTHER TRIVIA: Outrageous Observations of a Wicked Old Broad, which includes many extracts from her blog. Just in case you were born yesterday, Dickson is here to tell you that SEX IN THE CITY did not start with Carrie Bradshaw.

Ruth Dickson was a writing and popularity rival for Helen Gurley Brown in Brown's heyday right after the publication of SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL Current readers, given the perspective of time, will be best equipped to judge which of the two was the better, smarter and wittier writer. 
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Married Men Make The Best Lovers

The Classic, Smart, Sexy Guide To Your Wild Side

By Ruth Dickson


Copyright © 2012 Ruth Dickson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4976-0713-2



The swan is a graceful, beautiful creature which can be found in various parts of the world and which is highly treasured for its decorative effect on lakes and ponds. It is a migratory water fowl. It is also monogamous. It is one of those freaks of nature which chooses one mate and keeps it for life. Nobody has ever heard of a swan husband messing around with an unattached lady–at least, not since Zeus be-swanned himself and seduced the lovely Leda. It is therefore quite apparent that the swan in no way resembles Man. The fascinating genus and phylum to which we belong never has been, never will be, and never was meant to be monogamous. Which condition has made me what I am today. And yes, I'm satisfied.

You see, I am what is generally referred to with fear and loathing (by women) and rib-jabbing and chortling (by men) as "the other woman." It is a role I chose with deliberation, forethought, and ease. And I find it so satisfying that I thought it high time to lift the veil of hypocrisy and doublethink and speak out on behalf of other-womanhood versus wifehood. Furthermore, aside from the fact that it is a most fulfilling life, I am fed to the teeth with the outmoded image of the other woman. The stereotype, established several generations ago, is as outlandish today as hoop skirts. The picture of the "fallen" woman (She didn't fall. She wasn't even pushed. She just lay down, quite voluntarily.), the Theda Bara vamp who wreaks destruction with her immoral wiles (Some destruction! What man wouldn't rather hanky with her panky than with that harried housewife at home?), or the cringing "Back Street" mistress who is nothing but a second wife to her wealthy patron is as ridiculous as the idea that all bachelors lead glamorous, exciting, bunny-filled lives. Arrant nonsense! Maybe in the old days, when men were men and women were double-breasted, and there were more of the former than the latter (Was there really ever such a time?), there was little excuse for a woman to actively seek the company of a married man. After all, in that social structure, "unmarried" (for a woman) was synonymous with "virgin." And any young lady who didn't stay in her stays was immediately run out of town attired in a chic array of tar and feathers, with a blazing scarlet "A" embroidered on her forehead. Of course, the gentleman with whom she dallied was viewed as the poor victim of her wanton ways, but that's a different morality play entirely.

Nowadays, however, things are different, thank Freud! Virginity, once a prized possession, has become a distinct liability. Most girls over eighteen who are still possessed of an intact hymen are either on a psychiatrist's couch or doing their damnedest to get onto the couch of some other sympathetic male. With good reason. Today's young lady has become aware that sex is good for her, and I say good for her! Why shouldn't she have as much good clean fun as her brothers? Oh, yes, I'm aware that there are still some inhibited chastity fanatics who have decided to hold out for marriage. But in general, today's girl would be astonished at the idea of approaching a wedding night without trying out the merchandise first–if she has a wedding night to go to, which is precisely the point.

Unfortunately, at this juncture in history, and in our country in particular, there just aren't enough marriageable men to go around. Does that mean a girl is supposed to spend her whole life in a manless hell, forever unattached and unlaid? Of course not! You'd have a tough time convincing a modern lady that before she beds a man some third party must first mumble some incomprehensible words at them. So the stalls are empty in the marriage market. Or she did it once and didn't like it. Or maybe she's a widow. Every woman who isn't married has her own story, and there's no need to go into the tearful details. Suffice it to say she's unwed, and none of the men she knows are in the same boat. Does that mean she must do without a husband? Why in the world should she, when the world is virtually crawling with husbands? So what if they aren't hers? Married men are the most exciting, wonderful, attractive, and accessible things that can happen to a single woman.

The advantages of having a married man of your own are so numerous, I find it incredible that some girls still shy away from them as though they were typhoid carriers. However, just in case you're still hung up with the funny, old-fashioned idea that there's something nasty about a married lover, let's enumerate the benefits. (For the sake of brevity, from here on out the Other Woman will be referred to as the OW, while the Married Lover will be called ML).

Perhaps first we'd better define just who You are. We're not, at this time, discussing the kept woman. There are, to be sure, certain advantages to being a mistress in the classic sense, but right now we're talking about the non-financial relationship. You are the lady with a job, position, or profession which pleases you and pays the bills. You are a person in your own right, with good taste, nice clothes, and a happy place to live. You need a man for love, not to allay anxiety, or to eliminate social pressure. You need sex and companionship, not a washer and dryer. You are the head of your own household, and you don't need a husband for anything but fun and games. So why should the husband be yours? With the right ML, you can play the ultimate role a bright girl can play: being a Total Woman for an adoring man.

Once launched on an OW career you will find it so satisfying, you'll wonder how the institution of marriage ever got started. Of course, it's best to let those terrified wives keep their little secret about us, or we wouldn't have any nice husbands to play with. But we know that being an OW is completely fulfilling, the highly touted urge to spawn notwithstanding.

An OW doesn't have a thing to do but love and be loved. No dirty shirts to pick up, no meals to plan and cook, no bawling little ones to interrupt the delicious nights. You are taken to the nicest places, not the least nice of which is bed. In short, you have all the goodies and none of the nasties. Your sole function is to be a woman, not a housekeeper or mother or laundress or any of the other sick-making things the Ladies Home Journal tries to sell as the good life. You can remain the sole owner of yourself ... a whole, total, independent human being. You're smart, and attractive, and fun to be with, and you make the decisions. Why would you want to give that up to become Mrs. Anybody? For the right ML you can be Aphrodite incarnate. Your function is to keep his adrenalin running and his masculinity and virility constantly assured. He'll never want you in an apron (unless it's gold lame and you're not wearing anything else). He'll want you in softly lit saloons and salons, well-dressed and head-turning. For him you are all glamor, and there isn't a wife in the world who wouldn't trade her last rubber glove for that image! So let's leave marriage to those incompetents who either can't or are too lazy to take care of themselves and of necessity find some poor guy to leech a living out of. Be grateful there still are females like that. Somebody has to have the babies and join the PTA and wash our lipstick out of his shirts! But not me ... and not you, either.

And just think of the good you can do him! Let's take the average man, married about ten years, father of two or three children. He and his wife may have been perfectly suited to each other and tremendously in love at the beginning. But by now, boredom has set in. They've grown at different rates, in different directions, and they are no longer the same two people who trod that aisle together. His wife has established a pattern of homemaking, child-raising and nest-building. In many cases, she has forgotten that sex is a continuing facet of life and feels now that the honeymoon is over and the offspring brought forth, she can forget it. She has accomplished what she set out to do, and the very nature of her daily life is a constant affirmation of her femaleness.

But what about him? The chances are, he hasn't realized all the bright dreams of success he had at the outset. He's become a little disillusioned with life in general and with himself in particular. And he has certainly given up the vision of undying love with which he entered marriage. "My wife" (spoken with pride) has given way to "the wife" (with a bored twist of the mouth). The lines of communication have broken down, and he and his wife have run out of conversation. He isn't sure of who he is anymore, and he's been emotionally emasculated. Problem: how to regain his manhood. Solution: You. Miss Wonderful, who thinks he's terrific and who devotes herself entirely to him is the very shot in the ego he needs to renew his belief that he is a helluva man, after all.

He has become involved in so many areas, playing so many roles, he's lost. He is Husband, Father, Lawyer, or Indian Chief, Club Member, Citizen, Boss, Employee. In short, he may wear twenty hats in the course of a day. But where is he known and appreciated only as Man? Just one place: in your arms. With you, he is completely relaxed, completely himself. You are the place he comes to ease the tensions and drop the inhibitions. With you he is the man he sees himself as: competent, sexy, and desired. And you want him not for what he does, but simply for what he is.

Compare the satisfaction of loving this man with messing with a bachelor. Your ML, aside from having professional success, also has domesticity anytime he wants it. The single man, on the other hand, is frequently insolvent and is constantly hungry for the home-cooked meal and the hand-washed sock.

If you've been going with him for any length of time, his idea of an exciting evening is to let you cook dinner for him and then settle down in front of your TV while you sew on the buttons his laundry tore off. This guy invariably winds up with all the advantages of marriage and none of the responsibilities. What's worse, he keeps dangling the possibility of a wedding in front of your anxious nose, and you keep jumping for fear you'll lose him before you get him.

And the competition! There are a half-dozen other chicks eying this clod. He causes you hours of torment, wondering why he didn't call when he said he would. In your tear-stained mind's eye, you can see a whole platoon of leggy lovelies soothing his brow, feeding him grapes, and doing erotic dances for his delight and comfort. Naturally, when you can force yourself to be reasonable, you know this is nonsense, but why let a man beat you to death emotionally? Furthermore, if your thirtieth year is visible from either direction, he's also presumably in his middle years. If he isn't married by this time, he's hopeless. If he's been married, and is now divorced, he's having the time of his life pretending to be Hugh Hefner. For any number of valid reasons, he isn't married because he doesn't want to be married. You might as well resign yourself to that and make the best of it. And making the best of it means forgetting him. Unless you really enjoy being one of his girls and crying yourself to sleep over him, in which case you had best pay a call on your local shrink.

If, however, you're a nice, normal girl with a nice, normal ego and a nice, normal libido, your answer is the Married Lover. The only competition you have is a wife, and she can't even play. How can she, with all those tedious, unglamorous chores to finish, compete with you, who have nothing to do but concentrate on being chic, sleek, witty, and adorable? As opposed to the gun-shy bachelor, your married pussycat can bring presents and pay you extravagant compliments without worrying that they will be construed as proposals. He doesn't want you being a little woman. He's got one of those. All he wants you to be is THE woman. Honestly, would you really rather be married? His wife is home alone for Pete's sake.

Dating a married man also affords the kick of forbidden fruit. Because the moments of love are stolen, they are much sweeter and filled to overflowing with Living. There isn't time for boredom or sameness or rut-digging. You get nothing but distilled, unadulterated (pardon the expression) happiness. Show me the wife who can make that statement. Actually, in many cases, we OWs perform a service. Admittedly, few marriage counselors would recommend one of us as a cure for a marital mess, but in many cases, that's precisely what we are. We give a married man something he can't find at home: excitement, love for its own sake, and complete attention. Wives are made happier because their husbands are more content. And those poor benighted ones who no longer enjoy sex (or maybe never did) are released from that chore and can sleep their nights away, undisturbed. They're grateful that their husbands have gotten "too old for that sort of thing," and who are we to straighten them out? She thinks that tiger she married has finally settled into his role of house cat, never dreaming that he's lavishing those wonderful, beastly growls on us. She thinks she got what she wanted. The fact is that his girl got what she wanted, but Mrs. Wife neither knows nor cares, and instead of a home full of tension, she has a happy marriage. And we have a happy affair.

All other benefits considered, however, the best thing about having a husband who's married to someone else is the fact that he goes home. He's not underfoot all the time, peering into your makeup and disarranging your closet. You can keep your bed light on as long as you like, with nobody snarling about it. You have time to rest, to watch the TV shows you like, to read and dream without interruption. In short, you enjoy the privacy no wife ever gets. Furthermore, you have twice the time she has to get and stay lovely and five times the motivation. You have the best reason in the world to stay in top shape, mentally and physically, because you don't have the law to lean on if you get sloppy and careless. By the same token, since your ML wants you as much as you do him, he'll knock himself out to stay attractive. (It's my personal belief that if more doctors prescribed mistresses rather than diets for their obese patients, we'd be a nation of perfect physical specimens. There would probably be fewer men on psychiatrists' couches, too, if they spent more time in their girlfriends' beds.)

So you see, you should have no qualms about seeking for your true love among the ranks of the marrieds. At worst, it's better than polygamy and at best, it can be the total answer to the past-tense- of-maiden's prayer. And, when you're wandering through that delightful forest of married men, keep in mind the fact that they're the hunters. They're looking for you, and there's next to no effort at all involved on your part. After several generations of studious "cap-setting," complete with thousands of "how-to" articles and books, we are at last back to an era when a woman can just sit still and be sought after by the greatest selection of men since the Sabines got theirs. I've never heard of a single single woman "trapping" a married man. The operation works just in reverse, and all you have to know are the rules of the game to collect all the chips.


Excerpted from Married Men Make The Best Lovers by Ruth Dickson. Copyright © 2012 Ruth Dickson. Excerpted by permission of OPEN ROAD INTEGRATED MEDIA.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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