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by Steven L. Kipp

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Discusses the surface features, atmosphere, exploration, and other aspects of the planet Mars.


Discusses the surface features, atmosphere, exploration, and other aspects of the planet Mars.

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Children's Literature - Mary Sue Preissner
While brief, this book about Mars is packed full of information. Each spread includes a full-page color illustration complemented by the text on the opposing page. Topics include the canals, space probes, atmosphere, moons, etc. While understandable by a child in the lower elementary grades, some words will require explanation; the glossary provided is very brief. It also includes an experiment to make "Martian Sand" with steel wool, sand and water as well as a bibliography, NASA and Air & Space Museum addresses, Internet sites, and an index.
Children's Literature
For the ancient Romans the reddish tinge to Mars reminded them of blood. Hence, Mars, the god of war, became that planet's namesake. Mars is reddish in nature due to the high amounts of iron oxide in its soil. Mars is also a planet that has been fodder for more science fiction than any other member of the solar system. Writers, poets, radio broadcasters, and filmmakers have used Mars as a jumping off point for an invasion of earth. In reality, many scientists do postulate previous life on Mars. However, some earlier theories such as those linked to the "canal system" have fallen into disrepute. Mars is only about one seventh the size of earth and it gives evidence of being a dead planet. Space probes have been sent to Mars with one, Pathfinder, actually delivering a mobile robotic droid that gathered soil and rock samples. Mars has fascinated people for centuries and its story is well told in this concise work of science. Author Steven L. Kipp does Mars justice in this portion of the multi-volume "The Galaxy" series. Kipp addresses topics such as Mars' rotation, its atmospheric content, scientific studies of the red planet, and the nature of the famous canals. Many photos of Mars are also included in a visually striking manner. Youngsters with an interest in space will find this to be a valuable addition to their libraries. 2000, Bridgestone Books, Romaneck

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Capstone Press
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The Galaxy Series
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7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)
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7 - 9 Years

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