Martin R. Delany: A Documentary Reader / Edition 1

Martin R. Delany: A Documentary Reader / Edition 1

by Robert S. Levine, Martin Robison Delany

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Martin R. Delany: A Documentary Reader

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The University of North Carolina Press
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Table of Contents

A Note on the Texts23
Pt. 1Pittsburgh, the Mystery, Freemasonry25
Prospectus of the Mystery30
Not Fair32
Liberty or Death34
Young Women35
Self-Elevation Tract Society36
Farewell to Readers of the Mystery38
Eulogy on the Life and Character of the Rev. Fayette Davis41
The Origin and Objects of Ancient Freemasonry49
Pt. 2The North Star69
Western Tour for the North Star73
True Patriotism137
Sound the Alarm141
Political Economy149
Domestic Economy151
Southern Customs - Madame Chevalier157
Annexation of Cuba160
The Redemption of Cuba167
Letter to M. H. Burnham, 5 October 1849170
Delany and Frederick Douglass on Samuel R. Ward175
Pt. 3Debating Black Emigration181
Protest against the First Resolution of the North American Convention187
The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States189
Letter to Oliver Johnson, 30 April 1852217
Letter to William Lloyd Garrison, 14 May 1852219
Letter to Frederick Douglas, 10 July 1852221
Delany and Douglass on Uncle Tom's Cabin224
Letter to Douglass, 30 May 1853238
Call for a National Emigration Convention of Colored Men240
Letter to Douglass, 7 November 1853243
Political Destiny of the Colored Race on the American Continent245
Political Aspect of the Colored People of the United States280
What Does It Mean?291
Letter to Garrison, 19 February 1859295
Blake; or, The Huts of America297
Pt. 4Africa315
A Project for an Expedition of Adventure320
Letter to Henry Ward Beecher, 17 June 1858325
Canada - Captain John Brown328
Martin R. Delany in Liberia332
Official Report of the Niger Valley Exploring Party336
The International Statistical Congress358
Africa and the African Race362
Letter to James T. Holly, 15, January 1861365
Letter to Robert Hamilton, 28 September 1861368
Letter to James McCune Smith, 11 January 1862370
Letter to the Weekly Anglo-African, 22 January 1862372
The Moral and Social Aspect of Africa373
Pt. 5Civil War and Reconstruction377
Letter to Edwin M. Stanton, 15 December 1863383
The Council-Chamber. - President Lincoln385
The Colored Citizens of Xenia389
Monument to President Lincoln: Two Documents392
Prospects of the Freedmen of Hilton Head396
Triple Alliance401
Letter to the Colored Delegation, 22 February 1866403
Letter to Andrew Johnson, 25 July 1866406
Letter to Henry Highland Garnet, 27 July 1867409
Reflections on the War411
University Pamphlets415
Homes for the Freedmen425
Delany and Frederick Douglass, Letter Exchange, 1871431
Delany for Lieutenant Governor: Two Speeches442
The South and Its Foes448
Delany for Hampton452
Politics on Edisto Island456
Pt. 6The Republic of Liberia459
Letter on President Warner of Liberia, 1866463
The African Exodus466
Principia of Ethnology: The Origin of Races and Color468
Letter to William Coppinger, 18 December 1880484
Selected Bibliography491

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