Marx's Capital

Marx's Capital

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by Ben Fine, Alfredo Saad-Filho

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Leading writer Boris Kagarlitsky offers an ambitious account of 1000 years of Russian history.See more details below


Leading writer Boris Kagarlitsky offers an ambitious account of 1000 years of Russian history.

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"This expert guide to the political economy of Marx's Capital has always been the very best available. The fourth edition, welcome in its own right, updates the text in the light of recent scholarship. It is thoroughly recommended not only for beginners but to anyone interested in the applicability of Marxian theory to the parlous condition of contemporary capitalism." --David Harvey, author of Limits to Capital and The Condition of Postmodernity

"For almost thirty years, Marx’s Capital has provided an invaluable introduction to Marx's great work. This fourth edition is much more than an updating of its predecessors: its coverage is more comprehensive and sophisticated and the book provides very useful guides to key debates and further reading. The book is not only of interest to students of Marx -- it should be compulsory reading for all serious students of economics." --Professor Simon Clarke, University of Warwick

"Marx's Capital is an admirably clear explanation of complex ideas, which has the rare virtue of saying something important to economists while being accessible to non-specialist readers. It also does a very good job of showing the urgent relevance of Marx's Capital today." --Ellen Meiksins Wood, author of The Empire of Capital (2003) and The Origin of Capitalism (2002)

"The new edition of "Marx's Capital" is definitely the best edition yet. It reflects both current discussions among Marxist economists and developments in the world economy and has no equal as an introduction to Capital for undergraduate students." --Professor Michael A. Lebowitz, Simon Fraser University, Canada

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Pluto Press
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Fifth Edition, Revised and Updated
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