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by Danny Wallace

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Danny Wallace makes a living and a public testimony from his story - sadly it is relevant to ask some questions... 1. Danny frequently refers to being "complete healing of AIDS" and leaves his audience to conclude that this is a singular and miraculous event. This claim relies on omission of facts and the credulity and ignorance of well meaning Christians in relation to the facts of HIV/AIDS. Danny is in fact taking HIV meds to control HIV/AIDS. Current anti-retroviral treatment of HIV/AIDS is highly effective and well over 90% of people who adhere to treatment achieve "undetectable" levels of the HIV virus in their blood. So it seems that Danny is living with HIV/AIDS, the success of his ongoing medical treatment is not exceptional and clinically his AIDS diagnosis stands Promoting belief in divine healing for HIV/AIDS without mention of the essential medical treatment undertaken is irresponsible in the extreme. 2. The core of Danny's ministry is the revelation that homosexuality is a "stronghold" (of the Devil) caused by an abusive or absent or distant father when a boy is very young. This hypothesis should be easily provable as the facts would show that solo mother families, broken homes etc would produce excesses of homosexuals whereas homosexuals would never come from solid loving Christian families. Do you find an absence of any such facts disturbing? He uses his story to essentially call the fathers of gay men abusers (or at least bad parents) who caused the homosexuality in their sons - is that fair or right? 3. Danny refers to being gang raped, abused and sold for sex to many men for twelve years from age 5 to age 17. Read this book all his extensive writing, recordings and witness and look for any objective collaborative facts. Any witness, any medical records, any convictions, any men charged, any support for his claims from his family. Anything at all in fact beyond Danny's own words. Consider if Danny made any of these claims or excuses for his infidelity prior to being called out & challenged over his homosexuality by a senior pastor. The book also reveals he twice invented terminal illness to elicit support and sympathy. He also moved back home 4 or 5 years to live rent free for 9 years in a home his father provided right next door to his father with his young sons. Very strange actions for a victim of abuse. All that Danny claims may well be true and as shocking and terrible as it is written. However given these claims are both excuse for his past and the basis of his ministry combined with his history of elaborate deceptions you may wish to look at his claims more closely than would otherwise be warranted. 4. Danny claims a "deliverance" from homosexuality "near thirty years of age". If you understand this to mean than he has experienced no homosexual feelings or encounters since then do the maths. Danny was born in 1954, was 30 in 1984 and diagnosed with HIV in 2003. So there is a 19 year gap (minimum) between his deliverance (and so last risk of exposure to HIV) and his first HIV symptoms. Do you think this is credible?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a story that should be shared with the world. Danny's life is truly an example of how true healing can be found in love and forgiveness.