Mass Media in a Changing World with DVD 1 and 2 / Edition 2

Mass Media in a Changing World with DVD 1 and 2 / Edition 2

by George Rodman

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ISBN-10: 0073342998

ISBN-13: 9780073342993

Pub. Date: 01/30/2007

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

This engaging new text introduces students to the world of media through a unique structure that makes the material easily intelligible and meaningful to their lives. Each chapter is divided into three-part narrative sections: history, industry, and controversy. Mass Media in a Changing World is the story of where the media came from, why they do what


This engaging new text introduces students to the world of media through a unique structure that makes the material easily intelligible and meaningful to their lives. Each chapter is divided into three-part narrative sections: history, industry, and controversy. Mass Media in a Changing World is the story of where the media came from, why they do what they do, and why those actions cause controversies.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Media in a Changing World
Chapter Opener: The Convergence Generation     2
Media Literacy     5
Media Criticism     5
Career Preparation     5
The Critic versus the Practitioner     6
Basic Terms     6
Media History     11
Understanding Today's Media Industries     12
American Dominance of World Media     12
Cultural Imperialism     14
Foreign Media in the United States     16
Reasons for Corporate Media Growth     16
Patterns of Ownership     17
Media and Governments around the World     21
Media and the Audience     27
Media Controversies     28
Impact Issues Deal with Media's Influence     29
Legal issues Deal with Media Law and Regulation     29
Ethical Issues Deal with the Morality of Media     29
The Interrelationship of Impact, Legal, and Ethical Issues     30
Milestones in Media History     14
Close-Up on History: Technology and Change: The Telegraph     12
Close-Up on Industry: Breaking info a Media Career     24
Close-Up on Controversy: The Many Meanings of Censorship     30
MediaConglomerates     22
Media Impact: Understanding Research and Effects
Chapter Opener: Grand Theft Auto Theory and Research     34
A Brief History of Media Research     37
Early Studies     37
Studies into the Effects of Television     43
Marshall McLuhan and Cultural Studies     45
Current Research     48
Understanding Today's Media Theory and Research     49
Social Science Perspectives     50
Cultural Studies     55
Media Theory: A Complex Whole     56
Controversies     57
Research versus Conventional Wisdom     58
Limitations of Research     58
The Industry's Response     60
Milestones in Media Research     48
Close-Up on History: Seduction of the Innocent: The Effects of Comic Books     44
Close-Up on Media Theory: Media's Influence on Language: Speaking the Previously Unspeakable     56
Close-Up on Controversy: Does Pop Culture Make Us Smarter?     61
The Print Industries
Books: The Durable Medium
Chapter Opener: Da Vinci Decoded     66
A Brief History of Books     69
Early Forms     69
The Printing Revolution     70
The Book in America      71
The Industrial Revolution     72
Paperback Books     73
Conglomeration and Globalization     75
New Forms of the Book     77
Understanding Today's Book Publishing Industry     79
Types of Books     79
The Players     82
Controversies     91
Book Censorship     91
The Blockbuster Syndrome     93
Milestones in Book Publishing     80
Close-Up on History: Books and Slavery     73
Close-Up on Industry: The Harry Potter Phenomenon     83
Close-Up on Controversy: A Victim of the Blockbuster Syndrome     85
Top Publishers of U.S. Books     76
Most Frequently Banned Books     92
Newspapers: Where Journalism Begins
Chapter Opener: Outrunning the Boulder     98
A Brief History of Newspapers     101
The First Newspapers     101
The Newspaper in Early America     102
Changes in the Concept of News     105
The Making of the Modern Press     110
Concentration into Chains     113
Leading the News Process     114
Changing Publication Patterns     116
Adapting to New Media      116
Understanding Today's Newspaper Industry     118
The Owners     118
The Newspapers     118
The Staff     124
Support Services     126
The Reader     128
Controversies     130
Concentration of Ownership     130
Lack of Diversity in the Newsroom     131
Other Controversies     133
Milestones in U.S. Newspaper History     116
Close-Up on History: The Yellow Kid     109
Close-Up on Industry: USA Today Changes the Face of Journalism     120
Close-Up on Controversy: The Power of the Independent Press     132
Top U.S. Newspaper Chains, by Daily Circulation     115
Largest U.S. Newspapers, by Daily Circulation     119
Magazines: The First of the Specialized Media
Chapter Opener: The Birth of Latina     138
A Brief History of Magazines     141
Magazine Evolution     141
General Interest Magazines     143
Mass Circulation Magazines     146
The Decline of General Interest Magazines     149
The Rise of Special Interest Magazines     149
Adapting to New Media     150
Global Endeavors     151
Understanding Today's Magazine Industry     151
Types of Magazines     152
The Players     157
Controversies     166
The Impact of Images     167
Truth and Accuracy     170
Editorial Independence     170
Marketing Schemes     170
Milestones in Magazine History     152
Close-Up on History: Ladies' Home Journal Invents the Modern Women's Magazine     144
Close-Up on Industry: The Changing Face of Teen Magazines     156
Close-Up on Controversy: Wal-Mart versus the Lads     169
Major Types of Consumer Magazines     154
Top Magazines by Revenue     157
Top Magazines by Circulation     158
Top Magazine Corporate Publishers     160
Where Magazines Are Sold     163
Top Magazine Covers     165
The Electronic Industries
Movies: Magic from the Dream Factory
Chapter Opener: The Monster That Ate the Movie Theater     176
A Brief History of Movies     179
Early Movie Technology     179
The Trust     180
The Move West     181
The Star System     181
Global Influence on the Art of Film     182
The Golden Age      184
Reacting to TV     187
Adapting to New Media     188
Global Dimensions     189
Understanding Today's Movie Industry     190
Production     191
Distribution     197
Exhibition     202
Controversies     204
Effects of Movie Viewing     204
Censorship     208
Milestones in Movie History     190
Close-Up on History: Best American Films     185
Close-Up on Industry: Just What Does a Producer Do?     195
Close-up on Controversy: Smoking in the Movies     206
Top Hollywood Studios     193
Greatest Screenplays of All Time     196
All-Time Worldwide Blockbusters     203
Recordings and the Music Industry: Copyright Battles, Format Wars
Chapter Opener: The iPod Revolution     212
A Brief History of Recording     215
Music in an Oral Culture     215
Early Recording Technology     216
An Industry Develops     216
Enter Radio     218
Stereo and High Fidelity     219
Rock and Roll     220
Rap and Hip-Hop     222
The Format Wars Intensify     223
Understanding Today's Recording Industry     227
The Major Labels: Global Goliaths     227
Independents: Developing Talent     229
The Players     230
Royalties and Performance Rights Organizations     233
Promotion     233
Distribution and Sales     236
The Audience     237
Controversies     237
The Effects     239
Censorship     239
Milestones in Recording History     224
Close-Up on History: Elvis Lives     221
Close-Up on Industry: Ani DiFranco and Righteous Babe Records     231
Close-Up on Controversy: The Shady World of Eminem     238
Major Music Labels     228
Top-Selling Albums of All Time     229
Radio: The Hits Keep Coming
Chapter Opener: Satellite Wars     244
A Brief History of Radio     247
Early Development     247
The First Broadcasters     250
The Rise of the Networks     251
Early Programming     252
The Golden Age of Radio     255
Reacting to TV     257
Concentration and Fragmentation     259
Digital Radio     260
Understanding Today's Radio Industry     261
Formats     261
Ratings     264
Industry Structure     265
Station Personnel     268
The Audience     271
Controversies     271
The Effects of Concentration     272
Homogenized Programming     272
Shock Radio     273
Hate Radio     273
Diversity and Censorship     273
Milestones in Radio History     258
Close-Up on History: The War of the Worlds and the Power of Radio     256
Close-Up on Industry: Has Public Radio Gone Commercial?     268
Close-Up on Controversy: Howard Stern's Public Parts     274
Major Radio Legislation     254
Top Formats by Audience Listening Preference     262
Largest Radio Group Owners     266
Radio Station Jobs     270
Television: Reflecting and Affecting Society
Chapter Opener: Humiliation TV     280
A Brief History of Television     283
Early Technology     283
Development of Technical Standards     283
The Rise of Network Television     285
Enter Cable     290
Emerging Networks     291
Adapting to New Technologies     293
Understanding Today's Television Industry     294
Delivery Systems     294
Program Providers     301
The Ratings     304
Controversies     308
The Nature of Programming     308
Parental Advisory Ratings     312
Excessive Viewing     313
Milestones in Television History     294
Close-Up on History: Philo T. Farnsworth: The Unknown Father of Television     284
Close-Up on Industry: Gays on TV     306
Close-Up on Controversy: Wrestling, Kids, and Televised Sports     310
Classic Prime-Time Programs     289
Top Basic Cable Channels     296
Top-Rated Television Programs of All Time     305
The Internet: Convergence in a Networked World
Chapter Opener: Is MySpace the New Mall?     311
A Brief History of the Net     318
The Computer     319
The Military Roots of the Net     320
Going Digital     321
The World Wide Web     323
Global Dimensions     324
Cultural Diversity on the Web     325
Understanding Today's Internet Industry     326
The Architecture of the Net      326
The Economics of the Net     336
Controversies     343
Control versus Freedom     344
Commercialism versus Public Service     344
Censorship     345
Privacy     345
Reliability of Information     346
Milestones in Internet History     326
Close-Up on History: The Internet's Cold War Genesis     321
Close-Up on Industry: To Google     340
Close-Up on Controversy: Online Predators     348
Top Internet Nations     319
Top Internet Service Providers     328
Most Popular Web Sites     329
Top Search Engines     331
Emoticons and Acronyms     333
Information and Persuasion Industries
Electronic News: Information As Entertainment
Chapter Opener: Inside Katie Couric     354
A Brief History of Electronic News     356
Newsreels     357
Radio News     357
Broadcast Television News     361
Cable News     365
Online News     367
Online TV News     370
Understanding Today's News Industry     371
News Values     371
The Players     372
Controversies      377
Political Bios     377
News as Entertainment     381
Milestones in Electronic News History     368
Close-Up on History: The Hindenburg Story     359
Close-Up on Industry: Matt Drudge, Pioneer Blogger     368
Close-Up on Controversy: Mr. Murdoch's War     380
Top Online News Sites     370
Where Young People Get Their News     377
Public Relations: The Image Industry
Chapter Opener: Virtue or Villainy?     386
A Brief History of Public Relations     389
Precursors of Public Relations     389
Public Relations as a Profession     392
The Industry Matures     394
The Changing Face of Public Relations     398
Understanding Today's Public Relations Industry     401
The Scope of Public Relations     402
Public Relations Activities     403
Public Relations Strategies     405
Some Public Relations Tools     410
Controversies     414
The Ethics of Public Relations Tactics     415
Lack of Attribution     418
Accountability     419
Milestones in Public Relations History     400
Close-Up on History: Rebuilding the Rockefeller Image     394
Close-Up on Industry: Public Relations Jobs     406
Close-Up on Controversy: Media War Making     416
Top Public Relations Agencies by Total Fees     402
Advertising: The Media Support Industry
Chapter Opener: The Subservient Chicken     424
A Brief History of Advertising     428
Advertising Comes to America     428
Ads and the Industrial Revolution     429
The Advent of Advertising Agencies     430
Early Industry Control     431
Ads Take to the Airwaves     432
Diversity and Target Marketing     435
Globalization     437
Understanding Today's Advertising Industry     438
The Client     438
The Agency     438
Advertising Objectives     448
Controversies     450
Advertising and Freedom of Speech     451
Truth in Advertising     452
Ads Directed at Children and Teens     453
Advertiser Influence on Media Content     455
Milestones in Advertising History     436
Close-Up on History: Subliminal Fraud     434
Close-Up on Industry: The Tribulations of Global Image Promotion      444
Close-Up on Controversy: Selling Alcohol to Children     454
Top Advertising Clients and the Agencies That Serve Them     439
Top Advertising Organizations Worldwide     440
Top Product Placement Programming     457
Media Law and Ethics
Media Law: Understanding Freedom of Expression
Chapter Opener: Who Needs the First Admendment?     462
A Brief History of Media Law     464
The Development of the Philosophy of Free Speech     464
The First Amendment     466
Defining Limits     467
Regulating Broadcasting     468
National Security and Prior Restraint     472
Current Trends in Media Law     472
Understanding Today's Media Law     475
The Legal System and Types of Law     475
Protection of Rights     477
Controversies     488
Censorship     488
Conflicting Rights     490
Milestones in Media Law History     474
Close-Up on History: Sam Sheppard's Trial by Media     470
Close-Up on Media Law: The Paris Hilton Video     485
Close-Up on Controversy: Jailing Judith Miller     490
Media Ethics: Understanding Media Morality
Chapter Opener: The Danish Cartoons      496
A Brief History of Media Ethics     499
The Print Era     499
The Electronic Era     503
The Digital Era     509
Understanding Today's Media Ethics     510
Basic Ethical Orientations     510
Conflicting Loyalties     514
Truth Telling and Its Complications     516
Controversies     518
Stereotyping     519
Conflicts of Interest     519
Anonymity and Who Deserves It     521
Accountability     521
Milestones in Media Ethics History     508
Close-Up on History: The Quiz Show Scandals     505
Close-Up on Media Ethics: The Ethics of Photo Alteration     516
Close-Up on Controversy: The Guerrilla Girls' Guide to Female Stereotypes     520
Notes     527
Glossary     539
Complete Timeline of Mass Media Milestones     551
Credits     559
Index     561

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