Massive Dance Mix '96

Massive Dance Mix '96


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Disc 1

  1. Two Can Play That Game  - Bobby Brown
  2. Missing  -  Everything But the Girl
  3. Hideaway  -  De'Lacy
  4. I Believe  -  Happy Clappers
  5. Theme from S'Express  -  S'Express
  6. The Nighttrain  -  Kadoc
  7. Dreamer  -  Livin' Joy
  8. U Sure Do  -  Strike
  9. Renegade Master  -  Wildchild
  10. America (I Love America)  -  Full Intention
  11. Let Me Show You  -  K-Klass
  12. Don't Give Me Your Life  - Alex Party
  13. Passion  - Gat Decor
  14. You Lift Me Up  - Rebekah Ryan
  15. Keep Warm  -  Jinny
  16. I Don't Wanna Be a Star  -  Corona
  17. Boom Boom Boom  -  Outhere Brothers
  18. Reach
  19. Giv Me Luv  -  Alcatraz
  20. Feel My Body  - Frank O'Moiraghi
  21. I Like to Move It  -  Reel 2 Real
  22. Lost in Love  -  Up Yer Ronson

Disc 2

  1. Firestarter  -  Prodigy
  2. Trippin' on Sunshine  -  Pizzaman
  3. I Luv U Baby  -  Original
  4. Don't Stop Movin'  -  Livin' Joy
  5. Ultra Flava  -  Heller & Farley Project
  6. Things Can Only Get Better  -  D:Ream
  7. Step It Up  -  Stereo MC's
  8. Macarena  -  del Mar
  9. Here Comes the Hotstepper  - Ini Kamoze
  10. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New)  -  Coolio
  11. Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)  - Melanie Williams
  12. Itchycoo Park  -  M People
  13. Love Can't Turn Around  -  Heavy Weather
  14. U Girls (Look So Sexy)  -  Nush
  15. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)  -  C+C Music Factory
  16. The Power  -  Snap!
  17. Stayin' Alive  -  N-Trance
  18. Got Myself Together  -  Bucketheads
  19. Technocat  - Tom Wilson
  20. Skin on Skin  -  Grace
  21. Be as One
  22. Loving You More  - Vincent Covello

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

C+C Music Factory   Track Performer
Everything But the Girl   Track Performer
Snap!   Track Performer
Stereo MC's   Track Performer
Grace   Track Performer
Prodigy   Track Performer
Bobby Brown   Track Performer
Coolio   Track Performer
Corona   Track Performer
M People   Track Performer
Danny Campbell   Background Vocals
K-Klass   Track Performer
Ini Kamoze   Track Performer
Original   Track Performer
Tom Wilson   Track Performer
D:Ream   Track Performer
John Dennison   Keyboards
Outhere Brothers   Track Performer
Sub Sub   Track Performer
Melanie Williams   Track Performer
Pizzaman   Track Performer
Livin' Joy   Track Performer
Bucketheads   Track Performer
Alex Party   Track Performer
del Mar   Track Performer
De'Lacy   Track Performer
Jinny   Track Performer
BT   Track Performer
Full Intention   Track Performer
N-Trance   Track Performer
Nush   Track Performer
Wildchild   Track Performer
Reel 2 Real   Track Performer
Alcatraz   Track Performer
Up Yer Ronson   Track Performer
Amnesia   Track Performer
Frank O'Moiraghi   Track Performer
Kadoc   Track Performer
Strike   Track Performer
Maria Nayler   Vocals
Gat Decor   Track Performer
Heavy Weather   Track Performer
Happy Clappers   Track Performer
Technocat   Track Performer
Rebekah Ryan   Track Performer
Vincent Covello   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Everything But the Girl   Producer
Snap!   Producer
Stereo MC's   Producer
Paul Roberts   Producer
Todd Terry   Producer,Remixing
Blaze   Producer
David Morales   Producer
Paul Oakenfold   Producer
M People   Producer
Terry Farley   Producer
Tom Frederikse   Producer
K-Klass   Producer,Remixing
Marshall   Producer
Steve Osborne   Producer
Teddy Riley   Producer
BT   Producer
"Little" Louie Vega   Producer
Gary Wilkinson   Engineer
D:Ream   Producer
John Coxon   Producer
Liam Howlett   Producer
Outhere Brothers   Producer
Sub Sub   Producer
Livin' Joy   Arranger,Producer
N-Trance   Producer
Nush   Producer
Wildchild   Producer
Erick "More" Morillo   Producer
Hustlers Convention   Producer
Andrew Williams   Producer,Engineer
Andy Ivey   Composer
Rafael Hernandez Muniz   Producer
Leon Roberts   Programming
Kenny Dope   Producer
Victor Imbres   Producer
Soul Train   Producer
Visnadi   Arranger,Producer
Marco Dalle Luche   Arranger,Programming
Frank O'Moiraghi   Producer
Alex Natale   Arranger,Producer
G. Ripley   Producer
Matt Cantor   Arranger,Producer
Andy Gardner   Arranger,Producer
Maria Nayler   Vocal Arrangements
Gat Decor   Producer
Heavy Weather   Producer
Sasha   Producer,Engineer
DJ Pippi   Producer
Richie Malone   Producer
Helicopter   Producer,Remixing
Checco   Producer
DJ WT   Producer
Viani DJ   Arranger,Producer,Executive Producer
CJ Scott   Producer
DJ Chus   Producer
Adam Wood   Producer
Giacomo Maiolini   Executive Producer
Heller   Producer
Steve Miller   Engineer
James Reynolds   Engineer

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