Massive Hits! Alternative

Massive Hits! Alternative


Over the course of its three discs and 60 songs, EMI compilation Massive Hits! Alternative makes good on the promise of its name, offering up a sprawling collection of pop hits from the last couple of decades. Featuring songs from alt-pop stalwarts like Radiohead, See more details below


Over the course of its three discs and 60 songs, EMI compilation Massive Hits! Alternative makes good on the promise of its name, offering up a sprawling collection of pop hits from the last couple of decades. Featuring songs from alt-pop stalwarts like Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, the Dandy Warhols, Hot Chip, Fountains of Wayne, and a host of others, this collection puts a wealth of singles at the listener's fingertips, and should have something to satisfy most any music fan.

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Disc 1

  1. See the World  -  Kooks
  2. Bohemian Like You  -  Dandy Warhols
  3. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree  - KT Tunstall
  4. Jerk It Out  -  Caesars
  5. Moving  -  Supergrass
  6. Love Steals Us From Loneliness  -  Idlewild
  7. Catch the Sun  -  Doves
  8. Pyramid Song  -  Radiohead
  9. Dr. Baker  -  Beta Band
  10. Wires  -  Athlete
  11. 78 Stone Wobble  -  Gomez
  12. Kelly Watch the Stars  -  Air
  13. Over and Over  -  Hot Chip
  14. Silence is Easy  -  Starsailor
  15. All You Good Good People  -  Embrace
  16. Saturn 5  -  Inspiral Carpets
  17. Burning Benches  -  Morning Runner
  18. Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song)  -  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  19. Just Because  -  Jane's Addiction
  20. You Drove Me To It  -  Hell Is for Heroes

Disc 2

  1. Ride a White Horse  -  Goldfrapp
  2. Daft Punk is Playing At My House  -  LCD Soundsystem
  3. Ain't No Rest For the Wicked  -  Cage the Elephant
  4. Bang Bang Rock & Roll  -  We Are Scientists
  5. Depth Charge Ethel  -  Grinderman
  6. Getaway  -  Music
  7. Eddie's Gun  -  Kooks
  8. Stacy's Mom  -  Fountains of Wayne
  9. Every Day Should Be a Holiday  -  Dandy Warhols
  10. You Talk
  11. Robot Man  -  Aliens
  12. Wash In the Rain  -  Bees
  13. Love Me Like You  -  Magic Numbers
  14. Stars  -  Dubstar
  15. Prescilla  - Bat for Lashes
  16. Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far)  -  Thrills
  17. Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind  - Badly Drawn Boy
  18. The Comeback  -  Shout Out Louds
  19. Come Back To What You Know  -  Embrace
  20. Long Distance  -  Turin Brakes

Disc 3

  1. Unbelievable  -  EMF
  2. Sheriff Fatman
  3. Tubthumping  -  Chumbawamba
  4. The Fun Lovin' Criminal  -  Fun Lovin' Criminals
  5. Alice What's the Matter?  -  Terrorvision
  6. Pumping On Your Stereo  -  Supergrass
  7. When I Argue I See Shapes  -  Idlewild
  8. Smile  -  Supernaturals
  9. Can You Dig It?  -  Mock Turtles
  10. Black and White Town  -  Doves
  11. Dragging Me Down  -  Inspiral Carpets
  12. Stripper Vicar  -  Mansun
  13. Whippin' Piccadilly  -  Gomez
  14. Assessment  -  Beta Band
  15. You Got the Style  -  Athlete
  16. One Horse Town  -  Thrills
  17. Not So Manic Now  -  Dubstar
  18. All I Need  - Beth Hirsch
  19. Everything In It's Right Place  -  Radiohead
  20. Goodbye  -  Sundays

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Nick Cave   Composer
Chumbawamba   Composer
Hugh Harris   Composer
Bees   Composer
Warren Ellis   Composer
Bob Ezrin   Composer
Perry Farrell   Composer
David Gavurin   Composer
Robin Jones   Composer
Martin Mason   Composer
Dave Navarro   Composer
Stephen Perkins   Composer
Harriet Wheeler   Composer
Michael Quinn   Composer
Leslie Carter   Composer
Colin Greenwood   Composer
Phil Selway   Composer
James Atkin   Composer
Derry Brownson   Composer
Mark de Cloedt   Composer
Ian Dench   Composer
Zac Foley   Composer
Tom Hingley   Composer
Adam Schlesinger   Composer
Jeremy Williams   Composer
Peter Hayes   Composer
Chris Collingwood   Composer
Jean-Benoît Dunckel   Composer
Nicolas Godin   Composer
Leigh Marklew   Composer
Robert Turner   Composer
Jez Williams   Composer
Beth Hirsch   Composer
Lambert   Composer
Graeme Robinson   Composer
Steve Mason   Composer
Paul Draper   Composer
Gareth Coombes   Composer
Steve Hillier   Composer
Danny McNamara   Composer
Richard McNamara   Composer
Chris Chaney   Composer
Badly Drawn Boy   Composer
Mark Yates   Composer
Martin Coogan   Composer
Joakim Åhlund   Composer
Goldfrapp   Composer
Ben Ottewell   Composer
Tom Gray   Composer
Paul Blackburn   Composer
Olly Peacock   Composer
Ian Ball   Composer
Jimi Goodwin   Composer
Richard Greentree   Composer
Roddy Woomble   Composer
Colin Newton   Composer
Andy Williams   Composer
Nick Jago   Composer
Olly Knights   Composer
Gale Paridjanian   Composer
Anthony Wright   Composer
Music   Composer
Selway   Composer
Starsailor   Composer
Alexis Taylor   Composer
Joe Goddard   Composer
Hell Is for Heroes   Composer
John Maclean   Composer
Pete Doherty   Composer
Gavin Fox   Composer
Athlete   Composer
Felix Martin   Composer
James Murphy   Composer
Art Brut   Composer
KT Tunstall   Composer
Romeo Stodart   Composer
Courtney Taylor-Taylor   Composer
Luke Pritchard   Composer
Max Rafferty   Composer
Paul Garred   Composer
James Morrison   Composer
Natasha Khan   Composer
Matthew Greener   Composer
Chris "Fields" Wheatcroft   Composer
Tom Derrett   Composer
Ali Clewer   Composer
Eric Edman   Composer
Ted Malmros   Composer
Adam Olenius   Composer
Carl von Arbin   Composer
Gordon Anderson   Composer
Carrigan   Composer
Brad Shultz   Composer
Jonathan Kirby   Composer
David Harling   Composer
Lincoln Parish   Composer
Jared Champion   Composer
Daniel Tichenor   Composer
Kate Moss   Composer
Matt Shultz   Composer
Daniel Goffey   Composer
Owen Clarke   Composer
Martyn P. Casey   Composer
Thomas Yorke   Composer
Doyle   Composer
Robert Coombes   Composer
Allan Stewart   Composer
James Sclavunos   Composer
Rodric Pryce Jones   Composer
Paola Stenborg   Composer
Edward O'Brien   Composer
Jamie Goodwin   Composer
Steve Borgovini   Composer
Kenneth McAlpine   Composer
Ian Shuttleworth   Composer
Alan Tilston   Composer
James McColl   Composer
Hugh Morgan   Composer
Brian Leiser   Composer
Jonathan Greenwood   Composer
Alan Gillett   Artwork
Robert Fairfoull   Composer
McMahon   Composer
John Greenwood   Composer

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