Massive Hits! Eighties

Massive Hits! Eighties


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Disc 1

  1. The Wild Boys
  2. Love on Your Side
  3. Temptation
  4. Church of the Poison Mind
  5. Love's Great Adventure
  6. Open Your Heart
  7. Blue Hat for a Blue Day
  8. Love of the Common People
  9. Gold
  10. Kiss Me
  11. If I Was
  12. Together in Electric Dreams
  13. Imagination
  14. Ooh to Be Ah
  15. Wishful Thinking
  16. It's My Life
  17. Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry for Loverboy)
  18. Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune)
  19. Is It a Dream
  20. Ghosts

Disc 2

  1. Who's Zoomin' Who
  2. Kiss on My List
  3. If You Let Me Stay
  4. Labour of Love
  5. Let's Go All the Way
  6. If It Happens Again
  7. Keep on Movin'
  8. Intuition
  9. Living in a Box
  10. I Don't Want to Be a Hero
  11. I Want That Man
  12. My Camera Never Lies
  13. Straight Up
  14. Who's Leaving Who
  15. Take Me to Your Heart
  16. Respectable
  17. Hyperactive!
  18. He Ain't No Competition
  19. Love Changes (Everything)
  20. Girl Crazy

Disc 3

  1. Atomic
  2. White Wedding, Pt. 1
  3. Goody Two Shoes
  4. Rat Race
  5. Runaway Boys
  6. Chequered Love
  7. Manic Monday
  8. Im Gonna Be (5000 Miles)
  9. Calling All the Heroes
  10. Love and Pride
  11. Alive and Kicking
  12. Golden Brown
  13. Everyday Is Like Sunday
  14. It Ain't What You Do It's the Way That You Do It
  15. Uncle Sam
  16. Babooshka
  17. All Cried Out
  18. Time After Time
  19. Avalon
  20. She Makes My Day

Album Credits

Technical Credits

John Campbell   Composer
Adam Ant   Composer
Kate Bush   Composer
Thomas Dolby   Composer
Bryan Ferry   Composer
Aretha Franklin   Composer
Debbie Harry   Composer
Billy Idol   Composer
Cyndi Lauper   Composer
Robert Palmer   Composer
Steve Stevens   Composer
UB40   Composer
Midge Ure   Composer
Sy Oliver   Composer
Stephen Duffy   Composer
Jimmy Destri   Composer
Daryl Hall   Composer
Andy Taylor   Composer
Marty Wilde   Composer
James Young   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Brian Setzer   Composer
Billy Currie   Composer
Philip Oakey   Composer
Matt Aitken   Composer
Janna Allen   Composer
Steve Askew   Composer
Tom Bailey   Composer
John Beck   Composer
Nick Beggs   Composer
Jet Black   Composer
Charlie Burchill   Composer
Jo Callis   Composer
Warren Cann   Composer
Simon Climie   Composer
Gary "Mudbone" Cooper   Composer
Alannah Currie   Composer
Terence Trent D'Arby   Composer
Clark Datchler   Composer
Francis Dunnery   Composer
Tim Friese-Greene   Composer
David Gamson   Composer
Green Gartside   Composer
Preston Glass   Composer
Dave Greenfield   Composer
Roy Hay   Composer
Andy Hill   Composer
Mark Hollis   Composer
Gregory Kane   Composer
Patrick Kane   Composer
Gary Kemp   Composer
Simon LeBon   Composer
Joe Leeway   Composer
Eddie Lundon   Composer
Marco Pirroni   Composer
Narada Michael Walden   Composer
Dennis Morgan   Composer
Alison Moyet   Composer
Stuart Neale   Composer
Charlie Reid   Composer
Craig Reid   Composer
Nick Rhodes   Composer
Mark Spiro   Composer
Mike Stock   Composer
Stephen Street   Composer
David Sylvian   Composer
John Taylor   Composer
Lee Thompson   Composer
Martyn Ware   Composer
Pete Waterman   Composer
John Whitehead   Composer
Elliot Wolff   Composer
Hugh Cornwell   Composer
Marcus Vere   Composer
Gary Daly   Composer
Jon Moss   Composer
Sal Solo   Composer
Chris Cross   Composer
Radiation   Composer
Beresford Romeo   Composer
Rob Fisher   Composer
Jean Jacques Burnel   Composer
Danny Mitchell   Composer
Jack White   Composer
Steve Piggott   Composer
George O'Dowd   Composer
Swain   Composer
Christopher Foreman   Composer
Peter Martin   Composer
James Kerr   Composer
Roger Taylor   Composer
Mike McNeil   Composer
Michael Craig   Composer
Prince Nelson   Composer
R. Wilkins   Composer
J. Hurley   Composer
Steven Morrissey   Composer
Errol Brown   Composer
Chris Hamill   Composer
Keighley   Composer
Jeremy Strode   Composer
Ian Marsh   Composer
Richard Nolan   Composer
Robert Dalton   Composer
Robert Andrew Hyman   Composer
Glen Gregory   Composer
David Grant   Composer
Ricky Wilde   Composer

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