Massry and Glassock's Textbook of Nephrology / Edition 4

Massry and Glassock's Textbook of Nephrology / Edition 4

by Shaul G. Massry, Richard J. Glassock

ISBN-10: 0683304887

ISBN-13: 9780683304886

Pub. Date: 12/28/2000

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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8.89(w) x 11.36(h) x 2.52(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Fourth Edition
Foreword to the First Edition
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Contributing Authors
Ch. 1Embryology and Structure of the Kidney3
Ch. 2The Renal Circulation43
Ch. 3Glomerular Filtration56
Ch. 4Determinants of the Glomerular Filtration of Macromolecules61
Ch. 5The Neural Control of Renal Function and Extracellular Fluid Volume65
Ch. 6General Principles of Renal Tubular Transport70
Ch. 7Renal Handling of Organic Compounds70
Ch. 8Urinary Concentration and Dilution104
Ch. 9Renal Cell Metabolism110
Ch. 10Physiology of Ureter, Bladder, and Urethra122
Ch. 11Renal Growth and Hypertrophy130
Ch. 12Role of the Kidney in Hormone Metabolism141
Ch. 13Kidney and Endocrine System151
Ch. 14Body Fluid Compartments233
Ch. 15Water and Sodium Metabolism248
Ch. 16Potassium Homeostasis276
Ch. 17Calcium Metabolism308
Ch. 18Magnesium Metabolism341
Ch. 19Phosphate Metabolism355
Ch. 20Acid-Base Metabolism380
Ch. 21Renal Actions and Use of Diuretics444
Ch. 22Idiopathic Edema457
Ch. 23Defects of Renal Tubular Transport462
Ch. 24Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders in Infants and Children477
Ch. 25Oliguria and Anuria489
Ch. 26Polyuria and Nocturia493
Ch. 27Dysuria and Frequency500
Ch. 28Hematuria and Pigmenturia503
Ch. 29Renal Colic and Flank Pain513
Ch. 30The Renal Mass518
Ch. 31Edema526
Ch. 32Proteinuria545
Ch. 33Hypertension550
Ch. 34Uremia555
Ch. 35General Concepts of Immunopathology565
Ch. 36Immune Mechanisms of Glomerular and Vascular Diseases568
Ch. 37Role of Mediator Systems in Glomerular and Vascular Diseases589
Ch. 38Immunopathogenesis of Tubulointersitial Diseases639
Ch. 39Glomerular Diseases649
Ch. 40Tubulointerstital Nephropathies746
Ch. 41Renal Infectious759
Ch. 42Renal Involvement in Multisystem Diseases777
Ch. 43Renal Involvement in Heredofamilial and Congenital Disease844
Ch. 44Gout and Renal Disease869
Ch. 45Diabetic Nephropathy874
Ch. 46Cystic Diseases of the Kidney896
Ch. 47Nephropathies Due to Drugs, Chemicals, or Physical Agents912
Ch. 48Acute Renal Failure Including Cortical Necrosis956
Ch. 49Metabolic and Endocrine Abnormalities in Acute Renal Failure978
Ch. 50Obstructive Nephropathy986
Ch. 51Renal Papillary Necrosis1004
Ch. 52Occlusive Renal Vascular Disease1011
Ch. 53Nephrolithiasis1017
Ch. 54Tumors of the Kidney and Urinary Tract1039
Ch. 55Effects of Heart and Liver Disease and Neoplasia on Kidney and Electrolyte Metabolism1063
Ch. 56Kidney in Nutritional Disorders1082
Ch. 57The Kidney and Aging1094
Ch. 58Kidney Diseases and Hypertension in Pregnancy1106
Ch. 59Pathophysiology of Essential Hypertension1121
Ch. 60Genetics of Hypertension1136
Ch. 61Essential Hypertension1141
Ch. 62Renovascular Hypertension1159
Ch. 63Endocrine Hypertension1169
Ch. 64Pediatric Hypertension1184
Ch. 65Geriatric Hypertension1190
Ch. 66Hypertension in African-Americans1196
Ch. 67Progression of Renal Insufficiency1203
Ch. 68Uremic Toxicity1221
Ch. 69Central and Peripheral Nervous System in Uremia1279
Ch. 70Cardiovascular System in Uremia1292
Ch. 71Pulmonary Complications of Uremia1314
Ch. 72Hematopoietic System in Uremia1318
Ch. 73Gastrointestinal Tract in Uremia1330
Ch. 74Metabolic and Endocrine Disturbances in Uremia1342
Ch. 75The Skin in Uremia1377
Ch. 76Disturbances in Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance1381
Ch. 77Divalent Ion Metabolism and Renal Osteodystrophy1394
Ch. 78Uremic Myopathy1426
Ch. 79Articular Complications in Uremia1430
Ch. 80Immunological Disturbances in Uremia1433
Ch. 81Cancer in Uremia1439
Ch. 82Appetite in Chronic Renal Failure1443
Ch. 83Nutritional Management1449
Ch. 84Dialysis Therapy1474
Ch. 85Drugs in Renal Failure1564
Ch. 86Immunology and Genetics of Transplantation1604
Ch. 87Selection and Preparation of Donors and Recipients for Renal Transplantation1611
Ch. 88Renal Allograft Dysfunction1617
Ch. 89Complications of Renal Transplantation1652
Ch. 90Renal Transplantation in Specific Diseases1689
Ch. 91Renal Transplantation in Children1702
Ch. 92Outcome of Renal Transplantation1711
Ch. 93Xenotransplantation of the Kidney1721
Ch. 94Hemodialysis and Hemoperfusion in the Management of Drug Intoxication1729
Ch. 95Plasmapheresis1736
Ch. 96Renal Biopsy1742
Ch. 97Use of the Urethral Catheter1747
Ch. 98Bone Biopsy1751
Ch. 99Shock-Wave Lithotripsy1758
Ch. 100Urinalysis1765
Ch. 101Quantitative and Qualitative Measurements of Urinary Protein1784
Ch. 102Biochemical Investigations of Urine1787
Ch. 103Evaluation of Renal Function1793
Ch. 104Assessment of Renal Anatomy and Function with Radionuclides1805
Ch. 105Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Kidney1812
Ch. 106Diagnostic Use of Ultrasound in Kidney and Bladder1820
Ch. 107Computed Tomography of the Kidney and Urinary Tract1857
Ch. 108Radiology of the Kidney1884
Ch. 109Atlas to Renal Pathology1947

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