Mastering Swimming

Mastering Swimming

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by Jim Montgomery, Mo Chambers

ISBN-10: 0736074538

ISBN-13: 9780736074537

Pub. Date: 10/27/2008

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

Trim seconds off your time, train more efficiently, or simply maximize your fitness workouts with Mastering Swimming.

Renowned coaches Jim Montgomery and Mo Chambers have teamed up to create the ultimate swimming guide for masters athletes. Swimmers aged 18 to 120 will benefit from a targeted approach that covers these

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Trim seconds off your time, train more efficiently, or simply maximize your fitness workouts with Mastering Swimming.

Renowned coaches Jim Montgomery and Mo Chambers have teamed up to create the ultimate swimming guide for masters athletes. Swimmers aged 18 to 120 will benefit from a targeted approach that covers these essentials:

-Stroke instruction and refinement for freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly

-Workout plans for fitness and competition

-Training for open-water swimming and triathlon

-Second-saving starts and turns

In addition, Mastering Swimming covers equipment, dryland training, motivational strategies, and guidance for selecting a masters coach or program. With such complete coverage, it's the one resource you'll turn to time and again for a lifetime of serious swimming.

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Human Kinetics Publishers
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Masters Athlete Series
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New Edition
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7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.70(d)
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18 Years

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Table of Contents

Part I: Taking the Plunge
Chapter 1. Start With a Vision, Train With a Plan
Chapter 2. Set the Stage for Success
Chapter 3. Develop Your Water Sense

Part II: Fine Tuning Your Strokes
Chapter 4. Freestyle
Chapter 5. Backstroke
Chapter 6. Butterfly
Chapter 7. Breaststroke
Chapter 8. Starts, Turns, and Finishes

Part III: Conditioning for Success
Chapter 9. Workout Essentials
Chapter 10. Pool Workouts
Chapter 11. Dryland Training
Chapter 12. Open-Water Training
Chapter 13. Make Your Plan for Success

Part IV: Competition
Chapter 14. Competing in Pool Events
Chapter 15. Competing in Open Water

Appendix A: Resources for Selecting a Coach or Training Program
Appendix B: Sample Pool Workouts

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Mastering Swimming 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
William_Robinson More than 1 year ago
Several decades elapsed between my brief high school competitive swimming experience and my foray into masters swimming, and I find myself amazed all over again at the way having a good coach motivates me and improves my performance. Why does a phrase or two of technical advice or encouragement cause me to work harder and feel better about myself? Why is it that I'm willing to push myself to exhaustion just because somebody is watching?

There's something about the relationship between coach and athlete that transcends what the athlete can accomplish on his or her own. It's in that ineffable realm that the value of this book is found. I'm only halfway through it and already I've learned -- and implemented -- three things that have helped me improve my stroke. It's great to try something in the pool, then go back to the book and reread what the coach said and compare it to how it felt in the water.

Not only does Montgomery know how to swim -- he's a triple Olympic gold medal winner, fer cryin' out loud! -- but he's supremely able to TEACH people how to swim. I'd be willing to bet that if there were a waterproof edition of this book, a rank beginner could get in the pool with book in hand and learn how to swim from scratch.

I don't pretend to have much swimming expertise, but I'd also be willing to bet that these two coaches' explanation of the science of swimming represents the current state of the art worldwide. I recommend this book for anyone who's remotely interested in swimming. It's straightforward and well-written, and its techniques and teaching methods work.
Link More than 1 year ago
I love this book. If your aim is to be successful in masters swimming, this is the best book I¿ve seen. It covers everything technical from a very practical point of view¿strokes, turns, conditioning, prepping for competition. There are tips and fine points and tactics here you can only get from world-class coaches like Montgomery and Chambers.

The book starts out right, with inspiration and having you develop your personal vision, then a plan based on the vision. The whole spirit of the book is forward momentum, and reading it will inspire you right into that spirit. On a recent trip to Dallas, I went with a friend to watch Jim do some masters coaching at SMU. He observed about twenty swimmers warming up for about 30 seconds, and from what he saw in terms of their current physical energy and motivation, he walked over and gave each one a tailor-made goal for that practice, along with encouragement to push their personal envelopes. And by the end of the workout, it was pretty clear from their faces and body language that each swimmer had reached about 5% beyond what they thought they could do. Their faces looked exhausted but extremely happy. Solid gold coaching.

And that¿s what this book will do for you: help you find your limits and then swim past them. Mastering Swimming gets my very highest recommendation.
Kristianne More than 1 year ago
When I heard that Jim Montgomery and Mo Chambers were writing a book about swimming for masters, I couldn¿t wait to read it. I want to recommend this book highly to anyone who is a swimmer or is thinking about `taking the plunge.¿

Mastering Swimming is the complete guide for newbies and experienced swimmers alike. You can read it start to finish or just go to a specific topic such as dry-land training, planning for success, or preparing for competition in the pool or open water. The layout of the book makes it an easy read and a go-to reference throughout a swimming career.

The book is loaded with practical advice and expert technical descriptions of the four strokes along with starts and turns. It also offers great motivation with insights from Olympians about swimming, training, and racing. If you want to kick up your fitness level with dry-land training, Mastering Swimming gives you the template. If you are thinking about adding open water swimming to your repertoire, Mastering Swimming gives you the blueprint for that endeavor.

The only thing missing from Mastering Swimming is Coach Montgomery¿s sprint effort scale, and I¿d like to share that with you. As you descend your sprint 50s or 100s, start out with a fast swim. Then take it to a blast. After that take your effort to a blow chow. And finish up your set with a double blow swim. Good luck.