Mastering the World of Psychology with Research Navigator Pkg

Mastering the World of Psychology with Research Navigator Pkg

by Samuel E. Wood, Denise Boyd, Ellen Green Wood, Ellen Green Wood

ISBN-10: 0205385605

ISBN-13: 9780205385607

Pub. Date: 05/28/2003

Publisher: Pearson Education

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Table of Contents

Each chapter concludes with "Apply It!," "Summarize It!," "Surf It!" and "Study Guide."
1. Introduction to Psychology.

An Introduction.

Descriptive Research Methods.

The Experimental Method.

The Correlational Method.

Participants in Psychological Research.

Exploring Psychology's Roots.

Schools of Thought in Psychology.

Current Trends in Psychology.

Psychologists at Work.
2. Biology and Behavior.

The Neurons and the Neurotransmitters.

The Central Nervous System.

Discovering the Brain's Mysteries.

The Peripheral Nervous System.

The Endocrine System.
3. Sensation and Perception.

The Process of Sensation.



Smell and Taste.

The Other Senses.


Additional Influences on Perception.
4. States of Consciousness.

What Is Consciousness?

Circadian Rhythms.

Altering Consciousness through Concentration and Suggestion.

Altered States of Consciousness and Psychoactive Drugs.
5. Learning.

Classical Conditioning.

Contemporary Views of Classical Conditioning.

The Cognitive Perspective.

Biological Predispositions.

Classical Conditioning in Everyday Life.

Operant Conditioning.

Cognitive Learning.
6. Memory.


The Nature of Remembering.

Factors Influencing Retrieval.

Biology and Memory.


Improving Memory.
7. Cognition, Language, and Creativity.

Imagery and Concepts.

Decision Making.

Problem Solving.


The Nature of Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence.

8. Human Development.

Issues in Developmental Psychology.

Stage Theories of Development.

Heredity and Prenatal Development.


Early and Middle Childhood.


Early and Middle Adulthood.

Later Adulthood.
9. Motivation and Emotion.

What Is Motivation?


Sexual Motives.

Social Motives.

The What and Why of Emotions.

The Expression of Emotion.

Experiencing Emotion.
10. Health and Stress.

Sources of Stress.

Responding to Stress.

Health and Illness.

Lifestyle and Health.
11. Personality Theory and Assessment.

Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis.

The Neo-Freudians.

Learning Theories and Personality.

Humanistic Personality Theories.

Trait Theories.

Nature, Nurture, and Personality.

Personality Assessment.
12. Psychological Disorders.

What Is Abnormal?


Mood Disorders.

Anxiety Disorders.

Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders.

Other Psychological Disorders.
13. Therapies.

Insight Therapies.

Relationship Therapies.

Behavior Therapies.

Cognitive Therapies.

The Biological Therapies.

Evaluating the Therapies.

Culturally Sensitive and Gender-Sensitive Therapy.
14. Social Psychology.

Social Perception.


Social Influence.

Group Influence.

Attitudes and Attitude Change.

Prosocial Behavior.


Prejudice and Discrimination.

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