Masterpiece: Mixed by Francois K

Masterpiece: Mixed by Francois K

by François K

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Ministry Of Sound Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Crystal Wind
  2. Ribcage
  3. Blood on My Hands
  4. Dead Serious
  5. Sysiphos
  6. Noiser
  7. Hunter
  8. Time Blender
  9. Put the Lime in the Coconut
  10. Compound
  11. Frame
  12. Let's Go Juno
  13. Not Exactly
  14. Jupiter Room
  15. Acid Über Alles
  16. Horizon
  17. A Thousand Nights
  18. Gail in the O
  19. Love for You
  20. Shinknsen

Disc 2

  1. Skydive from Venus
  2. [Untitled]
  3. Dual
  4. Smokestack
  5. I Want Your Soul
  6. Bon Voyage
  7. For Set 3
  8. Many Reason
  9. Resurgum
  10. Feelin Acid 2
  11. Still Hear
  12. Track
  13. Chios
  14. Energy Fields
  15. Wish
  16. Rainbow Delta
  17. Dub Arp 2
  18. Powers of the Deep
  19. Sequence Data 1
  20. Nightdrive /Space Sweeps

Disc 3

  1. Dave's Sex Bits
  2. Little Fluffy Clouds
  3. Road of Life
  4. Witness the Change
  5. What Is Love
  6. Lo Tek
  7. Cruising
  8. Digital World
  9. In a Vision
  10. Praise
  11. Phuture Bound
  12. Touched the Sky
  13. Mountain003
  14. Papa Loko
  15. The Chance
  16. Ma Suave
  17. Ungudi Wele Wele

Album Credits

Performance Credits

François K   Primary Artist
Jim Morrison   Background Vocals
K. Scott   Background Vocals
Mitch Williams   Vocals
Dennis Ferrer   Keyboards
Michele Chiavarini   Keyboards
Gerald Mitchell   Keyboards
K.T. Brooks   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Rickie Lee Jones   Composer
Steve Reich   Composer
Kenny Larkin   Composer,Producer
Tobias Freund   Composer,Producer
Jephté Guillaume   Producer
Vincent Kenis   Producer
Ennio Morricone   Composer
Alex Paterson   Composer
Towa Tei   Composer
Armand Van Helden   Arranger,Producer
Joey Negro   Producer
Robert Hood   Composer
François K   Producer
Fumiya Tanaka   Composer,Producer
Dmitry Brill   Composer
John Acquaviva   Remixing
King Britt   Composer,Producer
John O'Donnell   Engineer
Rob Rives   Composer,Producer
Max Loderbauer   Composer,Producer
Jerome Sydenham   Producer,Remixing
Jeroen Verheij   Composer
Andy Hughes   Engineer
Afronaught   Producer
Ben Sims   Composer,Producer
Lisa Shaw   Composer
Tom Middleton   Composer,Producer
Martin Buttrich   Composer,Producer
Dominic Dawson   Composer,Producer
Dennis Ferrer   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Dave Warrin   Composer
Jesper Dahlbäck   Producer
Steve Rachmad   Composer,Producer
Stephan Grieder   Composer,Producer
Eric Powell   Composer,Producer
Rob Mello   Composer,Producer
Michel de Hey   Composer
Ewan Pearson   Producer
Matthew Dear   Composer,Producer
Mathew Jonson   Composer,Producer
Len Faki   Composer,Producer
Kurt Baggaley   Composer,Producer
Willie Lipka   Composer
Jussi Pekka Parikka   Producer
Henrik Schwarz   Composer,Producer
David Hausdorf   Composer,Producer
Joris Voorn   Composer,Producer
Jens Moelle   Composer
Matt Stuart "Lampshade"   Concept
Gregor Tresher   Composer,Producer
Art of Tones   Composer
Olivier Giacomotto   Composer,Producer
Toby Tobias   Composer,Producer
Damon Jee   Remixing
Ismail Tuefekci   Composer
Tyger Dhula   Composer
Danuel Tate   Composer,Producer
Martin Glover   Composer
Sébastien Grand   Producer,Remixing
Joel Zimmerman   Composer,Producer
Brendan Gregoriy   Composer,Producer
Andreas Meid   Composer,Producer
Frank Müller   Composer,Producer

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