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Match'Em: Can You Make the Right Connection?

Match'Em: Can You Make the Right Connection?

by Ellen W. Caughey

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Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date:
Bible Trivia Bks.
Product dimensions:
4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 0.80(d)

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Bible Trivia Challenge Match 'em

By Ellen Caughey Barbour Publishing, Inc. Copyright © 2005 Barbour Publishing, Inc.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59310-690-4

Chapter One Quiz 1: Who's Who Part I

1. (100 pts.) Match Word: Luke

Match Group

a. Original apostle of Jesus

b. Tax collector

c. Wrote two books of the Bible to Theophilus

2. (200 pts.) Match Word: Jethro

Match Group

a. Moses' father-in-law

b. Moses' son by Zipporah

c. Aaron's father-in-law

3. (300 pts.) Match Word: Orpah

Match Group

a. Sister of Boaz

b. Sister-in-law of Ruth

c. Daughter of Naomi

4. (400 pts.) Match Word: Vashti

Match Group

a. Another name for Esther b. Queen of Persia

c. Mordecai's cousin

5. (500 pts.) Match Word: Apollos

Match Group

a. Fervent preacher in the early church

b. Tentmaker who aided the apostles

c. Greek silversmith

6. (600 pts.) missionary journey

Quiz 1 Total Points: _____

Chapter Two Quiz 2: Fishers of Men

1. (100 pts.) Match Word: Number of the disciples

Match Group

a. Ten

b. Twelve

c. Ten with two alternates

2. (200 pts.) Match Word: Occupations of the disciples

Match Group

a. One was a tax collector

b. All were fishermen

c. Most were rabbis

3. (300 pts.) Match Word: Thomas

Match Group

a. Was also called Thaddaeus

b. Was not an original apostle

c. Doubted Jesus' resurrection

4. (400 pts.) Match Word: John

Match Group

a. Spent his final years on Elba

b. Walked on water with Jesus

c. Wrote five books of the Bible

5. (500 pts.) Match Word: Family relationships among the disciples

Match Group

a. One set of brothers

b. One father and son

c. Two sets of brothers

6. (600 pts.) known as the son of Zebedee

Quiz 2 Total Points: _____

Cumulative Score: _______

Chapter Three Quiz 3: Speaking in Parables

1. (100 pts.) Match Word: The kingdom of heaven

Match Group

a. Is like a ketchup seed

b. Is like a lost sapphire

c. Is like yeast in dough

2. (200 pts.) Match Word: The kingdom of heaven

Match Group

a. Is like a field of flowers b. Is like a merchant who finds a pearl

c. Is like a fishing boat

3. (300 pts.) Match Word: The Soils

Match Group

a. There are five types of soils

b. The rocky soil produced no plants

c. Birds ate some of the seed

4. (400 pts.) Match Word: The Lost Son

Match Group

a. The father gave his lost son a ring and sandals

b. The father gave his lost son a chariot and horses

c. The father gave his lost son a vineyard

5. (500 pts.) Match Word: The Wedding Feast

Match Group

a. The king's daughter had been married

b. The invited guests refused to come

c. The guest not wearing wedding clothes was seated at the king's table

6. (600 pts.) Match Word: The Two Sons

Match Group

a. The first son did not work in the vineyard

b. The second son worked in the vineyard

c. The first son represents those entering the kingdom of God

7. (700 pts.) Match Word: The Good Samaritan

Match Group

a. A man was traveling from Jerusalem to Capernaum

b. The Samaritan gave the innkeeper two silver coins

c. Three religious men passed by the wounded man

8. (800 pts.) Match Word: The Rich Fool

Match Group

a. The rich fool wanted to tear down his barns

b. A famine had destroyed the rich fool's crops

c. The rich fool lived to be 108 years old

9. (900 pts.) Match Word: The Vineyard Workers

Match Group

a. The last vineyard workers were hired at the eleventh hour

b. The vineyard workers hired first received two denarii

c. The first vineyard workers were hired at the sixth hour

10. (1,000 pts.) Match Word: The King's Ten Servants

Match Group

a. The servant who earned five more minas took charge of five vineyards

b. The servant who earned ten more minas took charge of ten cities

c. The king's subjects went into mourning when the king left

Quiz 3 Total Points: ______

Cumulative Score: _______

Chapter Four Quiz 4: Seeing and Believing (Jesus' Miracles)

1. (100 pts.) Match Word: Calming the storm

Match Group

a. Jesus was piloting the boat

b. Jesus was having a meal

c. Jesus was sleeping

2. (200 pts.) Match Word: Walking on water

Match Group

a. The apostles thought Jesus was a ghost

b. Peter sank to the bottom of the lake

c. The apostles still did not believe Jesus was the Son of God

3. (300 pts.) Match Word: Healing a paralyzed man

Match Group

a. The man was brought in through a window

b. Jesus healed him without seeing him

c. The man was lowered through the roof

4. (400 pts.) Match Word: Lazarus

Match Group

a. Lived in Capernaum with his two sisters

b. Had been in the tomb for four days

c. Came out of the tomb in his own clothes

5. (500 pts.) Match Word: Jairus's daughter

Match Group

a. Jairus was a Roman centurion

b. Jairus's daughter had died

c. Once healed, the girl remained in bed for days

6. (600 pts.) Match Word: Cana

Match Group

a. Site of Jesus' last miracle

b. Where Jesus' disciples asked the servants to fill jars with water

c. Where Mary told Jesus the wine was gone

7. (700 pts.) Match Word: Healing

Match Group

a. Jesus healed a Roman centurion's nephew

b. Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law

c. Jesus healed a Pharisee in his home

8. (800 pts.) Match Word: Healing on the Sabbath

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