Material Culture And Sacred Landscape

Material Culture And Sacred Landscape

by Peter Jordan

Study of the Khanty pastoralists of Siberia and their use of sacred landscapes.See more details below


Study of the Khanty pastoralists of Siberia and their use of sacred landscapes.

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AltaMira Press
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Archaeology of Religion Series
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New Edition
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5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 Foreword: Landscape Anthropology Part 2 Foreword: Landscape Archaeology and Ethnographic Analogy Part 3 Preface Part 4 Chapter One: Anthropology, Hunter-Gatherers, Social Theory Part 5 Chapter Two: Material Culture and Landscape Part 6 Chapter Three: Locating the Siberian Khanty in Time, Space and Culture Contact Part 7 Chapter Four: Entering into Ethnography: Malyi Iugan Khanty Society and Economy Part 8 Chapter Five: The Role of Animals in Routine and Ritual Practice Part 9 Chapter Six: Sacred Places in the Landscape Part 10 Chapter Seven: Enculturation of Place: Settlements of the Sacred, the Living and the Dead Part 11 Chapter Eight: Enculturation of Space: Landscape, Tenure and Territoriality Part 12 Chapter Nine: Conclusions: A Landscape Anthropology of the Siberian Khanty Part 13 References Part 14 Index

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