Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary School Teachers / Edition 6

Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary School Teachers / Edition 6

by Calvin T. Long, Duane W. DeTemple, Richard S. Millman

This book lets you solve problems in easier ways. See more details below


This book lets you solve problems in easier ways.

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Table of Contents

(Each chapter concludes with a Chapter Summary, Chapter Review Exercises, and a Chapter Test.)
To the Student.
1. Thinking Critically.

Some Surprising Tidbits.
An Introduction to Problem Solving.
Pólya's Problem-Solving Principles.
More Problem-Solving Strategies.
Additional Problem-Solving Strategies.
Problem Solving in the Real World.

2. Sets, Whole Numbers, and Functions.
Sets and Operations on Sets.
Sets, Counting, and the Whole Numbers.
Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers.
Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers.

3. Numeration and Computation.
Numeration Systems Past and Present.
Nondecimal Positional Systems.
Algorithms for Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers.
Algorithms for Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers.
Mental Arithmetic and Estimation.
Getting the Most Out of Your Calculator.

4. Number Theory.
Divisibility of Natural Numbers.
Tests for Divisibility.
Greatest Common Divisors and Least Common Multiples.
Clock Arithmetic.

5. Integers.
Representations of Integers.
Addition and Subtraction of Integers.
Multiplication and Division of Integers.

6. Fractions and Rational Numbers.
The Basic Concepts of Fractions and Rational Numbers.
The Arithmetic of Rational Numbers.
The Rational Number System.

7. Decimals and Real Numbers.
Computations with Decimals.
Ratio and Proportion.

8. Statistics: The Interpretation of Data.
The Graphical Representation of Data.
Measures of Central Tendency and Variability.
Statistical Inference.

9. Probability.
Empirical Probability.
Principals of Counting.
Theoretical Probability.

10. Geometric Figures.
Figures in the Plane.
Curves and Polygons in the Plane.
Figures in Space.

11. Measurement.
The Measurement Process.
Area and Perimeter.
The Pythagorean Theorem.
Surface Area and Volume.

12. Transformations, Symmetries, and Tilings.
Rigid Motions and Similarity Transformations.
Patterns and Symmetries.
Tilings and Escher-like Designs.

13. Congruence, Constructions, and Similarity.
Congruent Triangles.
Constructing Geometric Figures.
Similar Triangles.

14. Coordinate Geometry.
The Cartesian Coordinate System.
Lines and Their Graphs.
Solving Geometric Problems Using Coordinates.
Graphing Functions.

Appendix A. Manipulatives in the Mathematics Classroom.
Appendix B. Spreadsheets.
Appendix C. Graphing Calculators.
Appendix D. A Brief Guide to The Geometer's Sketchpad.
Answers to Selected Problems.
Mathematical Lexicon.
Index and Pronunciation Guide.

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