Matt Damon (Scene series #3)

Matt Damon (Scene series #3)

by Kieran Scott, Weiss

Boston cutie with killer smile seeks sophisticated girl with good sense of humor. Loves Calvin Klein threads, scarfing pizza, and staying out late. If you enjoy intelligent conversation, going to Red Sox games, and don't mind a few dirty dishes in the sink, Matt is the guy for you.


Boston cutie with killer smile seeks sophisticated girl with good sense of humor. Loves Calvin Klein threads, scarfing pizza, and staying out late. If you enjoy intelligent conversation, going to Red Sox games, and don't mind a few dirty dishes in the sink, Matt is the guy for you.

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Sarah Flowers
Each title from the Scene series, published monthly, is essentially a fan magazine-each focusing on an individual performer popular with young people. Full-color photos are on every page, including several full-page pictures, and one double-page center spread. Each contains a "low-down" page in the best fan mag tradition: here's where readers learn about their hero's favorite movie, favorite pizza topping, and worst date. The main text is a summary of the star's life and career. A fold-out page in the back contains "The Scene Connection," a kind of flowchart connecting all of today's hot stars with one another via their movies, TV shows, and so forth-a sort of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for the younger set. I showed these four volumes to a number of people, including librarians and kids. Kid reaction, both male and female, was enthusiastic, especially among the fourth through ninth graders. Several younger ones camped out at the reference desk while they were on display there, devouring every page. One older teen turned up his nose when I showed them to him, but then said, "Oh, wait...Jennifer Love Hewitt...let me see that one." The librarians unanimously agreed that these titles would be wonderful as incentive awards or Summer Reading Club prizes, but not one would be willing to put them in the collection. As one said, "It's the kind of thing you buy for your teenage daughter, so she can cut out the pictures and put them in her room." Indeed, if these books lasted a week in a circulating collection without being stolen or destroyed, I would be amazed. Illus. Photos. Charts. Note: This review was written and published to address four titles-Brandy, Jennifer Love Hewitt, James Van Der Beek and Matt Damon. VOYA Codes: 3Q 5P M J (Readable without serious defects, Every YA (who reads) was dying to read it yesterday, Middle School-defined as grades 6 to 8 and Junior High-defined as grades 7 to 9).
Children's Literature - Ru Story-Huffman
For those who are fans of actor Matt Damon, this unauthorized book may be of interest. Presented in a "chatty" style, this volume is loaded with photographs and quotes from the subject. The information is not in-depth research, nor does it read like an encyclopedia. Rather, this book is more like a teen magazine, and in a sense, that is what it is. This book is part of the "Scene" celebrity series, one of many that will feature celebrity stars and cater to the younger generation. For Matt Damon "die-hards" only.

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Gallery Books
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Scene! Series, #3
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8.31(w) x 10.85(h) x 0.14(d)
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9 - 14 Years

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Good Jobs Hunting

Matt Damon couldn't catch a break. Hard to believe, but true.

Hollywood's golden boy once lived on Spam, scrounged the couch cushions for change, and read only the scripts rejected by Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Chris O'Donnell.

So what did Matt do when he was down on his luck? Put on a shirt and tie and join the working stiffs? Take a full-time gig as Goofy at Disneyland? Nah. Not this Harvard boy. He got together with his friend Ben Affleck, and the two best buds wrote themselves a movie.

Actually, when Matt Damon came up with the first seedling of the idea that would later become the Academy-Award-winning film Good Will Hunting, he was still back east — a student at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And he wasn't thinking about writing a screenplay yet. He was just...doing his homework.

It wasn't until five years later that Matt and Ben transformed what had started out as Matt's creative-writing assignment into the sleeper hit of the 1997 Christmas movie season. And suddenly it seemed that Matt shot to stardom in the blink of an eye. But he didn't exactly shoot...he kind of crawled.

Matt always wanted to be an actor, and when he got the second-billed role in the 1992 prep school drama School Ties, he thought he'd hit the big time. The cast was filled with handsome and talented up-and-comers, including Matt, Brendan Fraser, Chris O'Donnell, Ben Affleck, Randall Batinkoff, Anthony Rapp, and Cole Hauser. Matt was sure that this movie would be his springboard to fame. But after the premiere he didn't get any calls from casting directors. Disappointed, he went looking for work.

Then Matt landed a role in the much-hyped 1993 release Geronimo: An American Legend. Matt's hopes were high, but the movie flopped and fame eluded him once again.

Finally Matt took a bit part in Courage Under Fire, a heavy drama about the Gulf War starring megacelebs Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington. Matt's performance was riveting and a few critics took notice, calling his portrayal of a troubled Gulf War veteran his breakthrough role. On the press tour for the film, Denzel Washington often mentioned how impressed he was with Matt's talents. But none of this was enough to put Matt on the A-list, and scripts were still hard for him to come by.

Discouraged, Matt left Hollywood and all but gave up on acting. He didn't read another script for six months. He and Ben had sold the screenplay for Good Will Hunting to Miramax, but the production company wasn't planning to make the movie anytime soon — if ever.

Then Matt's agent sent him the script for The Rainmaker. Matt loved the story and took off for Tennessee to audition for the part. A few days later Academy-Award-winning director Francis Ford Coppola decided to take a chance on little-known Matt and signed him to star in the film.

It was the role that would change everything.

"The day after I got The Rainmaker, I sent Harvey a fax...I said, 'Dear Harvey, I am the Rainmaker. I'm that guy,'" Matt says.

"Harvey" was Harvey Weinstein, the chief Of Miramax. The Rainmaker was a film adapted from a John Grisham novel. Other Grisham films had featured hot stars such as Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Chris O'Donnell, and Matthew McConaughey.

Knowing that The Rainmaker would put Matt on the map of fame, Miramax pushed Good Will Hunting into production. Then Steven Spielberg handpicked Matt to play the title role in his new film Saving Private Ryan, and the offers started rolling in.

And that, you might say, was the end of Matt's relationship with Spam.

Copyright © 1998 by Daniel Weiss Associates, Inc.

Meet the Author

Kieran Scott is the author of the True Love series, including Only Everything, Complete Everything, and Something True; and the Non-Blonde Cheerleader series along with the He’s So/She’s So trilogy: She’s So Dead to Us, He’s So Not Worth It, and This is So Not Happening. She also writes the New York Times bestselling series Private, as well as the Shadowlands trilogy, under the pen name Kate Brian. She resides in New Jersey with her family.

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