Mavericks: A Gallery of Texas Characters

Mavericks: A Gallery of Texas Characters

by Gene Fowler

ISBN-10: 0292718349

ISBN-13: 9780292718340

Pub. Date: 03/28/2008

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Popular writer and performer Gene Fowler profiles a gallery of eccentric Texans.


Popular writer and performer Gene Fowler profiles a gallery of eccentric Texans.

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University of Texas Press
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
Introduction: Sintesi Texana     xi
A Gallery of Performance Folk-Artists
Commodore Hatfield: Prophet of the Trinity     3
Cyclone Davis Jr.: "Bewhiskered Dervish"     12
Port Arthur's Popeye, Bet-a-Million, and the Brownie Man     21
Governor Willie     23
Bobcat Carter     29
William F. Drannan: A Hero, or "Nothing but a Damn Liar"?     32
Madam Candelaria: "Most Outstanding Female Character of San Antonio History"     35
Three Rode for Texas     41
Wild Bill's Final Performance     51
Sain-toh-oodie Goombi and Two Braids Tommy     53
Hondo Crouch: "Imagineer"     56
Trek Stars: Hickey, Hoopie, Plennie L. Wingo, and Others     61
Arizona Bill     68
Bicycle Annie     72
Moses Evans: "Wild Man of the Woods"     74
Robert Hall: Sharp-dressed Frontiersman     76
Anthony Banning Norton: "Full-blown Eccentric"     78
O. L. Nelms: The Most Thankful Millionaire     80
Jim "Silver Dollar" West     85
Bozo Texino     88
Ray's Ornamental Gardens     89
O. T. Nodrog, the Outer Dimensional Forces, and the Time Ark Service Modules     91
Other Texas Characters
A Pair of Snake Kings and One Snake Queen     97
Giants     106
Big Sam     109
Stout Jackson     111
Milt Hinkle: Aerial Bulldogger     113
Booger Red: "Ugliest Man Dead or Alive"     115
Buck Gunter: Raisin' Hair and Ridin' Broncs     119
Samuel E. "Doc" Asbury: Texas Nativist     120
Quinta Mazatlan: Adobe Outpost in the Rio Grande Valley     121
Four Great Ladies     123
Five Aces of Magic     127
Mystics: "There Is No Death"     130
The Zeb Crawburg Memorial     143
Astro Turf Ranchette     147
Western Art     149
Break on Through     152
Zaney Blaney and the Beat     155

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