Maybe the Universe Just Isn't That Into You!: Spiritual Responsibility in a Fluffy Bunny World

Maybe the Universe Just Isn't That Into You!: Spiritual Responsibility in a Fluffy Bunny World

by Colette Brown

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You have read the little books of affirmations, done the daily angel/oracle/astrological inspiration thing? too! But it has all gone too far. We now have a great swathe of spiritual people who are giving up personal responsibilty for their actions and claiming that simple bad decisions are the work of Spirit/God/Universe. It has to stop. Everything is a '


You have read the little books of affirmations, done the daily angel/oracle/astrological inspiration thing? too! But it has all gone too far. We now have a great swathe of spiritual people who are giving up personal responsibilty for their actions and claiming that simple bad decisions are the work of Spirit/God/Universe. It has to stop. Everything is a 'lesson' or a 'gift'. So here is the book that debunks the usual suspects. It shows up what is simply a lack of strength and character when things go so wrong that 'Spirit told me to do it' is simply an excuse for someone looking to avoid facing the truth in their own life.'s an angry and non-subtle book. It is needed in an ocean of fluffy-bunny rainbows. It is time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

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Maybe the Universe Just Isn't That Into You!

Spiritual Responsibility in a Fluffy Bunny World

By Colette Brown

John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

Copyright © 2013 Colette Brown
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78279-042-6


Spirit is leading me to Timbuktu to truly find myself. I need to go.

Really? Spirit wants you to go the whole way round the world to 'find your inner harmony'? Why can't you do it at home while still being a responsible person to your family and friends? You believe that spirituality is within yourself and that all answers lie within your own subconscious? Then why do you need to travel to find what is inside already? Did you overdose on 'Eat, Pray, Love'?

Can't you resolve to take time out every day for meditation and self awareness in your own home or in nature close by? If you can't find a spiritual connection within then what makes you think that a guru in Timbuktu will have the answers? You will just take your baggage there ... and then probably bring it back again. But you will have added financial debt and certain resentment from the folk who had to take up your slack as you waltzed away using Spirit as your excuse.

Do you just need a holiday? Space to think things through? Peace and quiet from teenagers who don't value you? A partner who has become dependent on you?

If you can't find yourself inside your own heart, then moving location isn't going to make a difference! Stay and persevere. Or own up that you simply need time to explore your own spirit. Don't make up a big story when a simple truth is all that is needed.

I have read all the magical books ... I am just waiting now for my intents to manifest!

Ah, that wonderful word, 'manifest'. What an all rounder! It means all our dreams will come true; the universe will listen and provide and our deepest desires will be fulfilled. Obviously this is because you have read that 'cosmic ordering true way source of secret insight' book! Or maybe as you say, you have read ALL of them. Then you tried to understand the technique although it was a bit woolly and did your head in. Then you set up your wish board on Pinterest for all to see and help you empower your intent. If all your friends add their energy then that must surely help? You have written your intent, burned it with lavender and sage at the full moon/ new moon with the correct mantra (provided by someone else because you can't do your own) and now you simply have to wait. But meanwhile you have had the secret symbols tattooed onto your forehead and are wearing an elastic band round your wrist that is too tight and will remind you to keep thinking of your intent at all times.

You wander round with a wee smile on your face because lets face it, you must be special if you know the secret! Your aura must look so serene and contented to any worth while aura reader because you now have the understanding of how to communicate with the source of all energy, the divinity within, your heart made soul, the masters, the angels, the Goddess and the man down the fish and chip shop. You have cleared your past demons, cleansed your soul, made amends for past life karma and have been set free and NOW you are waiting for your just reward.

So why hasn't it manifested yet? Oh I hear your excuses. You may have not empowered the intent at the right phase of the moon. You may have not totally cleared your back log of unhealthy attitudes or maybe you need another book? Or maybe the universe just isn't that into you? Maybe you are fine just as you are and all this spiritual too-ing and fro-ing is distracting you from that fact?

I do believe that we can connect with the Universe/God/Spirit and we can be listened too. And yes, intent needs to be done properly with the right frame of mind. This is where a good book on magic can help. It will also not manifest if it simply isn't right for you or your karmic life plan. You are never going to win the lottery if you are meant to experience being poor in this life. You are never going to get that dream job if you don't have the qualifications or the work ethic. Pestering the universe isn't going to help. By all means pray. Do the magic. But back it up with effort and sheer hard work in practical terms. Show that you are willing to make changes, to study, to stop frittering money, to be welcoming to a new but maybe imperfect partner. Maybe then the universe just might come on board!

My mother never showed me affection so now I can't show others how I feel.

That is a shame. I understand that you poor old mum wasn't always appreciative of your colouring in and may have yawned through your nativity play. She may also have fed you beans on toast rather than cook you nutritious vegetables and may have spent her money on lipstick rather than a food blender. She was probably very tired and was juggling her husband, other children and full time job. So when you needed her, she wasn't always fully 'in the moment'. Sometimes you weren't the centre of her universe. How awful for you! But, hey, now you can use that as an excuse for when you don't feel like expanding your own emotional horizons. You can blame your failed relationships on it and walk away quite happily knowing you would fail before you even started. All because your mum wasn't a saint!

Repeat after me ... I am an adult now, not a child. I am free to react in whatever way I choose. I can repeat old patterns because they suit me or I can let go of them and live free from the constraints of the past.

I turned my back on organised religion and now walk my own path. I don't do dogma!

Well done! If you weren't happy with the dogma of your organised religion, it is great that you have stood up for yourself and moved away from it. I am happy for you. Unless of course, you stepped away because it was wee bit too hard for you and alternative spirituality looked like an easy option. That is called running away!

Oh, you follow Native American spirituality now? Me too! You have a dream catcher? How nice? Oh ... and a Sacred Spirit cd with chants on it? Do you join in with the chants? Do you let them take you on journeys into their meanings and lessons? No ... you just like the drums. Ok fine. Have you taken time to read up on the tribal history? Or put yourself in the severe heat of a sweat lodge? Done a vision quest? Do you try to walk in beauty, balance and harmony in everything you do? Do you connect with the seasons and any totem animals? What is a totem animal??? Great Spirit ... shoot me now!

Oh! Now you're thinking it would be good to be Hindu? And you think Hinduism isn't an organised religion without dogma? Ahhhh. You have a statue of Shiva and do yoga? Well good luck when Kali Ma comes calling!

Of course if being Hindu doesn't work out for you there is always Wicca, Druidry, Kabala or Chinese mysticism but all have an element of dogma, rules or learning associated with them. Why not simply be an atheist?

We are beautiful, in every single way!

In modern society if you are not conventionally beautiful with a symmetrical face and large baby blue eyes, then sorry, you are not beautiful. This says more about society than you ... but the truth is that beautiful people are more likely to get the best jobs and be seen as something to aspire to. This is a fact and one that is responsible for cosmetic procedures, bad body image and shelves of celebrity magazines. So don't stand in front of the mirror with anything other than total honesty or you are simply deluding yourself. Do you really want to be like the male Adonis on the dating site that in real life is puny and pot ugly but can't see the truth? Or the female who doesn't recognise her own face because of all the fillers and Botox? Wouldn't it be better to accept that you are normal? Or unusual? Or even less than a perfect specimen? I am sure you have many talents, can have people laughing at your jokes or can inspire people with your amazing words or deeds? So why do you need to be physically beautiful? And if you buy into the conventional beauty myth, then where does that leave people who are disabled or disfigured or racially diverse? If we are judged on modern physical beauty then ninety percent of us are going to fail. So, it is all right not to be beautiful in every way. As long as your heart is beautiful, that is all that matters. Fight the stereotype. Don't buy into it by believing that you are what you aren't. You are what you do; not how you look.

My angel cards told me today would be fine and I would have the support of Raphael/ Gabriel/ Uriel to overcome all my problems.

Great ... you have now your own personal angel to give you strength in dealing with the annoying call centre customer services department! Or maybe you could just NOT expect an angel to be your prop and decide to fight your own mini battles.

I do believe in angels and have seen a few in my time. They are massive, great awesome beings that scared the hell out of me with their stature and spirit energy. I am not sure I want to see one again! You see each and every time they appeared I was in the deepest despair. I really needed their connection and their affirmation that higher beings do really exist and can lend us their ears from time to time. I so needed to know that something higher could help me in terrible situations. So ... yes ... I totally believe in angels. I know they are there. But are they really meant to be called on in anything less than real need? Do we need them to oversee our every decision? Or is that not a bit dependent and even disrespectful to them? I would worry that by asking them for daily help that I would annoy them and they might not come when I truly needed them. There is a big difference in using or abusing our spiritual helpers. Ask them for help when you truly need it. If not leave them alone to be fully conscious helpers of someone else who may need their intercession more than you. Practice respect!

By all means pick your daily angel card if it makes you feel better. But use it as a guide and a sense of how an angelic being would help you in taking responsibility for your own decisions. Same with daily tarot, astrological advice, oracle cards, affirmations or thoughts for today. When used wisely and respectfully, these forms of advice can truly help us move forward. But if you are addicted to them and can't make a move without them, then you truly need help.

I keep falling in love with the wrong men/women. You can't help who you fall in love with.

You maybe can't help who you fall in love with but you can sure as hell stop attracting the wrong types into your life. Look at your past loves. Do you see a pattern? Are you a woman who craves the excitement of a dark, intense, soulful man with depressive dark circles and a passion or creativity that drives you wild? Only to realise that they are actual depressives with behavioural problems and no social or life skills? Do you go for known womanisers so you can feel good for a while as you temporarily break their cycle of lust and then send you to despair when they cheat on you with the next willing sap? Do you feel that the nice man who respects you and would make a great long term partner or father to your children as a wee bit boring because he is 'good and nice'? Do you need all the drama to make you feel interesting to your friends? Let's face it ... FaceBook would be boring without your distraught updates, wouldn't it? What is it about YOU that is attracting negative types into your life? Think about it and change it!

Are you a man who loves the fact that you can 'save' a vulnerable, fragile woman from her disastrous past but when she becomes strong and hardy will then reject her for 'changing'? Or dump her in case she dumps you because she is strong and maybe doesn't depend on you as much anymore? Or do you seek out a trophy? A beautiful woman who may lack intellect and depth, only to realise later that you crave conversation and opinions? And then you dump her and immediately and fall for the next shallow stunner?

Look closely at what you need and want in a relationship and if it isn't healthy then choose to change those needs. Don't keep falling for every Scorpio with a sting in her tail. Avoid attracting a free spirited Sagittarius if you want a settled nine to five life. You will do yourself no favours by repeating patterns that have never served you well. You can change your outlook and change your unhappiness. It isn't the universe sending you the wrong types. It is purely and simply you putting out signals or being prepared to invest in the wrong people.

I have sensed my spirit guide and he is Native American ... it is so special!

That it is! My spirit guide is Native American too but all higher guides are special. To have a higher evolved being come to you to guide you and mentor you is something truly amazing and so potentially illuminating. I thank my Spirit Guide every day for his advice and I know my clients adore him and enjoy being in his presence. He has been with me since birth and he actively takes part in my readings and personal rituals. I am so blessed.

So when did you meet your guide? How did he/she come to you? Oh, you haven't seen him but someone at a psychic fayre drew a picture of him for you. Had you at any time been drawn to Native American spirituality before this? Aahhh ... you had a dream catcher and liked Dances with Wolves. Ok ... and what do you do in life that needs a higher guide? Are you a healer, clairvoyant, shaman or path worker? No. ok.

In my experience everyone can have lovely family of beings around them and have guidance from above in the form of angelic intervention and ancestor spirits. But to have a higher evolved guide, I do believe that you must be doing some kind of spiritual work whether that be advising, healing or teaching. Other wise, why would you need one?

Let me tell you something about spirit guides that my guide told me and showed me. My guide has been around since as long as I can remember, my wee 'Nindian Boy' who seemed to grow up with me and then became such a wonderful guide in my clairvoyant consultancy. I see him in full winter skins of the Plains Indian and he seemed to stop aging about age 30. This was when he died in his Native American life. One night he took me journeying to show me himself as his true spiritual self. Up and up we flew until we both became simply spirals of white energy. I recognised him no problem but it blew me away and I was very confused when we came back to normal consciousness. He told me that what I had seen had been his true spirit form and I said 'but I thought you were Native American?' He told me that in one life he had been and that this was the way he chose to present himself to me from my birth. I asked why and he told me that it was because it was accessible to me and not frightening, as his white light spirit form would have been. He said that I 'know' him as his Native American form and in this way we are connected and work easily together. I asked if other higher guides were the same and he said yes. This means that as a westerner, I would connect with some sort of western spiritual tribe. In this way we can understand why a Chinese healer may connect with a Chinese guide rather than say, a Celtic shaman guide and why an aboriginal Holy Man wouldn't necessarily connect with a Norse guide. They present their spirits in the way that is best for us to access them, not the other way round.

So, all higher guides are special whether they are Native American or Chinese or Celtic etc. This facet of themselves is just a cultural way of making them more acceptable to us. So, rejoice if you do have a higher guide but be very wary of jumping on the bandwagon just because it might make you feel special.

God only ever gives us as much trauma/unhappiness/chaos as we can handle!

Hhhmmm. Try saying that one to the mother whose toddler just died tragically by being strangled by Venetian blind cords! Or to the father whose only son has just been made brain dead by a drunk hit and run driver. Really ... go on ... and enjoy the slap in the face they give you. And please, let me be there to watch!

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Colette writes a weekly column for the Lanarkshire Extra and has featured in many prestige publications. She has appeared on TV and radio and has a busy tarot consultancy. She lives in Blackwood, Scotland.

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