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The Mayflower Project (Remnants Series #1)

The Mayflower Project (Remnants Series #1)

4.6 35
by K. A. Applegate, Katherine Applegate

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The end of the world. Not something most people think about. Not something we even expect to ever really happen. But what if you found out an asteroid the size of New Jersey were about to collide with the earth? What would you do? It's the year 2011, and that's the question Jobs is asking himself. The question he asked his family. He certainly didn't expect the


The end of the world. Not something most people think about. Not something we even expect to ever really happen. But what if you found out an asteroid the size of New Jersey were about to collide with the earth? What would you do? It's the year 2011, and that's the question Jobs is asking himself. The question he asked his family. He certainly didn't expect the answer he got. Didn't expect that in a very short time he and his family would be some of the lucky few selected to board a revamped space shuttle... A shuttle that would leave Earth just before the asteroid destroys it. But there are a couple of catches: The shuttle has no ultimate destination; and all those aboard will be placed in a state of suspended animation---indefinitely. Or at least until the computers find a habitable planet for them to live.

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The Barnes & Noble Review
K. A. Applegate moves from her popular Animorphs series into outer space with The Mayflower Project, a sci-fi thriller with world-annihilating excitement. At the heart of this futuristic tale of suspense is an asteroid destined to slam into the earth with such force that it will likely shatter the planet into pieces. With only days until the impact, the United States has rigged up an ancient shuttle with some new, untested hibernation equipment and chosen 80 people who will travel on it to escape Earth's fate. Unfortunately, the nearest planet and star system that might support human life is hundreds of years away. It's a desperate plan, one that won't go off without a hitch or two, but it's also humanity's only hope for survival.

Among those chosen for the shuttle are 14-year-old Jobs Andreesen and his parents, as well as Jobs's daredevil friend Mo' Steel and his parents. Also aboard is the First Son, a troublemaking teenager whose spot was negotiated by his mother, the president of the United States, who chose to remain behind. Then there's an adopted Russian boy with a strange talent, a young girl named 2Face who was once beautiful but now bears the scars of a facial burn, and a little boy stowaway whose presence on the shuttle triggers an early tragedy.

Applegate dedicates most of this first book to the last-minute scramble that occurs in the days before the asteroid's impact and the subsequent snafus that plague the shuttle at the start of its mission. The scenario is a riveting one -- the witnessed destruction of Earth provides some emotional closure for this episode, and the characters should both intrigue and engage adolescent and adult readers alike. For younger readers, parental discretion is advised, as the doomsday scenario and several scenes of violence may prove to be a bit too intense for some. (Beth Amos)

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Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date:
Remnants Series , #1
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Special Limited Edition
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6.38(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.52(d)
Age Range:
9 - 12 Years

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"Can't they blow it up?"


D-Caf thought about that for a moment. He trusted Mark, respected him. But at the same time he had always thought his brother lacked imagination. Mark was brilliant, no one argued with that, but he was not an imaginative person.

D-Caf said, "In this old movie I saw on TV, I forget the name, something about an asteroid, anyway, they blew it up. Most of it, anyway."

"It's too big, Hamster. If they were lucky maybe they'd knock a chunk off of it."

D-Caf bit his lip, then bit his thumbnail. "Don't call me Hamster. My name is D-Caf, everyone calls me that. You can call me Harlin if you can't handle D-Caf. Not Hamster."

"Whatever." Mark returned his gaze to the monitor, gazing intently, working, worrying an idea, tapping fitfully at the keys, occasionally muttering a simple spoken command.

D-Caf watched with what minimal patience he could summon. His brother had just announced the end of the world, and he seemed almost uninterested, distracted by the streaming number series on the monitor.

"Aren't they at least going to try?" D-Caf pressed. "I mean, in this old movie they landed on the comet, I mean I think maybe it was a comet, and they were drilling holes down into it and putting nuclear bombs and --"

"Let it go, Hamster. Just let it go, all right?" Mark yelled. He slammed his hands down together on the desktop, sending a souvenir pencil holder from Ocean City crashing to the floor. He leaned over and picked it up, put the pencils back in, and returned the cup to its place.

"Look," Mark said, "it's too big, it's too fast, it's too close. It's about four days away. If you dug a hole right to the center of it and piled every bomb on Earth in there all you'd do is crack it in half and both halves would hit Earth. Or maybe you'd melt some of it, and then we'd get hit by two great big rocks plus a few million cubic yards of molten rock and maybe some nickel and iron. You got the picture? Last big rock that hit Earth drilled a hole about a mile deep and left a crater almost a mile across. You know how big that rock was? One-hundred-fifty feet. Not miles, feet. So guess what? The Rock is coming, the Rock is going to hit, and it's going to be like swinging a sledgehammer into a watermelon."

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The Mayflower Project (Remnants Series #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story Remnants by K.A. Applegate is great. It is a scifi book with lots of twists. It is very hard to guess the ending which I like. It takes place in 21. It is about a kid about 10 through 14 years old. His name is jobs.He is both having fun with his friends but trying to save the earth from getting hit from a astroid. It is fairly book by a great author. I dont know to much about the author but he or she did a good job. A quote from the book is 'people clutch preioucous moments that had to be pried from their hands by touching patient marines.' It had a very good plot and an interesting theme. It goes off the subject a couple times. Because it talks a bout his friend Mosteel. And about a girl he likes. Another quote 'I'm riding the pipe Mosteel yelled.' then it goes about his thoughts like rigt when he is talking about this girl. Another quote ' She might respond by saying evermore that night thatlovely perfect kiss.Ive been facinated about you jobs.' The book is a story about his thoughts kinda. Thats why I give it a 4.5. I give the book a 4.5. Because it is like his thoughts ar interesting. Iwould get a better grade if it didnt go off the subject a little bit. Thats all it talks about in the first couple chapters him and his friends. then it gets better. Thats why I give it a 4.5.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This story remnant, this is a story where the United States found out a meter is coming to earth. There is nothing the U.S. or any other country can do about it. So the U.S government has said it¿s going to chose eighty people to go up into space. So when the rest are gone those people will come back to rebuild the population. This book is part of a series you need to read this book to understand the rest of the series. This book reminds me of the movie war of worlds. That is a world coming to an end story. If you would like to know what we would do if the world was coming to end this is a book for you, or if you¿re a person who likes a little love in with misery, and woe. Also of this book you will need to know what a two by four is. I liked this book because it was easy to follow, not to many new or challenging words. Some of the names on here took a bit to learn but I got them after a few pages. You should read this book because it will have you begging for more. Thank-you for reading my review and hopefully it interested you in reading the awesome book remnants.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I liked the book called Remenents because it gave me very good details to describe the area or person without a picture. This is also very scary so if you are brave enough to read it you will like it. the mysteries that awiat you will create fear exitement and a little sadness.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was the book that truly got me interested in reading. The text itself is not difficult, but it can be read by anyone, because the storyline makes you think. The use of common vocabulary allows for all to get a vivid mind's eye film going in their head.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read K.A. Applegate occasionaly, and usually I am not dissapointed in my search for light reads. However, this book is so inaccurate, un-realistic, and lamely written, that I have absolutely no praise. If you are in elementary school, then it may seem exciting, however, for those above fifth grade, this is a sad excuse of literature. To be honest, all Science Fiction writers bend the truth, laws of science, and human limitations a little, but it seems as though Applegate has completely disregarded these, and disregarded common sense.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book starts off by describing Jobs, Mo'Steels, Violet, and all othe other main characters' everyday lives. It shows how they find out about the apocalyptic event about to come upon Earth. All of the events in this book are extremely realistic and scientifically plausible, if you consider that there is a (technical) possibility of the end of the world being caused by an asteroid, which there is. The connections between the characters are well established in this book even though there is only a brief meeting with all of them. This book really tells you how much we take for granted and how much value everyday things really should be given. This book actually changed the way I see things, how i live, and my perspective on ordinary things. Highly recommended for anyone looking for something different or new.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An asteriod is about to hit and destroy earth. Eighty people have been chosen to go on a shuttle named the Mayflower. The Mayflower is meant to leave earth, so the human race will survive. Is the Mayflower life, or delayed death?
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I first picked up this book, I thought it was going to be corny. And when I was done reading the first few chapters, I still thought it was corny. An asteroid whose trajectory towards Earth is coincidentally related to historic events. Come on... The technology was WAY too advanced for merely ten years. This would have been excusable if Applegate was trying to make a point with having the world end on December 21, 2012 (according to a Mayan prophesy, the world will end on this day). There is not much of a plot, but this is merely the exposition. It set-ups our characters and the setting, that is they are among the last group of people still alive, facing a hasty mission to preserve humanity. For the characters themselves, they may all have quirky nicknames that really seems unrealistic. Jobs is a techie who always thinks what to say but then fails to say it. Mo'Steele is an optimist who lives for taking dangerous risks. 2Face, a former beauty, who got injured in a fire and now has a face which has one beautiful side and one hideous side. D-Caf, a twitchy kid whose older brother is something of a fanatic. Yago, the troubled adolescent First Kid who is a two-faced manipulator who knows how to treat the ladies. And Billy Weir, a mysterious Russian emigrant who has Seen the end of the world for all of his life. I really enjoyed the characters and found them interesting. 2Face and Yago seem the most interesting. If only Yago knew that 2Face was once a real beauty who was used to guys like Yago talking to her and actually enjoying it. 2Face has learned a really painful lesson; that is, beauty is only skin-deep. And Yago, diabolical people have always fascinated me and I quite enjoyed his plans to seize control of the last of humanity by manipulative means. He seems to be a master at his own game, treating 2Face as if she were Essence Hwang, doing the lady's man thing. Little did he know that 2Face used to be beautiful and wouldn't get all weak by his advances. I was very moved by this book and Applegate made the destruction of Earth very real. By destroying San Fransisco and killing Cordelia, the girl that Jobs liked and possibly liked back, the author made it clear that 'the death of billions was an abstraction. The death of one pretty girl at a wedding reception had driven home the reality: People would die, not billions.' The writing style of this book is very simple, yet very powerful. The two sentences that moved me most were the most simple. 'She [Cordelia] shuddered and died.' And 'All of humanity that still lived was aboard the shuttle that now slid slowly toward the distant sun.' A powerful exposition to what should be a great series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Authors name: K.A Applegate Title: Remnants Genre: Fiction Jobs was a fourteen year old kid and it was the year 2010 ¿ 2011. They lived in a city near San Francisco. He was chosen along with eighty other people to leave the earth on a certain day because and asteroid was about to hit the earth and wipeout everything and everyone. K.A. Applegate has a great imagination and she has the ability to make you actually feel like you in the future. She shows how the life of jobs and his friend she also shows about all of the new computer technology and all of the things that you can do now in the year 2010 ¿ 2011. Jobs is fourteen years old and his best friend is Mo¿Steel; Mo knows how to hack into computers and get other peoples e-mails and everything else like that. The main characters were chosen to go on a space ship into space because the earth was about to be hit by a huge asteroid that was about to take out the whole earth. K.A. Applegate explains about how a tiny piece of the asteroid hit San Francisco and this girl Cordelia was in San Francisco at the time and she gets killed by the hit. Cordelia was one of Job¿s friends so she was important to him. This book is filled with interesting thoughts and a lot of twists and turns. K.A. Applegate leaves the story making you feel good that you just read a great book. While reading this book, I tried making connections to my own life and how I live right now. When K.A. Applegate shoes all of Job¿s emotions and his personality, I can relate that to my life. Jobs is daring and funny and he talks to himself just like I do. This is a great book to read because it makes you think bout the future and it takes some strategy to read this book. I would recommend this book to anyone. Remnants seems like a weird odd looking book from the cover but when you start reading the book it it¿ll keep you interested and right when it starts to get boring it brings you right back. I used my visualizing skills to read this book because with out it, it makes the book harder to read. I also connected my life to the book as well as possible. If you want an interesting book to reads I suggest you read this book. It¿ll make you think and use your imagination.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jobs is an ordinary boy of seventeen years old with his brand new car. While Jobs is just riding around, he hears on his radio that a meteor is going to hit and destroy Earth. On his link (a cell phone watch) he tells all his friends the bad news. There is one hope for survival: The Mayflower Project. In the Mayflower Project there is a shuttle leaving Earth to Destination Unknown. Jobs and his friend Mo¿Steel goes to 2Face¿s house to hack into a computer to get all of them on that shuttle. Their plan works but FBI agents escort them back to their houses. The next day they all go to the launch site. Will they make it to Destination Unknown? Remnants is a very exciting book about relationships. I thought the science fiction book was a little sad, but there are some funny and exciting parts in the book. I recommend this book for sixth or seventh graders because the vocabulary is challenging. The end of Remnants is very exciting because it shows the true relation ship between Jobs and Mo¿Steel. This book has a series, but I only read the first book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a review of the entire Remnants series. It does not compare with Applegate's previous works, not even close. Its almost like she's distracted or just putting this out for the money. The characters are very ill-defined, there's no emotional bonds except between Jobs and Mo' Steel which still isn't really engaging (meant to be like the friendship between Jake and Marco of Animorphs but does not compare, something's missing). 2Face's character has shifted so many times, we don't know what she is now, so has Tamara. Still not sure what Tate's supposed to be doing. Yago had that wierd trip he brought everybody on (almost like an LSD trip), now he thinks he's a god! I guess this is just too farout for me to be engaging. I loved Animorphs and Everworld but this just doesn't compare
Guest More than 1 year ago
Even though a huge rock hits the earth at over 20,000 miles per hour This book ROCKS. As with all the rest of K.A. Applegates book this book is full of suspence, action, and emotion. (Not to mention a very long pipe in the rocky mountains that people get to skate through at highway speeds. This book has alot of detail and is written very fluently. If you have read any of the books from the Animorphs series(or all of them as i have). You will agree with me that this is a great series to read now that the Animorphs Series is finished.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book rocks!!! and i mean it when i say it rocks cuz it does. u won't be hable to put it down and when u finish it u will be asking for more thats what happen to me .If u like books that involve new and exciting worlds and the future don't hesitate and buy this book and all the others.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A book that is full of suspense. It begin with a meateor falling to Earth. An unlikely hero of the book finds out that he has been chosen to board a ship that will fly away from Earth just before the meateor destroys Earth.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was really the best book of all time! The realness of it all, the way everything seems to be so important. I just loved it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Very interesting and always has you guessing until the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was the best book ever i reccomend the other books too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
WOW...i was kinda bumbed EverWorld ended the Characters and the story and EverWorld it self grew on me i wanted to live there for god sakes any way Remnants WOW the way Cordelea died and they way Earth sesned to egzizst...i mean ill still read EverWorld but now Remnants is the BEST now lol
Guest More than 1 year ago
I always start reading a series by K. A. Applegate not expecting to like it at all. Then, after reading a book or two--I'm hooked. It happened with Animorphs, Everworld, and now Remnants. I sincerely recommend all three series, no matter what doubts you may have on the prospect; KAA's writing is just irresistable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is an excellent title to read. You may at first think, 'Oh, the same old 'end of the world' plot. But as soon as you read this novel, you'll find yourself eating your own words. It has the great mixture of adventure, suspense, wonder, and science fiction all rolled together to form one of the best books I have ever read. I encourage readers everywhere to try this brand new series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Mayflower Project (Remnants #1) was a very very good book. KA Applegate's Animorphs series was amazing, definitely my favorite book series, and when I heard that she was making a new series I wanted to get it immediately. There is something about her writing that I just love. Anything she writes is very well written, especially The Mayflower Project. It is very exciting, intense, some parts are sad (you know, the whole end of the world only 80 people are saved thing), and also ends the book with you wanting to read more and read the rest of the series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Applegate has opened up a new world to readers in this wonderful start to a new series. This book was even better than the Animorphs and Everworld series. This book is one you'll want to read!!!