MCSD: Designing and Implementing Web Sites Using Microsoft FrontPage 98

MCSD: Designing and Implementing Web Sites Using Microsoft FrontPage 98

by David Karlins

Don't Just Read It!

Included FREE on the CD-ROM is a complete FrontPage 98 computer-based training course chosen especially for this book - from CBT Systems, the #1 provider of interactive training software for IT professionals!

  • Covers every key exam objective - in-depth!
  • Extensive advanced-level coverage.
  • Planning, design, and

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Don't Just Read It!

Included FREE on the CD-ROM is a complete FrontPage 98 computer-based training course chosen especially for this book - from CBT Systems, the #1 provider of interactive training software for IT professionals!

  • Covers every key exam objective - in-depth!
  • Extensive advanced-level coverage.
  • Planning, design, and delivery of user services.
  • Incorporating Java applets, Activex, DHTML/CSS, and more.
  • Publishing, testing, and maintenance.
  • Includes exam strategy discussions, working examples, sample tests, end-of-chapter Q&As, and more!

Pass Microsoft's FrontPage 98 exam - with flying colors!

FrontPage is hot -- and Microsoft's FrontPage 98 exam 70-055 offers exceptional bang for the buck! Pass this exam and achieve Microsoft Certified Professional status, earn credit toward MCP + Site Building certification, and earn elective credit toward MCSD certification all at once. If you want to pass it, you'll need to understand FrontPage in depth -- especially the advanced topics many books skip. That's why you need MCSD: Designing and Implementing Web Sites Using Microsoft FrontPage 98!

Top FrontPage trainer, author, and Microsoft MCP David Karlins has written the most complete FrontPage exam prep guide you can find -- with comprehensive coverage of advanced Web development and deployment.

Karlins covers the entire Web lifecycle, from analyzing business requirements through deployment, security, and beyond. Learn how to define the technical architecture and conceptual design for your site; design and build user services; and more. Deploy Java, Activex, DHTML, CSS, templates, andanimation; publish, maintain, and secure your site; even evolve it to reflect new browsers.

This isn't just a great FrontPage exam preparation package: it's the best advanced-level FrontPage 98 tutorial and reference you can buy!

A TOTAL Learning Solution! Includes these EXCLUSIVE Web & interactive resources!

We've teamed with CBT Systems, the world's #1 developer of IT self-paced training, to include a state-of-the-art interactive FrontPage training course on CD. And that's not all: Every Prentice Hall PTR MCSD book is 100% integrated with its own exclusive MCSD training Web site, delivering all this, and more...

  • Interactive test Q&A section-a 170 question online practice test to prepare you for the 70-055 Exam.
  • Projects you can complete - with detailed solutions.
  • Virtual Study Lounge: interact with students, authors and trainers on-line!
  • Author's Corner: Book & exam updates, training news and more.

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Prentice Hall Microsoft Technology Series
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7.36(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.61(d)

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This book is designed primarily for people who need to pass Exam 70-055: Designing and Implementing Web Sites Using Microsoft FrontPage 98. When you pass Exam 70-055, you attain Microsoft Certified Professional status. You also earn credit toward Microsoft Certified Professional + Site Building (MCP+SB) certification and you earn elective credit towards Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) certification.

This book will benefit any computing professional who is responsible for the management of FrontPage Web development environments. It is designed to be both a training guide and reference resource.

Who this book is for

This book serves three basic audiences: people who are already familiar with FrontPage and want to attain FrontPage MCP status, people who need to master FrontPage as a component of acheiving MCP+SB or MCSD certification, and finally, as a reference for FrontPage developers.

The book covers basic fundamentals of FrontPage development, but quickly, and with the expectation that the reader is either familiar with FrontPage or has a background in related Web development applications. Because the FrontPage Exam content matrix focuses on advanced level issues, this book emphasizes those area and problems. In that respect, I feel confident that this book will not only get you through the exam, but also provide a long-term resource for your FrontPage Web development challenges.

What youÕll need

Through the use of numerous illustrations and CD-ROM-based training supplements, I have endeavored to make this book as self-contained as possible. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that there is nosubstitute for hands-on experience. To fully practice the concepts explained in this book, you will need to have FrontPage 98 installed on your computer. It is not necessary to have a network or Internet connection to work through the material in this book.

All that is required is that you either install a version of the Personal Web Server that is bundled with FrontPage 98, or Internet Explorer 4 or higher. At some points, there will be optional exercises that utilize Internet connections, and you will find you get more out of the book if you are able to work through those Study Break exercises connected to the Internet.

How this book is organized

This book is divided into 17 chapters which cover issues such as assessing Web development technologies, constructing workflow processes for Web development, designing user interfaces, integrating with servers, creating database regions, attaching external style sheets, controlling user access with user registration, incorporating Java, Activex and DHTML and publishing to Web servers.

The numbered sections in each chapter correspond to specific MCSD exam requirements, and each chapter concludes with a list of related study questions. All chapters have several hands-on Study Break section that permits you to practice what you learned. Appendix A contains the answerd to all review questions.

Conventions used in this book

This book uses different features to help highlight key information.

Chapter Syllabus

The primary focus of this series is to address those topics that are to be tested in each exam. Therefore, each chapter opens with a syllabus that lists the topics to be covered. Each topic directly corresponds to the level 1 headings in the chapter. So if there are six level 1 headings in a chapter, there will be six topics listed under the chapter syllabus. If a syllabus topic and level 1 heading are MCSD-specific, they will be accompanied by an MCSD icon (see the following icon description.) However, there may be instances when the topics are not directly exam-specific. In these cases, the chapter syllabus highlights and corresponding level 1 headings appear with out the MCSD icon.


Icons alert you to called-out material that is of significance.

Study Breaks

These sidebars are designed to test your knowledge in a practical manner through the use of performance-based exercises. These exercises provide an opportunity to perform actual tasks that will undoubtedly be encountered in a working environment, and simulated in the Microsoft exam.

Chapter Review Questions

Each chapter ends with a series of review questions. These questions are designed to simulate a part of an actual exam and to reinforce what you have just learned. The number of questions will vary, depending on the length of the subject matter of the individual chapter. All of the questions are taken directly from the material covered in the chapter, and the answers can be found in Appendix A.

About the CD-ROM/Web Site

This book includes a CD-ROM that contains valuable self-paced training material, courtesy of CBT Systems. Please follow the installation instructions on the CD-ROM. Readers can find additional exam preparation aids and updates to the enclosed material by visiting the companion web site to this book. It is located at

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Meet the Author

David Karlins is a FrontPage Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and instructor, and co-author with David Elderbrock of the FrontPage 2000 Bible. His other recent books include Teach Yourself FrontPage 98 in a Week, Create FrontPage Web Pages ina Weekend, Wild Web Graphics with Microsoft Image Composer, and Teach Yourself CorelDRAW 9 in 24 Hours.

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