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Me and Bobby Mcgee

Me and Bobby Mcgee

5.0 6
by Chad Coenson, E. Cobb Holzer (Illustrator)
Prepare to embark on a thrilling comedic adventure seen through the booze-blurred eyes of Keesey Cypher, a government-trained killer with an ill-fated abundance of classified memories who has since resigned himself to a regrettable existence, sipping away his tainted past. It is this powerful thirst coupled with Cypher's hunger for games of chance that leads him


Prepare to embark on a thrilling comedic adventure seen through the booze-blurred eyes of Keesey Cypher, a government-trained killer with an ill-fated abundance of classified memories who has since resigned himself to a regrettable existence, sipping away his tainted past. It is this powerful thirst coupled with Cypher's hunger for games of chance that leads him to New Orleans' coziest dive-bar the day after Fat Tuesday where one night of seeming misfortune leads to a frighteningly funny reality of subversive politics, corporate greed, backwards logic, and star (double)-crossed romance. In this gripping social satire of modern times, Me and Bobby McGee pokes fun at the inane absurdities ingrained in our society, proving that freedom is truly subjective and karma is not just a philosophy, but a fate that is unwavering. And as an added bonus, for the careful reader and music fan, there are subtle connections throughout the novel to the classic folk song that inspired its title. In a world of terrible truths and impending doom, find out what happens when the only man with the power to stop it... decides not to.

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Me and Bobby Mcgee 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book had me in stitches from the first page. Every loaded sentence was music to my eyes and I fell in instant loathe with everyone's favorite anti-hero Keesey Cypher. In my opinion this book deserves a spot in literary history with the likes of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Rim, Jitterbug Perfume, and Naked Lunch, the four books that broke me in all the best ways as a youngster and set me on the path I still tread today. I highly recommend that you take a ride through the delirious vibrant world that is just slightly different than our own, or is it?
Heavensent1 More than 1 year ago
Me and Bobby McGee is a comedic thriller adventure. Keesey Cypher is a down on his luck, ex CIA, alcoholic gambler who finds himself lost in New Orleans the day after Fat Tuesday. Heading off to find his car, or a card game, whichever comes first, Cypher embarks on a weird, and fascinating journey in which he follows wherever life directs him. After stopping in for a drink and perhaps a card game, Cypher wakes up in a strange place with two of the fattest men he has ever seen, like "Burger Kings version of the double mint twins." Cypher is a smart mouth, his witty, sarcastic and fly by the seat of his pants comments always seems to lead him to trouble, but he can't help himself, he is who he is. This time he's gambled more than his worth and he has two choices or "crappy options"...he can die or he can run a package down to Mexico. Choosing the latter, he decides to follow the ride and see where it leads him. Bobby McGee is a tough as nails lady who has no problem with punching you in the face or kicking you in the balls, much to Cypher's chagrin, if you happen to look at her the wrong way. She's a gun for hire with a business savvy for contracts, who has been hired to escort Cypher to the Mexican border. Sexually attracted to Cypher they make a contract for sex on completion of the mission. After Cypher delivers the bizarre package to his contact in Mexico, he learns of the true nature of the machinations of making tequila and the cultivation of blue agava in the area and decides he wants to get into the business himself. Taking the return package back to Bobby, Cypher kills the bosses nephew and is brought before the ancient PCP addicted old man who sees spider monkey aliens coming out of your head. Dan Bristol is the 92 year old head of an underground organized business that even the US government doesn't know about and has been successfully running it for over 50 years. Living in the penthouse of a Las Vegas casino, he junks himself up on PCP and trips in and out of sanity all day long. He wants Cypher to become a bigger part of the team and after testing him they come to a business agreement that is suitable for them both. However, all good things must come to an end and after several years, the powers that be become suspicious and the cat is out of the bag. With the net closing around them, will Cypher's mouth save him or will it be his eventual doom?? Who does he trust now that he is this deep?? And where is there left to run?? I quite enjoyed the humour in this book, I love sarcastic, witty humour and I was pleasantly surprized to find that it didn't fail throughout the book, Cypher manage to continually impress me and never strayed off character. I wasn't so found of Bobby, I found her to be a bit wooden and dull and didn't miss her when she wasn't in the pages, other than wondering if she was somewhere trying to set Cypher up. Bristol was a great character, you never knew what he was going to say nor where his thoughts were going and I would've loved to have seen more of him in the book. The ending was fairly decent and left you feeling like it could've only turned out the way it did. The package and the underground organization, okay, that was REALLY weird, I have never heard of anyone using this as a basis for a story before, which makes author Chad Coenson, most imaginative and fresh in my opinion. I look forward to reading more of his writing style and seeing more
Pacificbookreview More than 1 year ago
"Out of the box writing" would best be the genre for Chad Coenson's creative work titled, "Me and Bobby McGee." We all know the song, but Chad Coenson created a witty and wild novel involving booze, women, gambling, kidnapping and yes, sex and violence, plus the daily hangover into a fast moving "guy novel." He used a cool way with words that only the narration of a man's inner most thoughts would expose. If this would become a movie, I would envision Chad to cast someone like Uma Thurman as Bobby, the femme fatale as he puts it, with a Mickey Rourke or Bruce Willis (as long as they gave him hair) protagonist, Keesey Chypher. Keesey is an ex-CIA trained assassin turned drunk. The star of the novel is tequila, with the co-star being a beer chaser. Seriously this book is not recommended reading for recovering alcoholics! If my lead paragraph above is different than most reviews, let me simply say Chad Coenson has rubbed off on me. His writing is only believed after read, as he takes the reader through thought processes far beyond the boundaries of his plot and characters, and into the comedic reflections of our society, "Mars vs. Venus" relationships, and greed. Just when you think the book is about smuggling dope across the Mexican border, you get blind-sided with a twist and turn and off it goes in a new direction. The narration is something of a Guy Noir type of private detective portrayed on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie -Home Companion, mixed of course with 80 proof alcohol and teamed up with a Charlie's Not-So-Angelic antagonist. At first I wasn't able to feel sympathetic to Keesey, as he staggered around New Orleans looking for his car, but after he got kicked in the balls three times in two days one has to feel sorry for the guy. This is the type of raw humor embedded in every sentence, a masterpiece of comedic literature. The book is not hard to put down . it's impossible. Reading "Me and Bobby McGee" I became relaxed feeling privileged to be brought into the lives of his characters, as Keesey's smart witted tongue makes light of even the direst of situations. Bobby plays Keesey like a violin, or rather like a trained rat holding her feminine attractiveness the lure for good behavior. It's a fantastic dynamic interaction of love and hate, attraction and disappointment - truly memorable. Something I hope to read more of these guys or see them in a movie; should this get adapted for the silver screen. Even the type style of the book's galley text, for example, has a candid and inviting way about it, mixing some handwritten author's notes along with an occasional pen & ink illustration by E. Cobb Holzer, bringing an artistic embellishment into the storyline. Chad W. Coenson's writing can best be illustrated by this paragraph which I highlighted when reading the book, so as to include an excerpt here in my review. On the risk of being verbose, I shall reprint the entire, unedited paragraph: "So often in life we come to that obligatory crossroad, the mandatory intersection of all things ambiguous and life altering. Be it the lyrics from your favorite blues song or a mental collision that happens every time you make a choice, we've all been to "the crossroads." Or maybe we haven't. Maybe the metaphorical crossroad is only a conceivable abomination for those of us who constantly make bad decisions. All my life I've been trying to find a place to call home and it finally dawned on me...
MBLevine More than 1 year ago
In Me and Bobby MeGee, author Chad Coenson threads some of the elements of the Kris Kristofferson song of the same name into an outlandish tale of a former assassin who finds himself in many incredible situations. The story opens in New Orleans the day after Fat Tuesday. Ex-CIA agent Keesey Cypher is on a search for his car after a night indulging in spirits and one of the friendly female ambassadors of the Big Easy. While Keesey doesn't find his car, he effortlessly discovers trouble that lands him on a trip more bizarre then any of his infamous drinking binges. This book evolves over multiple storylines that are stitched together by the presence of Keesey and Bobby McGee, a beautiful, combative hired gun with a flair for writing up business contracts and targeting Keesey's manhood with her foot. She escorts him part of the way to Mexico where Keesey delivers goods to her boss' contact; later they become lovers. After successfully delivering the surprising and disturbing merchandise, Keesey joins the organization that "harvests" the special product and quickly ascends to the position of top representative of international sales. Keesey's subsequent fall from grace is as dramatic as his rise. Keesey is a snarky, alcoholic with an overactive imagination and a dark, testosterone saturated sense of humor. He makes you laugh out loud, nod in agreement with one of several philosophical monologues he delivers on human behavior, and then question his sanity when he goes on one of his misanthropic rants. Coenson has created a memorable character whose vices, talents, intellect, and unexpected idiocy make him likable in one scene and despicable in the very next. Although many of Keesey's solo theatrical offerings interrupt the flow of this creative and challenging piece, more often than not his prolonged tangents resemble standup comedy complete with adoring fans and moody hecklers. Me and Bobby McGee is a funny, adventurous, provocative tale that readers will find completely astonishing and utterly entertaining. Melissa Brown Levine for Independent Professional Book Reviewers
BigUnitBC More than 1 year ago
This book was a great read. It was recommended to me by a friend as a real guy type of adventure/action book. This read was an awesome ride. Why? Because the way that Coenson looks at and describes things is intriguing, engaging and entertaining. The main character Keesey Cyper is a riot! Lot's of interesting twists and very engaged reading. The main characters philosophy's on life and the angles the author utilizes to describe certain situations and relate them back to experiences most men have had in their life, is really a mind blower and quite entertaining. I hope to read more of this Author's works in the future and would be happy to preorder if he does so. Great job. A++++
Cgator More than 1 year ago
This is an exciting and imaginative story that holds the reader from beginning to end. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes excitement with a twist. Chad Coenson has written a classic for the new millenium