Me & You: A Mother-Daughter Album

Me & You: A Mother-Daughter Album

by Lisa Thiesing

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Compare the 1960s baby with the 1990s baby in this adorable picture book. Lisa Theising's cozy photo album is the perfect way for parents and young children to share memories together.


Compare the 1960s baby with the 1990s baby in this adorable picture book. Lisa Theising's cozy photo album is the perfect way for parents and young children to share memories together.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Through a series of watercolors styled as family snapshots in an album, and a simple text addressed from a baby-boomer mother to her daughter, Thiesing (Two Silly Trolls) explains how generations are linked not only by blood ties but also by the everyday experiences of growing up. "When I was a little baby, I looked just like you," Thiesing begins, presenting an album page with two baby pictures, one labeled "me" ("photographed" in black and white) and the other "you" (in color). Children should appreciate the breezy frankness of spreads like the one that explains, "I burped and glurped and pooped, just like you"; and older children may be able to discern cultural shifts in play (ponies in the last generation, Discovery Zones in this), clothes and even care-giving (the bearded boomer dad looks infinitely more comfortable holding his offspring). But the book is ultimately a letdown: Thiesing's gentle cartoon style is pleasant but unremarkable, and in her effort to capture the cozy, prosaic quality of family pictures, she sacrifices impact and interest. Reading the book does indeed feel like looking at someone else's photo album; even so, families may be prompted to pull out their own scrapbooks for some enjoyable comparing and contrasting. Ages 2-5. (May)
Children's Literature - Kristin Harris
Juxtaposed watercolor images that represent photographs of a mother as a baby, and her daughter as a baby, fill a photo album. The mother's images are black and white, while the daughter's are in color. The daughter is reminded that as a baby, her mother also burped and pooped just as she had done. They shared having slept, crawled and splashed as babies. They both had parents who loved them. This book is warm and cuddly and would be very reassuring to a young daughter. There are even moments of comic relief. The artwork is not particularly interesting, but certainly communicates the intended message.
School Library Journal
PreS-K--Most children are interested in learning about their parents' lives when they were young. Thiesing skillfully combines two simulated photo albums (one for the mother, one for her daughter) with this in mind. The book opens with a picture of each of them as infants and ends when they are both about five. In the brief text, the mother explains to her child how alike they are ("I slept and played, crawled and splashed, just like you"). The illustrations resemble photographs, showing mother and daughter engaged in similar activities at similar ages, making interesting comparisons possible. The pictures are done in watercolor and pen and ink: the mother's are in black and white and the daughter's are in full color, making it easy to distinguish between the two. Like real photographs, these images show the many moods of growing children. This book invites readers to pore over the comparisons and talk about them. Families could be stimulated to look at their own photo albums, encouraged to make their own, or led into some good storytimes about "when Mommy was a little girl."--Virginia Golodetz, Children's Literature New England, Burlington, VT
Kirkus Reviews
Illustrator Thiesing's first solo outing is a heartwarming celebration of the loving bonds between mothers and daughters. Arranged to resemble a photo album, and with the use of the refrain, "Just like you," the book is narrated by the mother who explores the similarities between herself as a child and her daughter: "I slept and played, crawled and splashed, just like you." The words focus on ordinary moments in a child's life that are precious because they pass in the wink of an eye. Black- and-white illustrations that resemble snapshots represent the mother's childhood scenes, in contrast with the bright watercolors of the daughter's more recent pictures. Humorous and poignant, the illustrations effectively communicate the tender atmosphere of the two families, past and present. Drawing upon children's fascination with the concept that parents were once babies, too, Thiesing creates an endearing tale ideal for lap-sharing. (Picture book. 2-5)

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3 - 5 Years

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