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Measure of a Man (Harlequin Kimani Arabesque Series)
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Measure of a Man (Harlequin Kimani Arabesque Series)

4.7 11
by Adrianne Byrd

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Peyton's baby brother, Francis Adams—nicknamed Flex—means the world to her. And when he decides to move from California to Atlanta after a bad breakup with his lover, the entire family is upset. The only consolation is the news that Flex has found a new man in fellow firefighter Lincoln Carver.

Flex hasn't been entirely


Peyton's baby brother, Francis Adams—nicknamed Flex—means the world to her. And when he decides to move from California to Atlanta after a bad breakup with his lover, the entire family is upset. The only consolation is the news that Flex has found a new man in fellow firefighter Lincoln Carver.

Flex hasn't been entirely truthful—Lincoln, who is straight, doesn't know the new firefighter is gay. And when fate brings Peyton and Lincoln together under unusual circumstances, sparks begin to fly. But when Lincoln is invited to a family wedding, will his relationship with Peyton be undermined once the truth is revealed?

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Library Journal
When Peyton Garner phones her gay firefighter brother, Flex Adams, and ends up talking with one of his fellow firefighters, Trey "Lincoln" Carver, she assumes that her brother has recovered from the devastating breakup of a ten-year relationship and has found a new lover. But Linc, who is also an amateur sculptor, is not gay, nor does he know Flex is. So when he meets art agent Peyton in New York to discuss handling his sculpture and they develop a relationship, he neglects to mention that fact to Flex or to tell Peyton that he knows Flex. Things come to a head with funny, satisfying results when the Adams family gathers in the Bay Area for a wedding. This lively comedy of errors is the prelude to more stories about the six Adams siblings. Byrd (If You Dare) has written a number of romances for BET Books under the Arabesque imprint. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
From the Publisher
"Putting a nifty spin on the girl-meets-boy scenario, Byrd tells a compelling story of mixed-up identities, overly supportive families, firefighters, artists and two people looking for love."—RT Book Reviews on MEASURE OF A MAN

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Adams Sisters Series , #2
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For two hours, Local 1492 Dekalb Firefighters battled a threealarm apartment blaze in the dead of night. December was a merciless month riddled with Christmas tree and electrical fires. With this being their third call in the past twenty-four hours, the men of Local 1492 were pushed to the brink of exhaustion.

Firefighter Lincoln Carver ignored the pain pulsating through every muscle in his body as he hacked into a third-floor apartment. Despite the roar of the inferno surrounding him, he zeroed in on a series of coughs and cries for help on the other side of the door.

The moment the door gave way, black clouds of smoke enveloped him and obscured his vision.

Operating purely on instinct, he strained his ears for any signs of life and heard none.

To his right, the walls glowed a dark black and orange with flames snaking toward him.

Someone is in here. You heard them.

Lincoln kept moving, convinced that his ears hadn't deceived him. Sweat poured around his face as his heart chugged the disappearing supply of oxygen.

Get out of here.

He shook off his inner command. Someone was still in there. He just knew it.

Behind him, a part of the roof caved in and burning debris missed him by mere inches.

It's too late. Get out!

Again, he shook off the warning. He just needed a few more seconds. However, Lincoln was out of time. Something cracked and then slammed into him.

"Has anyone seen Linc?" Flex Adams asked. He handed over a young girl covered in soot to one of the paramedics.

Omar Preston removed his hat and glanced around. "I thought he was with you."

Flex shook his head and surveyed the men around him. No Lincoln.

"I'm going back in," he announced and then felt a hand tug against his shoulder.

"If Linc is still in there—"

"Then I'll find him." Flex gave him a departing wink. "Be right back." He vaulted through the smoking door and up the fireengulfed stairs without hesitation.

In times like these, Flex operated best on instinct. Too much thinking was a losing man's game and action saved lives. On the second floor, flames glowed across the carpet like a radiant liquid—a river of doom. Above him something creaked and then crashed, sending a shiver of fear coursing down his spine.

Where is he? He forced himself to remain calm. He started to enter an apartment, but thought better of it. He's not in that one.

The walls moaned around him as if the building were alive. Next came the explosion of shattering windows and hunks of plaster fell around him. Keep moving. He flew up another flight of stairs, unsure if he was following the path to perdition.

Lincoln suppressed the pain in his lower back as he slid on his belly toward a little girl trembling in a corner. She sat with her knees drawn up against her chest, arms wrapped around her legs, while her eyes were wide with terror.

Her presence upped the ante. He had to make sure she made it out of there safe and sound. How he was going to do that was still unclear. As he approached, he guessed the child was about six years old. She was a pretty black girl with large doe eyes and hair parted down the center and fat plaits on each side. He could easily see the beautiful woman she would one day become.

Finally when he was within inches of her, her gaze withdrew from the flames licking up the walls to meet his eyes. But he saw no relief; if anything, her terror intensified.

Lincoln pulled himself up into a sitting position. He was surprised by the lack of pain in his back. In fact, he didn't feel anything.

"It's all right. I'm going to get you out of here," he shouted through the shield on his helmet.

The little girl covered her face with her hands and trembled uncontrollably.

Lincoln struggled to his feet and was careful as he swooped the child into his arms. However, the moment he took his first step, a sharp, hot pain boiled within him. When he stumbled, the girl's hands deserted her face and slid around his neck and choked off even more of his air supply.

He kept moving.

In his mind he was rushing, but it seemed as if it were taking forever to get out of the apartment. His heart pounded above the roar and crackle of the surrounding fire, so much so that he fleetingly wondered whether the over-active muscle was about to give out.

They had made it to the apartment's entrance when darkness encroached on the edges of his vision. In the building's hallway, flames blanketed the walls.

He kept moving.

A greasy sweat coated his face and dripped into his eyes as he headed toward the staircase. Suddenly, the child felt as if she weighed a ton and his legs threatened to buckle beneath him. He swore he heard shingles popping, rafters creaking and windows exploding all around. They probably only had seconds before the ceiling caved in on them.

They weren't going to make it.

He was going to fail this beautiful little girl because the pain in his back and legs was unbearable now. As if sensing his surrender, the child tightened her hold and started to sob.

Don't give up. Keep moving.

Lincoln wasn't sure if those were his thoughts or if the child was transferring her own by a strange form of telepathy. Miraculously, he was still moving, but he felt dismally inadequate.

He heard a voice—a familiar one—calling his name. Out of the roiling smoke, a miracle appeared in full uniform. Before he could respond or react, a painful muscle spasm forced his legs to give up the fight.

They were falling.

Flex blinked back his shock, but managed to catch the brutal force of two falling bodies like a seasoned linebacker. After a few seconds of adjustment, he carried Lincoln over his shoulder and the child on his hip. Being a man with great strength and endurance, Flex trekked back down the stairs, dodging falling plaster, flaming bits of wood and churning shrouds of black smoke.

In no time at all, Flex made good on his promise and returned to his men and the cold December night.

"Somebody get me a paramedic," he shouted and set the child down on the ground first.



A woman raced forward and enfolded the child into her arms. "My beautiful baby. I thought I'd lost you forever."

Flex's heart warmed as he watched the scene from the corner of his eyes and lowered Lincoln's tall body onto the cold ground. Paramedics swarmed and took over his fallen brother's care.

He followed them until they loaded Lincoln into the ambulance and closed the door.

Fire Chief Harold Zahn pounded a heavy hand against Flex's back. "That was a pretty gutsy thing you did in there. You garnered a lot of respect from your new brothers."

Flex turned toward his superior's ruddy features with a lazy smile. "We all do what we can at L-1492, sir."

Chief Zahn's emerald gaze twinkled at him. "That might be true, but I have a feeling I'll be seeing great things from you."

"Thank you, sir. Your confidence is overwhelming."

"Well, it's sure going to be interesting around here seeing how you just rescued the department's superman. He might wake up with a bruised ego. Be prepared."

Flex nodded. "Thanks for the warning."

Meet the Author

National bestselling author Adrianne Byrd has been featured in many publications, including Today’s Black Woman, Upscale, and Heart and Soul. She has also won local awards for screenwriting. For the future, she looks forward to continuing to create characters that make people smile, laugh, and fall in love. She currently calls Georgia home.

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4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the only book so far that I have read from this author. I LOVED it. It was a page turner, even had me laughing out loud in alot of of parts. It is a book that you could even re-read again. LOL I think I just might do that right now
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great as always. It was funny and warm
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very cut story! I couldnt put it down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Adrianne Bryd tells a wonderful story of love, family, and the sometimes humorous ties that bind. This book is a good, quick read. Lincoln was a true friend to Flex and definitely a man that any woman would love to have in there life. Thumbs up to Ms. Byrd. I look forward to her next book about the Adams' family.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the second book that I have read by Ms. Byrd, and once again I am impressed. Ms. Byrd just keeps you laughing and falling in love with these wonderful characters she keeps on giving us. 'Measure of A Man' is a great read, a definite page-turner that will keep you up all night like it did me.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay everyone, I must admit that I really don't read stories about a woman and man falling madly in love with each other, mainly because I don't by it. A friend of mine who I just recently moved in with showed me otherwise how not only good the book can be, but also funny. This my first romance book that I have ever read, and my first book by Adrianne Byrd. It is a wonderful book to read. It was funny, witty, and is a definite page-turner that will keep you smiling and laughing throughout. Thanks for making my first romance novel a great one Adrianne, and can hardly wait for the next one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was so good and different from anything else out on the market and the twist and turns will have your sides hurting. Ms. Byrd keeps bringing us upbeat and lovable characters that we just want to fall in love with. For anyone who loves romance and comedy this is the book for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. Measure OF A MAN, has it all. From the moment Peyton and Lincoln lock eyes across the dance floor, the fire is ignited. The love scenes are hot. The family moments are touching as well as hilarious. This book will make you laugh out loud, so be careful where you read it at. Measure of A MAN, is romance with a 'TWIST'. Fans of Adrianne Byrd, already know the magic she has for pulling you in to her stories and you never wanting it to end. Buy this book and experience the magic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago