Measurement of Nursing Outcomes, 2nd Edition, Volume 3: Self Care and Coping / Edition 2

Measurement of Nursing Outcomes, 2nd Edition, Volume 3: Self Care and Coping / Edition 2

by Ora L. Strickland

ISBN-10: 0826117953

ISBN-13: 9780826117953

Pub. Date: 01/27/2003

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Second Edition
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Table of Contents

    Part I: Self Efficacy and Self Care
  1. Self-Efficacy for Functional Activities Scale, B. Resnick
  2. The Perlow Self-Esteem Scale, M. Perlow
  3. A Measure of Power as Knowing Participation in Change, E.A. Manhart Barrett
  4. The Epilepsy Self-Efficacy Scale, C. DiIorio and K. Yeager
  5. The Insulin Management Diabetes Self-Efficacy Scale, A.C. Hurley

  6. Part II: Coping
  7. The Jalowiec Coping Scale, A. Jalowiec
  8. The Coping Scale of the Chronicity Impact and Coping Instrument, D.P. Hymovich
  9. The Role Inventory, M. Catanzaro
  10. The Women's Role Strain Inventory, C.A. Lengacher
  11. The Demands of Immigration Scale, K.J. Aroian
  12. The Haber Level of Differentiation of Self Scale, J. Haber
  13. The SCMP-G: Measuring Guarding as a Self-Care Management Process in Chronic Illness, L.J. Jones

  14. Part III: Social Support and Quality of Life
  15. Measuring Social Support, C. Weinert
  16. The Social Support in Chronic Illness Inventory, G.A. Hilbert
  17. The Caring Ability Inventory, N.O. Nkongho
  18. The Postpartum Support Questionnaire, M.C. Logsdon
  19. The Long-Term Quality of Life Instrument for Female Cancer Survivors, G. Wyatt and L.L. Friedman

  20. Part IV: Measuring Health Behaviors
  21. The Multidimensional Health Behavior Inventory, P.A. Kulbok, K.F. Carter, J.H. Bladwin, et al
  22. The Compliance Questionnaire, G. Hilbert
  23. The Index of Readiness, J. Fleury and K. Cameron

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