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Measuring the Night: Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul

Measuring the Night: Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul

by Steven Forrest, Jeff Green, Jodie Forrest (Editor), Jeffrey Wolf Green

Astrology, sacred psychology and reincarnation come together seamlessly in the hands of two of the world's premier metaphysical astrologers. Jeffrey Green's work "mirrors the eternal realities of the soul," according to the leading Danish astrology magazine Stjernerne. Sting calls Steven Forrest's work "as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." Based on


Astrology, sacred psychology and reincarnation come together seamlessly in the hands of two of the world's premier metaphysical astrologers. Jeffrey Green's work "mirrors the eternal realities of the soul," according to the leading Danish astrology magazine Stjernerne. Sting calls Steven Forrest's work "as intelligent and cogent as it is poetic." Based on the transcripts of a series of workshops that Green and Forrest gave together, this book pushes the ancient symbols of astrology to new heights of insight, lucidly and compellingly showing us how the soul's long history is reflected in the birthchart. Beneath the seeming randomness of life, there is a clear and meaningful order. Measuring the Night provides the Rosetta Stone for unraveling it. The lecture format is warm, personal and informal, with lots of audience interaction. Forrest and Green team up to analyze the chart of a workshop participant volunteer, just as they would that of a client who had come for a reading.

About the Authors

Steven Forrest has been a professional astrologer for over 27 years, with a very full client load and a lecture schedule that takes him across North America. Steven runs astrological apprenticeship groups in CA and MO. He wrote the bestselling astrology books The Inner Sky, The Changing Sky, The Night Speaks, The Book of Pluto, and with his wife, fellow astrologer and novelist Jodie Forrest, Skymates. He wrote Elle's astrology column in 1995 and has been featured on the network TV show "Alive and Wellness." He has a degree in religion from the University of NC. With his wife Jodie, he founded and runs Alpha Lyra Consulting. The Forrests live in the NC woods, where Steven entertains himself, when not working, with his guitars and his garden.

Jeffrey Wolf Green has spent over 23 years as a professional astrologer. He has counseled over eighteen thousand clients and maintains an extremely busy practice. A Viet Nam veteran, Jeffrey has lectured throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and Israel. He is the author of the bestselling Llewellyn astrology books Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul; Pluto: The Soul's Evolution through Relationships, and also of Uranus: Freedom from the Known. Jeffrey founded and runs the Evolutionary School of Astrology, with branches in the United States,�Germany,�Israel, Canada, England and India, and also a�video correspondence course in Evolutionary Astrology. Jeffrey and his wife, fellow astrologer Martina Green, live in CO with their children.

In creative echo of one another in this book, their lectures together capture the core of what each of these celebrated astrologers stands for as teachers of our art, our philosophy, our practical discipline. Steven's holistic presentation about the Sun and Jeffrey's emblematic presentation on the planetary Nodes define the stature of this compendium: alone, these two talks would be well worth the price of all ten presentations!

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Steven:� In a matriarchal culture, one images the universe as feminine, and in a patriarchal culture, one images the universe as masculine. Both of these, of course, are anthropomorphic projections. Clearly, if we can assign gender to the universe, we have to assign both genders in equal balance, a yin-yang kind of phenomenon. That�s a simple observation of natural law. But it seems irrefutable historically that astrology arose from a matrix of "mother images" of the universe. And when we imagine the universe as the Great Mother, then the universe exists to nurture us, to care for us, to help us grow, as would a literal mother.

In a Goddess-oriented, matriarchal vision of the astrological universe, the universe itself exists to meet our needs physically but also spiritually, psychically. And the universe is bending over backwards to help us grow, spiritually. And so the universe doesn�t send out one single system of symbols that we need to have interpreted for us by an elite priesthood. The universe instead sends out a multidimensional spectrum of symbols, all of which are valid, all of which can be followed, all of which lead into higher states of consciousness, lead back to the Source. The universe is bending over backwards to communicate to us.

Can you see how this paradigm shift out of patriarchal and into matriarchal imagery instantly resolves our "problem" about all the different, successful kinds of astrology?

Our ancestors, the first ones coming into human consciousness, looked at the sky and noticed that this red "star" was moving. Mars. And they began to wonder, "What could this red star mean?" And they thought: red....heat...blood. Violence, passion. Enthusiasm. Red things. Feel how easy that is? Now why? Was the universe constructed to generate consciousness in us? To trigger consciousness in us? Can you feel that?

The Moon is always changing. What part of us is always changing and going through phases? Your feelings, right? Instant Moon symbolism. Look at the Sun. You�re lying in your backyard reading a book on a gray day. And then the clouds part over your head. And the sunlight hits you as you lie there. What do you do? You drop the book to your chest, you smile, and you just kind of take it in. Can�t you just feel that? When the sunlight hits you, you open to it, it energizes you. So what does the Sun mean? The life force itself. That to which you must be true if you�re going to be energetic and engaged with life.

Pure astrological symbolism is really obvious. Are you with that? The universe is trying to tell us something because the Goddess universe cares about us. See how nicely that umbrella covers all these arguments about Koch and Placidus and the rest of it, and puts them in a context where we can say, "Yes, they are all right." Yes, they all work. And that makes sense.

Jeffrey: And the reason they all make sense is because astrology is a natural science. A natural science is a science based on correlation and observation, not theory or hypothesis. If I spend enough time observing life with some tree twigs in front of me, and I watch how they change pattern with the wind over great lengths of time, I will begin to find meaning.

So, relative to Steve�s point about the Koch system or the Placidus system or the Porphyry system or whatever: they�re all observational and correlated in the last analysis, meaning you can make any system of correlation and observation work. Any. So from that point of view, which one is right and which one is wrong? You see?

Let's agree, if we open our eyes here, that we�re clearly in a phenomenal universe of maximal diversity. And astrology or any other correlation system is going to fit that observed reality. And if that observed reality is diversity itself, how can one sit back and say, "Oh, it�s just this one way." Do you see the absurdity here? But how many people on this planet have exactly that thought? It�s just this one way. That comes right back to this operational archetype in patriarchal consciousness: self-interest and exclusion. Do you see how it works?

Suppose we had a consciousness of sharing, giving and including�and in fact, naturally, our consciousness is still defined this way, and we actually can operate that way�would we still have any wars, not to mention any conflict?

I would ask you another rhetorical question. How many of you would like to live in a collective reality which was defined by sharing, giving and inclusion, versus the collective reality we have now, which is defined by self-interest and exclusion? Who would opt for the one defined by sharing, giving and inclusion? How many want to hang out here with this old patriarchal thing, self-interest and exclusion?

Not all of you raised your hands. Does that mean some of you are somewhat still ambivalent? (laughter)

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Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Astrology can only deepen and grow when astrologers dare to explore new ways of working with astrology. Two well-known and creative astrologers share their experience and insights in this book in a thought-provoking way.

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