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Media Power in Politics / Edition 6

Media Power in Politics / Edition 6

by Doris A Graber

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ISBN-10: 1604266104

ISBN-13: 9781604266108

Pub. Date: 08/05/2010

Publisher: Congressional Quarterly, Inc.

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Congressional Quarterly, Inc.
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New Edition
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5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Introduction 1

Part I Putting Mass Media Effects in Perspective 5

1 How Information Shapes Political Institutions Bruce Bimber 7

2 Documenting the Persuasive Power of the News Media Jonathan McDonald Ladd Gabriel S. Lenz 19

3 Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press Michael Schudson 33

4 Political Communication: Old and New Media Relationships Michael Gurevitch Stephen Coleman Jay G. Blunder 45

5 Losing the News: The Future of the News That Feeds Democracy Alex S. Jones 57

6 What Amateur Journalism Means for International Affairs Steven Livingston Kaye Sweetser Trammell David D. Perlmutter 67

Part II Shaping the Political Agenda and Public Opinion 81

7 What Moves Public Opinion? Benjamin I. Page Robert Y. Shapiro Glenn R. Dempsey 85

8 Disdaining the Media: The American Public's Changing Attitudes Toward the News Paul Gronke Timothy Cook 101

9 How Soft News Brings Policy Issues to the Inattentive Public Matthew A. Baum 113

10 News Coverage Effects on Public Opinion About Crime Frank D. Gilliam Jr. Shanto Iyengar 129

11 Wanted, Dead or Alive: Media Frames, Frame Adoption, and Support for the War in Afghanistan Jill A. Edy Patrick C. Meirick 141

12 Audience Fragmentation and Political Inequality in the Post-broadcast Media Environment Markus Prior 153

Part III Influencing Election Outcomes 165

13 News and the Visual Framing of Elections Maria Elizabeth Grabe Erik Page Bucy 169

14 Learning about the Candidates Darrell M. West 185

15 The Miscast Institution Thomas E. Patterson 193

16 New Media and the Revitalisation of Politics Rachel Gibson 203

17 Electing the President 2008: The Insiders' View Nicolle Wallace Anita Dunn 217

18 Open Season: How the News Media Cover Presidential Campaigns in the Age of Attack Journalism Larry J. Sabato 225

Part IV Controlling Media Power: Political Actors Versus the Press 237

19 The Struggle Over Shaping the News Stephen J. Farnsworth S. Robert Lichter 241

20 Going Public as Political Strategy: The Bush Administration, an Echoing Press, and Passage of the Patriot Act David Domke Erica S. Graham Kevin Coe Sue Lockett John Ted Coopman 251

21 Manipulating the Message in the U.S. Congress Patrick J. Sellers 267

22 Strategies of the American Civil Rights Movement Doug McAdam 275

23 The Al Jazeera Effect: How the New Global Media Are Reshaping World Politics Philip Seib 283

24 A Symbiotic Relationship: Bloggers and Journalists Richard Davis 293

Part V Guiding Public Policies 303

25 The Politics of Uncertainty: Lobbyists and Propaganda in Early Twentieth-Century America Christopher M. Loomis 307

26 Mediating the Public's Influence on Foreign Policy Robert M. Entman 315

27 The Real War Will Never Get on Television: An Analysis of Casualty Imagery Sean Aday 327

28 Local Media, Public Opinion, and State Legislative Policies: Agenda Setting at the State Level Yue Tan David H. Weaver 337

29 The Soap Opera Path to Health Policy Goals May G. Kennedy Ann O'Leary Vicki Beck Katrina Pollard Penny Simpson 343

30 End of Television and Foreign Policy Monroe E. Price 355

Part VI Regulating and Manipulating Media Effects 365

31 What Makes a Communications Regulator Independent and Why It Matters Irene Wu 369

32 Communications Policy and the Public Interest Patricia Aufderheide 383

33 The Watchdog Role of the Press W. Lance Bennett William Serrin 395

34 Terrorism, Censorship, and the First Amendment Doris A. Graber 407

35 The News Shapers: Strategic Communication as a Third Force in Newsmaking Jarol B. Manheim 421

36 The Internet and Public Policy Helen Z. Margetts 431

Index 443

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