The Medical Documentation of Torture

The Medical Documentation of Torture

by Michael Peel, Vincent Iacopino

This book supports the work of doctors and lawyers investigating claims of torture.See more details below


This book supports the work of doctors and lawyers investigating claims of torture.

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1. The Problem of Torture James Welsh; 2. The Approach of International Tribunals to Medical Evidence in Cases Involving Allegations of Torture Camille Giffard and Sir Nigel Rodley; 3. Documenting a Well-Founded Fear: How Medical Caregivers Can Assist Torture Survivors in the Asylum Process? Barbara Frey; 4. Doctors and Torture Ann Somerville, Hernan Reyes and Michael Peel; 5. Visits to Prisoners and Documentation of Torture Hernan Reyes; 6. History Taking Vincent Iacopino; 7. The Psychological Consequences of Torture Kathleen Allden; 8. Physical Examination Following Allegations of Recent Torture Onder Ozkalipci; 9. Physical Examination for Late Signs of Torture Robert Kirschner and Michael Peel; 10. Examination Following Specific Forms of Torture Duncan Forrest; 11. The Sexual Abuse of Females Gill Hinshelwood; 12. Male Sexual Abuse in Detention Michael Peel; 13. The Examination and Investigation of Electric Shock Injuries Lis Danielsen; 14. Radiodiagnostic Approaches in the Documentation of Torture Semite Aytaclar and Veli Lok.

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