Medical Education: Developing a Curriculum for Practice

Medical Education: Developing a Curriculum for Practice

by Della Fish, Colin Coles

ISBN-10: 0335216234

ISBN-13: 9780335216239

Pub. Date: 11/28/2005

Publisher: Open University Press

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Table of Contents

1Developing rigorous curricula for medical practice in the twenty-first century : a matter of urgency11
2The practice of curriculum design : its principles, processes, components and logic29
3Clarifying curriculum aims : the practice of education, its nature and expertise56
4Clarifying values : professionalism in practice - stories from the field of medicine81
5Analysing the context : the nature of practice in medicine - a survey of the field104
6Clarifying the content : the nature of professional knowledge in medicine126
7Selecting appropriate educational strategies : how doctors learn to practise147
8Getting assessment right : identifying and recording doctors' educational achievements in the clinical setting168
9From problematic to procedural matters : setting the regulations for supporting and managing the curriculum on the ground189
10Shaping an evaluation policy : some principles, values and practices for developing and refining a curriculum201
11Some principles of change : the problems of curriculum development and ways forward225
12Developing a curriculum for postgraduate medicine at the local, intermediate and national level235
AppA response to the consultation on curriculum for the foundation years in postgraduate medical education and training (November 2004)243

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