Medicinal Resources of the Tropical Forest: Biodiversity and Its Importance to Human Health

Medicinal Resources of the Tropical Forest: Biodiversity and Its Importance to Human Health

by Michael J. Balick

ISBN-10: 0231101708

ISBN-13: 9780231101707

Pub. Date: 02/15/1996

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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Columbia University Press
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Biology and Resource Management Series
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7.30(w) x 10.34(h) x 1.22(d)
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18 Years

Table of Contents

Pt. 1Biodiversity Prospecting, Drug Development, and Conservation1
1Natural Products and Medicine: An Overview3
2Biological Diversity, Chemical Diversity, and the Search for New Pharmaceuticals11
3Development of Pharmaceutical Companies Based on Plant Products: Suggested Approaches19
4Chemical Approaches to the Study of Ethnomedicines41
5The Contribution of the Physician to Medicinal Plant Research48
6Conservation and Tropical Medicinal Plant Research63
7Higher Plants Versus Microorganisms: Their Future in Pharmaceutical Research75
8Topotecan Development: An Example of the Evolution of Natural Product Drug Discovery Research78
9Shaman Pharmaceuticals' Approach to Drug Development94
10Drug Discovery and Development at the National Cancer Institute: The Role of Natural Products of Plant Origin101
11The Merck/INBio Agreement: A Pharmaceutical Company Perspective137
12Biodiversity Prospecting142
13Property Rights and Genetic Resources: A Framework for Analysis174
14Monetizing the Pharmacological Benefits of Plants191
15Capturing the Pharmaceutical Value of Species Information: Opportunities for Developing Countries219
Pt. 2Country and Regional Programs in Medicinal Plant Research and Health Care231
16Resource Utilization and Conservation of Biodiversity in Africa233
17The Economic Value and Potential for Plant-Derived Pharmaceuticals from Ghana251
18The Rwanda Experience in enhancing and Commercializing the Use of Traditional Medicinal Plants261
19The Role of Medicinal Plants in Health Care in India266
20A Standardized Commiphora wightii Preparation for Management of Hyperlipidemic Disorders278
21Plant Explorations in Asia Under the Sponsorship of the National Cancer Institute, 1986-1991: An Overview284
22Medicinal Plants of Mexico: A Program for Their Scientific Validation311
23TRAMIL: A Research Project on the Medicinal Plant Resources of the Caribbean317
24Ethnopharmacological Studies and Biological Conservation in Belize326
25Tropical Medicinal Plant Conservation and Development Projects: The Case of the Costa Rican National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio)334
26FENAMAD's Program in Traditional Medicine: An Integrated Approach to Health Care in the Peruvian Amazon341
27Environment, Society, and Disease: The Response of Phytotherapy to Disease Among the Warao Indians of the Orinoco Delta366
28Medicinal Plant Research in Brazil: Data from Regional and National Meetings386
29Community Ethnobotany: Setting Foundations for an Informed Decision on Trading Rain Forest Resources402
Appendix: Manual for Plant Collections409
List of Contributors423

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