Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2002

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2002

by James D. Westwood

ISBN-10: 1586032038

ISBN-13: 9781586032036

Pub. Date: 01/01/2002

Publisher: IOS Press, Incorporated

The book offers papers on many aspects of electronic technology in healthcare. Core areas are imaging, simulation, visualization, data networks, sensors, robotics, and displays. Medical applications include information-guided surgery, education and procedural training, telemedicine, immersive environments, stereoscopic projection, diagnostic tools, rehabilitation,

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The book offers papers on many aspects of electronic technology in healthcare. Core areas are imaging, simulation, visualization, data networks, sensors, robotics, and displays. Medical applications include information-guided surgery, education and procedural training, telemedicine, immersive environments, stereoscopic projection, diagnostic tools, rehabilitation, and augmented reality. The papers describe both completed projects and recent developments in ongoing research. The book is a the collection of papers of the 10th annual "Medicine Meets Virtual Reality" conference (January 2002). This volume is a resource for computer scientists working in medical context, and for creators of data-focused products for clinical care, medical education, and procedural training.

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IOS Press, Incorporated
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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
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Table of Contents

The Virtualization of Medicine: A Decade of Pitfalls and Progress1
Moore's Law, Disruptive Technologies, and the Clinician8
Heuristic Haptic Texture for Surgical Simulations14
Mastoidectomy Simulation and Combined Visual and Haptic Feedback17
Tele-Immersive Medical Educational Environment24
An Immersive Simulation System for Provoking and Analyzing Cataplexy31
Soft-Tissue Simulation using LEM - Long Elements Method38
Self-Administered Decision Support Tool for Triage: Results of a Retrospective Study45
Calibration and Accuracy Testing for Image-Enhanced Endoscopy52
Open Surgery Simulation57
Virtual Reality-Based Post-Stroke Hand Rehabilitation64
Computer-Controlled Motorized Endoscopic Grasper for In Vivo Measurement of Soft Tissue Biomechanical Characteristics71
Generalized Interactions Using Virtual Tools within the Spring Framework: Probing, Piercing, Cauterizing and Ablating74
Generalized Interactions Using Virtual Tools within the Spring Framework: Cutting79
Volumetric Implant-Planning Based on Symmetry Considerations86
Clinical Test for Attention Enhancement System89
Training and Pretreatment Planning of Interventional Neuroradiology Procedures - Initial Clinical Validation96
Navigation by Walking Around: Using the Pressure Mat to Move in Virtual Worlds103
Intraoperative Guidance of Pre-Planned Bone Deformations with a Surface Scanning System110
Creating a Statistical Atlas of the Cranium116
Augmented Reality and Training for Airway Management Procedures121
Multimodal Simulation of Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy Using a Meshless Technique127
Imaging and Visualization of Pathology Beneath the Retinal Surface133
'Putting It on the Table': Direct-Manipulative Interaction and Multi-User Display Technologies for Semi-Immersive Environments and Augmented Reality Applications137
Quantitative Image Analysis of the Cartilage in Virtual Reality141
Using Mixed Reality, Force Feedback and Tactile Augmentation to Improve the Realism of Medical Simulation144
Wireless Live Streaming Video of Laparoscopic Surgery: A Bandwidth Analysis for Handheld Computers150
Using Semi-Automated Image Processing and Desktop Systems to Incorporate Actual Patient Volumetric Data in Immersive Surgical Planning and Viewing Systems for Multiple Patients155
Interactive Simulation of the Teeth Cleaning Process using Volumetric Prototypes160
A Haptic Virtual Environment for Tele-Echography166
Cryotherapy Simulator for Localized Prostate Cancer173
Reliability and Validity of EndoTower, A Virtual Reality Trainer for Angled Endoscope Navigation179
Volumetric Virtual Body Structures185
Intraoperative 3D Shape Recovery of Abdominal Organs for Laparoscopic Data Fusion188
Improved Haptic Rendering of Anatomical Data195
Atlas-Based Segmentation of Pathological Knee Joints198
A New, Accurate and Easy to Implement Camera and Video Projector Model204
An Investigation of Immersiveness in Virtual Reality Exposure Using Physiological Data207
Using Stereoscopy for Medical Virtual Reality214
A Virtual Environment for Esophageal Intubation Training221
Visible Korean Human: Another Trial for Making Serially-Sectioned Images228
High Performance Bilateral Telerobot Control234
Daily Patient Set-Up Control in Radiation Therapy by Coded Light Projection237
The Development and Clinical Trail of a Driving Simulator for the Handicapped240
Realtime Textured 3D-Models for Medical Applications247
3D Structure from Endoscopic Images252
Visualization and Attributation of Vascular Structures for Diagnostics and Therapy Planning255
Development of a Virtual Speaking Simulator Using Image Based Rendering258
Real-Time Soft Tissue Modelling for Web-Based Surgical Simulation: SurfaceChainMail261
Virtual Food in Virtual Environments for the Treatment of Eating Disorders268
Advancements in Immersive VR as a Tool for Preoperative Planning for Laparoscopic Surgery274
Quantitative Methodology of Evaluating Surgeon Performance in Laparoscopic Surgery280
Anesthesiology Point of Care Project287
CT, MRI and Video Based Analysis of Knee Kinematics - A Basis for CT Based Simulation290
Spring: A General Framework for Collaborative, Real-Time Surgical Simulation296
Objective Surgical Performance Evaluation based on Haptic Feedback304
Nasal Airflow Diagnosis - Comparison of Experimental Studies and Computer Simulations311
Virtual Reality Therapy: Case Study of Fear of Public Speaking318
Virtual Image Grafting: Image Based Generation of Visualization of Virtual Skin Defects321
In Vivo Measurement of Solid Organ Visco-Elastic Properties328
On Defining Metrics for Assessing Laparoscopic Surgical Skills in a Virtual Training Environment334
A Virtual Fluoroscopy System and its Use for Image Guidance in Unicompartmental Knee Surgery341
Neuropsychological Performance and Integrated Evaluation for Disabled People Using Virtual Reality: Integrated VR Profile348
Virtual Environment System for Motor Tele-Rehabilitation355
Shared Virtual Environments for Telerehabilitation362
A New Approach for the Synthesis of Glistening Effect in Deformable Anatomical Objects Displayed with Haptic Feedback369
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Pressure Sensor Data Acquired by the E-Pelvis Simulator During Simulated Pelvic Examinations376
Visual Representations of Physical Abilities: Reverse Haptic Technology?380
Simulation of Bleeding during Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy382
A New Haptic Interface for VR Medical Training388
The VEPSY UPDATED Project: Technical and Clinical Rationale395
e-Health in Eating Disorders: Virtual Reality and Telemedicine in Assessment and Treatment402
Training and Assessment of Laparoscopic Skills using a Haptic Simulator409
The Blue DRAGON - A System for Monitoring the Kinematics and the Dynamics of Endoscopic Tools in Minimally Invasive Surgery for Objective Laparoscopic Skill Assessment412
A Tutorial Platform Suitable for Surgical Simulator Training (SimMentor)419
Protocols for Clinical Tests on Parkinson Disease Affected Persons and Comparison with Healthy People with a Quantitative Method of a New System Daphne426
First Clinical Trials for Neuromotor Analysis431
Stroke Rehabilitation at Home Using Virtual Reality, Haptics, and Telemedicine434
Feature Preserving Refinement of Surfaces for Web-Based Surgical Simulation438
Risk Reduction in Craniofacial Surgery using Computer-Based Modeling and Intraoperative Immersion441
Adaptive Hybrid Interpolation Techniques for Direct Haptic Rendering of Isosurfaces448
An Augmented Reality System for Ultrasound Guided Needle Biopsies455
Automatic Patient Registration in Computer Assisted Maxillofacial Surgery461
Exploratory Design and Evaluation of a User Interface for Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy468
Limits of Human Perception of Haptic Information in Minimally Invasive Surgery Tools for Use in Simulation475
The DextroBeam: A Stereoscopic Presentation System for Volumetric Medical Data478
Interactive Visualization of Four-Dimensional Ultrasound Data485
Reshaping Medical Volumetric Data for Enhanced Visualization488
Visualization of Conserved Structures by Fusing Highly Variable Datasets494
A System for Simulation and Monitoring of Robot-Assisted and Navigation-Assisted Surgical Interventions (Part I)501
A New Approach for Modelling Kinematic Dependencies for Monitoring Locations of Objects in Closed Kinematic Chains (Part 2)504
Temporal Bone Dissection Simulation - An Update507
Measurement of In-vivo Force Response of Intra-Abdominal Soft Tissues for Surgical Simulation514
Estimation of Soft-Tissue Model Parameters Using Registered Pre- and Postoperative Facial Surface Scans520
Virtual Endoscopy Using Spherical QuickTime-VR Panorama Views523
Integration of Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) Dose Distribution into the Postoperative CT-Based External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT) Treatment Planing529
The Application of Eyeglass Displays in Changing the Perception of Pain532
Evaluation of Visualization Techniques for Image-Guided Navigation in Liver Surgery536
Enhanced Stereographic X-Ray Images542
The Communication Between Therapist and Patient in Virtual Reality: The Role of Mediation Played by Computer Technology549
Virtual Reality Assisted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Panic Disorders with Agoraphobia552
Dextrous and Shared Interaction with Medical Data: Stereoscopic Vision is More Important than Hand-Image Collocation560
Usability Analysis of VR Simulation Software567
Elastically Deformable 3D Organs for Haptic Surgical Simulation570
A Generic Arthroscopy Simulator Architecture573
Virtual Reality in 3D Echocardiography: Dynamic Visualization of Atrioventricular Annuli Surface Models and Volume Rendered Doppler-Ultrasound580
Engineering and Algorithm Design for an Image Processing API: A Technical Report on ITK - the Insight Toolkit586
Finite Element (FE) Modeling of the Mandible: From Geometric Model to Tetrahedral Volumetric Mesh593
Author Index597

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