Medicine, Mind, and the Double Brain: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Thought

Medicine, Mind, and the Double Brain: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Thought

by Anne Harrington

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ISBN-10: 0691024227

ISBN-13: 9780691024226

Pub. Date: 01/01/1989

Publisher: Princeton University Press

The description for this book, Medicine, Mind, and the Double Brain: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Thought, will be forthcoming.


The description for this book, Medicine, Mind, and the Double Brain: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Thought, will be forthcoming.

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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tablesix
A Note on References and Stylexiii
Chapter 1The Pre-1860 Legacy6
1.1.The Search for the Seat of the Soul
1.2.Brain-Duality and the "Laws of Symmetry"
1.3.Madness and the Double Brain
1.4.Arthur Ladbroke Wigan and the "Duality of the Mind"
1.5.Changing Categories of Reference
Chapter 2Language Localization and the Problem of Asymmetry35
2.1.The Intellectual Context
2.2.Tan and the Localization of "Articulate Language"
2.3.The Academie de Medecine Debates
2.4.Broca and the Question of Human Uniqueness
2.5.The Discovery of Asymmetry
2.6.The Doctrine of "la Gaucherie Cerebrale"
2.7.Asymmetry and "Perfectibility": Why Some People Are More Unique Than Others
Chapter 3Left-Right Polarities of Mind and Brain70
3.1.From Asymmetry to Left-Brain Superiority
3.2."No Grin Without a Cat": The Structural Basis of Left-Brain Preeminence
3.3.The Left Hemisphere and the "Other Side of the Brain"
3.4.Concluding Thoughts: The Brain as Myth and Metaphor
Chapter 4The Post-Broca Case for "Duality of Mind": Basic Issues and Themes105
4.1.The Wider Context
4.2.Anatomical and Physiological Considerations
4.3.Psychiatric Applications
4.4.Philosophical Implications
4.5.Popularization and Further Extensions of the Hypothesis
Chapter 5Left-Brain versus Right-Brain Selves and the Problem of the Corpus Callosum136
5.1.Two Brains/Two Opposing Personalities?
5.2.Frederic Myers on Brain Duality and the "Subliminal Self"
5.3.The Strange Case of Louis Vive
5.4.Lombroso on Mediumistic Consciousness and the Right Hemisphere
5.5.Lewis Pruce and the "Welsh" Case
5.6.Bleuler on "Unilateral Delirium"
5.7.Objections to the Brain Duality Hypothesis and the Problem of the Corpus Callosum
5.8.Unilateral Apraxia and the Problem of the Corpus Callosum: A Second Look
Chapter 6The "Experimental Evidence": Metalloscopy and Hemi-Hypnosis166
6.1.Hysteria and the Double Brain
6.2.Metalloscopy and the Discovery of "Transfer"
6.3.Hypnotizing the Double Brain (Phase One)
6.4.Hypnotizing the Double Brain (Phase Two)
6.5.Contemporary Reaction and the Decline of a Research Program
Chapter 7The Hughlings Jackson Perspective206
7.1.Dissent from the French Faculty School
7.2.Basic Principles: Concomitance, Evolution, Localization, Compensation
7.3.Unilateral Disorders and "Sparing"
7.4.Propositional (Voluntary) versus Emotional (Automatic) Speech
7.5."Imperception" and the Voluntary Functions of the Right Hemisphere
7.6.The "Duality of the Mental Operations"
7.7.Applications of the Thesis
Chapter 8Freud and Jackson's Double Brain: The Case for a Psychoanalytic Debt235
8.1.Jackson and the Freudian Monograph "On Aphasia"
8.2.Freud and Jackson on Language and the Possibility of Consciousness
8.3.Subject/Object Consciousness versus Primary/Secondary Thought
8.4.Pathological Subject Consciousness and the Mechanism of Repression
Chapter 9The Fate of the Double Brain248
9.1.From Hysteria to Schizophrenia: The Consequences of Clinical Cartesianism
9.2.Neurology's Rediscovery of the "Whole"
9.3.Complementary Trends in the Laboratory
9.4.The Problem of Hemisphere Differences: New Trends in the Clinic
9.5."Split-Brain" Man, and the Launching of a New Era
9.6.On the Relations between Old Views and New: Some Closing Questions
AppendixGuide to the Major Structures of the Human Brain Discussed in This Study287

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